NYC Subway As A Stand-in For Socialized Medicine

The same people who run the New York City transit system are the same ones who want to run America’s healthcare system

Closures, overcrowding, rats: New York City commuters face ‘summer of hell’
The city’s aging subway has been declared ‘a state of emergency’. Combined with closures on other rail lines, riders are bracing for the worst

There was a time – somewhere between the 1990s exorcism of violent crime from much of New York City and Thursday, when a “state of emergency” was declared for the city’s transit system – when a nightmare scenario on the subway meant a rat crawling up your leg, over your chest and nearly into your hoody.

That remains a vividly awful prospect. But in the summer of 2017, rats are competing with a ballooning number of alternative potential torments for commuters (the term is used optimistically) who venture into the city’s aging underground.

Dangerously overcrowded platforms. Chronically delayed trains. Terrifying and injurious derailments. Tunnel strandings. Signal malfunctions. Fisticuffs. Electrical outages. Garbled announcements. Knockout stenches. Non-rat wildlife. Stairs, shoulders, backups, backpacks, bad attitudes and bad breath.

A particularly unlucky group of rush hour F-train riders last month were stuck inside overheating train cars for so long that video of their desperate fingers prizing open fogged-up doors looked not so much like the scene from a commute as footage from a zombie movie.

Democratic Party control sounds great, especially when combined with a far, far left mayor high on being a Social Justice Warrior. Good ole Bill is more concerned with Other People being forced to comply with climate change BS and virtue signaling on the Paris Climate Agreement.

Then we look over the Atlantic, and see that parents were denied the ability to take their child out of the hospital and bring him to the U.S. for treatment, and now

Leftists love this stuff. Right up till it punches them in the face

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3 Responses to “NYC Subway As A Stand-in For Socialized Medicine”

  1. david7134 says:

    The only way to limit medical expenditure is to limit the ability of people to obtain medical care. Canada is now coming apart with their system as well as Sweden and of course England has been in trouble for decades. Also, to institute a central socialized government, the first element is to start with total control over medicine. Happens every time. We started this about 100 years ago with the regulation of drugs and an attempt at total medical control, even the great AMA advocated for socialized medicine. But the effort was shot down and has been a big deal every election. People have no idea how bad government medicine is. As a physician, we see a number of these systems here and across the world, it is not pretty. As to the cost of care here, it is sky high. Now why is that??? Because the government has been controlling the cost for the last 30 years. They do so via Medicare, almost all doctors have to take Medicare and as such must abide by their designated charge system. If you try to give a patient free care, that is Medicare fraud, even if they are not on Medicare. Give a patient consistently low charges, fraud. All insurance is indexed off Medicare and thus there is little room for price variation. The fact is that the government is the institution driving the price of care sky high.

    Now, how to you get rid of this. We make drugs deregulated. All drugs. You should be able to go into a drug store and buy anything you desire across the counter. This is done in many countries without problem. You can buy Xanax across the counter in Germany, a friend just did. You can buy anything, even mushrooms in Amsterdam, no problem. Sure they have drug problems, but not as bad as here. And being able to have medications breaks up the monopoly enforced by the government and you can actually take care of yourself. You might need a doctor to tell you how or do surgery, but over 50% of the patients that I see daily are there just to satisfy the enforced obligation to see a doctor once per year and to get prescriptions refilled, why?? These people don’t need to see me, there is no such thing as preventative medical care. The people in the US are capable to taking care of themselves. But not according to our government. People around the world can care for themselves and don’t become addicts, but not here, why??

  2. Jeffery says:

    Why would the NYC Subway system run health care?

    • Ivar Ivarson says:

      As a diversion from their awful record at running a subway system. What could go wrong?

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