Canada: A Carbon Tax Is More Popular In Theory In Practice

The heck you say!

Slim Majority Of Canadians Fret About Carbon Tax In Trump Era: Poll
It suggests the idea was more popular in theory than reality.

More than half of Canadians want the federal government to halt plans for a national carbon tax if it means it places this country in a competitive disadvantage with the United States, a new poll suggests.

The numbers released by the Angus Reid Institute Wednesday also indicate that federal carbon pricing is more popular in theory than reality.

The HuffPost doesn’t really dive into the reality part, so let’s go to the link at Angus Reid

When the Angus Reid Institute explored this issue in the spring of 2015, the conversation around carbon pricing was hypothetical, and support for emission reduction policies appeared high. Indeed, more than half of Canadians said the federal government wasn’t paying enough attention to climate change, and most said they’d be supportive if it implemented a carbon tax. This was the case again in November that same year, shortly after Canadians elected the Trudeau Liberals, who had campaigned on a promise to pursue such a plan.

Cut to 2017.

Now that the federal government has formalized arrangements to impose a carbon tax in provinces that haven’t already put a price on carbon emissions, beginning in 2018, the impending reality of the program is beginning to kick in. At the $50 per tonne target the federal government has set for 2022, gasoline would cost roughly 11 cents more per litre. Canadians, in turn, are singing a different tune. Support has dropped to 44 per cent nationwide:

Once people realize that they will be the ones paying for all this type of claptrap, they start to be less enthused. Surprise?

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3 Responses to “Canada: A Carbon Tax Is More Popular In Theory In Practice”

  1. JGlanton says:

    That cartoon is perfect

  2. Phil says:

    There is a carbon tax on gas, heating oil, and electricity in Ontario.
    Soon they will declare that the tax is not working and therefore instead of scapping it, they will raise it.

  3. Phil says:

    Ontario, home of Niagra Falls!!

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