Maxine Waters Latest To Admit There’s No Evidence Of Collusion

This won’t stop Crazy Maxine from pushing her conspiracy theories and demanding impeachment. I think there’s a bylaw in the Democratic Party membership rules that requires at least one screwball being extremely vocal among its elected officials (via Twitchy)

It looked like this

After all this time, when pressed, no Democrat can actually provide proof. I know liberals like to think they’re connecting the dots, but, there’s nothing

(CNS News) During an interview about the firing of FBI Director James Comey, Senator Ran Paul (R-Ky.) said there is “no evidence” the Trump cmpaign colluded with the Russians, no accusation of any crime involved, and that the story is “built upon a huge myth.”

“It’s sour grapes over the election,” said Paul on Fox & Friends on Wednesday. “The whole Russia thing I think has been propagated by people who are upset they lost the election. … I don’t think there’s been any facts presented that anybody broke the law.”

Senator Paul replied, “Not only is there no evidence that the Trump administration or campaign was connected to Russia or committed any crime — no evidence at all of committing a crime – there’s not even an accusation that I know of, of what crime would potentially be committed.”

We’ve had such Democratic party luminaries such as Diane Feinstein, Adam Schiff, and many others say that they have yet to see any evidence. Nor can they say what law would have been broken. And both Sally Yates and James Clapper reaffirmed that there is no evidence the other day when testifying before Congress.

Look, we know you Liberals are upset that Hillary lost. Perhaps you should aim your ire her way for such a poor campaign, for failing to visit many states like Wisconsin, for passing out on 9/11, and for setting up an illegal homebrew server which passed national security material illegally. On that last, Washington insiders may think that was no big deal, but, the American citizens know they would have been thrown in jail if they did a quarter what Hillary did.

But, it’s time to move on, Liberals. You’re in the realm of the Obama birth certificate conspiracy at this point.

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20 Responses to “Maxine Waters Latest To Admit There’s No Evidence Of Collusion”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Maxine Waters, aka Crazy Aunt Esther, puts the ‘u’ into ‘ugly’.

    • david7134 says:

      I read your little article. Do you know how to read? Do you know how to spot a hit piece or one with out right lying or obfuscation or inappropriate contextual statements? I don’t think so. If you are connected with the medical industry, which I seriously doubt, except in organizing the parties, then go to a journal review meeting and see how to pick apart material, you don’t seem to have that knowledge and it might explain your hate.

  2. Stosh says:

    NBC – MSLSD, All the news Brian Williams can make up or falsify….I stay away from those extremist conspiracy theory outlets.

  3. Jeffery says:


    Since the article was brief, would you care to discuss even a few of the statements for accuracy?

    We didn’t think so. We’ve noticed your pattern of declaring items “null and void” without ever discussing content.

    Hand-waving (with various spellings) is a pejorative label for attempting to be seen as effective – in word, reasoning, or deed – while actually doing nothing effective or substantial. It is most often applied to debate techniques that involve fallacies, misdirection and the glossing over of details.

    That’s you in a nutshell. trump is attempting to normalize that behavior.

  4. Jeffery says:


    What sources do you trust for obtaining information? trump? FOX?

  5. Dana says:

    Let’s assume that the Russkies did every bad thing of which they’ve been accused. What were those bad things? Why, they hacked the DNC, and John Podesta’s e-mail accounts, and at least tried to hack other things, the results being given to WikiLeaks, who published them.

    And what was published? E-mails that the Democrats would like to have kept hidden, that’s what, e-mails in which we learned that Jennifer Palmeiri was concerned that Hillary Clinton was drunk in the middle of the afternoon, on a date in which Miss Palmeiri wasn’t present; for er to have thought that, Mrs Clinton must have been drunk fairly frequently during afternoons.

    We learned that Miss Palmeiri specifically, and the Clinton campaign in general, was very biased against Catholics, normally a Democratic majority demographic.

    We learned that Donna Brazile fed debate questions in advance to the Clinton campaign.

    We learned that the DNC was rigging the game for Mrs Clinton to get the nomination.

    We learned that Mrs Clinton can’t even get the first minute of a prepared speech out without a teleprompter.

    The problem for the Democrats is that what WikiLeaks, and perhaps the Russians, did was to expose the truth about the Democrats in general and Mrs Clinton specifically. There is no evidence that the Russians somehow hacked the voting machines, or that the votes were not counted properly; the ‘problem’ is that the Democrats couldn’t keep secret what they wanted to keep secret.

    Did the Russians favor Donald Trump, and thus not release information they had on him? Possibly; it’s entirely possible that there were things going on in the Trump campaign which wouldn’t have been very nice, if revealed, and it’s possible that the Russians released the truth selectively. So what? The voters still took their decisions based on the truth about Mrs Clinton and the Democrats.

  6. Dana says:

    For the left, the truth is always a problem!

  7. Dana says:

    And the Democrats want to keep blaming James Comey. Perhaps there is some alternate quantum universe in which Mr Comey did not send his letter of late October, but we don’t have the technology to see into that quantum universe to see whether Mrs Clinton won there; it will always be speculation.

    But one thing is certain: if the Comey letter was directly responsible for Mrs Clinton’s loss, then the entire country owes him a huge debt of gratitude! I’m not particularly happy that Donald Trump is President, but I am absotively, posilutely overjoyed that Hillary Clinton is not.

  8. Dana says:

    Perhaps someone needs to remind the Democrats: Richard Nixon having to resign due to the Watergate scandal did not make George McGovern president.

    • david7134 says:

      Nixon was one of the best. He kept me out of Vietnam and Obama has done more than Nixon or Benedict Arnold.

  9. Jl says:

    As mentioned, the evidence against Trump is just around the corner, just like the evidence of the various “tipping points” associated with gw. It’s 10 yrs away, and always will be ten yrs away.

  10. Jeffery says:


    Correct, there may be no evidence against trump regarding the potential involvement of his staff with the Russians. Not sure what the relevance is to global warming, a proven commodity.

    It’s also possible that investigators will find evidence that the trump campaign exchanged information for Russians during the campaign.

    We fully understand why trump and his minions would prefer the investigation be suspended. Can you explain why the FBI continues to investigate?

  11. Jeffery says:

    Is this what prompted the Senate investigators to look into trump’s and manafort’s potential laundering of Russian money through Manhattan and New Jersey real estate?

    This is complicated stuff – no wonder it takes time for FBI investigators to sift through all the evidence. And no wonder trump continues to hide his financial records. This likely explains trump’s crazy behavior – he’s panicked.


  12. Jeffery says:

    On the website of the law firm that trump engaged to write a letter to Senator Graham defending trump’s Russia ties, we find this:

    MOSCOW, May 2, 2016: Morgan Lewis has been recognized by Chambers & Partners’ 2016 Chambers Europe guide as Russia Law Firm of the Year. The prestigious honor was announced at the publication’s recent annual awards dinner in London, where firms from 24 countries were recognized.


    Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP is a global law firm. Among their clients, they serve as tax counsel to United States President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization since 2005. The firm received the 2016 ‘Russia Law Firm of the Year’ award.

    Good work, donald. No one knows the intricacies of money flows between Putin and Russian oligarchs/mobsters like the “Russia Law Firm of the Year”, LOL.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Jeez, all he had to do was ask the former SecState Hilldawg about accepting bribes from foreign powers.
      Wonder who’s investigating Uranium One.

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