OMG: Top Russian Aides Discussed How To Influence Trump Aides!!!!!!!!

This is super serious, you guys! Top officials of countries have never discusses attempting to influence people in foreign nations!

Top Russian Officials Discussed How to Influence Trump Aides Last Summer

American spies collected information last summer revealing that senior Russian intelligence and political officials were discussing how to exert influence over Donald J. Trump through his advisers, according to three current and former American officials familiar with the intelligence.

The conversations focused on Paul Manafort, the Trump campaign chairman at the time, and Michael T. Flynn, a retired general who was advising Mr. Trump, the officials said. Both men had indirect ties to Russian officials, who appeared confident that each could be used to help shape Mr. Trump’s opinions on Russia.

Some Russians boasted about how well they knew Mr. Flynn. Others discussed leveraging their ties to Viktor F. Yanukovych, the deposed president of Ukraine living in exile in Russia, who at one time had worked closely with Mr. Manafort.

The intelligence was among the clues — which also included information about direct communications between Mr. Trump’s advisers and Russian officials — that American officials received last year as they began investigating Russian attempts to disrupt the election and whether any of Mr. Trump’s associates were assisting Moscow in the effort. Details of the conversations, some of which have not been previously reported, add to an increasing understanding of the alarm inside the American government last year about the Russian disruption campaign.

But, um, see, there’s a problem

(Daily Caller) The New York Times dropped another “bombshell” report on Russian influence on the 2016 election Wednesday, and once again what is presented as salacious news in the headline and lead is revealed to be anything but midway through the report.

“Months before the election, U.S. spies learned that top Russians had discussed ways to use Donald Trump’s advisers to influence him,” reads the headline blasted by TheNYT in a breaking news email. The story is clearly meant to further the “Trump colluded with Russia” narrative the media has pushed for months, although it’s as yet totally unsubstantiated.

TheNYT lead builds an atmosphere of wrongdoing around Trump and his campaign aides using important sounding buzzwords and phrases. “Spies” and “revealing” information and big-time Russian officials who “exert influence.” It’s quite official sounding and obviously intended to sow suspicion.

But the (few) readers who make it to the fifth paragraph and are paying attention will realize there’s not actually much meat to the report. That paragraph hedges on the information collected by the spies, and notes the reporter has no real clue whether Russian officials actually made any attempt to influence the Trump aides in question. Oh yeah and the Trump campaign as well as both aides have consistently denied the longstanding accusations of collusion with Russia.

It’s the 3 paragraph and/or 30 seconds rule of the Internet: people tend not to make it past those two metrics.

“The information collected last summer was considered credible enough for intelligence agencies to pass to the F.B.I., which during that period opened a counterintelligence investigation that is ongoing,” the paragraph reads. “It is unclear, however, whether Russian officials actually tried to directly influence Mr. Manafort and Mr. Flynn. Both have denied any collusion with the Russian government on the campaign to disrupt the election.”

What this report really boils down to is the “revelation” that senior Russian officials are interested in influencing important U.S. actors, and that American spies are mostly sure they had a conversation about it. Maybe newsworthy, but hardly a bombshell.

This is a constant among all the breathless news reports from the leftist media, with doomy headlines, salacious first couple of paragraphs, then a big letdown later in the article. There’s nothing that shows illegality among Trump associates, and the Russians were looking for influence because Putin wanted payback against Hillary and Obama. After all these months and months of accusations and there’s still no proof of illegality.

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5 Responses to “OMG: Top Russian Aides Discussed How To Influence Trump Aides!!!!!!!!”

  1. Jeffery says:

    As did National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner met with Russian agent Kislyak and further lied about it on security clearance forms (a felony subject to 5 yr imprisonment). Somehow, trump and kushner were able to sneak Kislyak into trump Tower undetected to meet to set up a covert “back channel” communication system with the Kremlin (a hostile foreign nation) to hide from the US intelligence services using Russia cryptographic capacity.

    kushner and his staff need their security clearances immediately pulled until the FBI completes their counterintelligence probe.

    trump attacked NATO while he embracing the Kremlin. The noose is tightening on trumpski. His former National Security Advisor is begging for immunity, his top foreign policy advisor (and son in law) will be seeking immunity soon to stay out of prison. Our White House is infested from the top down with Russian agents and spies and our teabagging Congress holds a circle jerk.


  2. Jeffery says:

    Oleg Deripaska, an aluminum magnate, and member of the inner circle of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, recently offered to cooperate with congressional intelligence committees in exchange for a grant of full immunity. The State Department has refused to issue him a business visa because of concerns over allegations that he was connected to organized crime.

    Deripaska is an associate of trump Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort.

  3. Jeffery says:

    Investigators are looking into whether trump associates would have benefitted from the relaxation of sanctions on banks discussed by Kushner/Flynn/Manafort/Kislyak/Russian bankers.

    If Congressional Repubs had backbones they would march to the White House and tell comrade trumpski that it’s time to abdicate and return to Moscow or they will impeach and convict him.

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