California Gov. Brown: Fate Of Humanity Rests On His Climate Plan

No sort of narcissism involved here at all

Gov. Jerry Brown says the existence of humanity rests on his climate change deal

Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday cast his new plan to fight climate change as essential to the fate of American democracy — and humanity itself.

“America is facing not just a climate crisis with the rest of the world, we are facing a political crisis,” Brown told lawmakers at the first public hearing on his proposal to reduce the state’s carbon emissions. “Can democracy actually work? Is there a sufficient consensus that we can govern ourselves? That, I submit to you, is an open question.”

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2 Responses to “California Gov. Brown: Fate Of Humanity Rests On His Climate Plan”

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  2. Obama's boyfriend says:

    Gov. Brown is an exceptional once in a thousand years genius! All Leftists who have been blessed with the true insight that the voices from beyond have uniquely given only these few elites, need to heed Gov. Brown’s sermon and make for California immediately.

    The fate of humanity rests in your hands. Do not hesitate. Do not liner. Go now. Mother Earth will bless you for your haste.

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