Student Suspended For Liking A Picture Of A Gun

And the gun wasn’t even real

(NY Post)  A middle school student in Ohio found himself in the crosshairs after “liking” a photo of a gun on social media, complete with the caption “ready.”

Zachary Bowlin, a seventh-grader at Edgewood Middle School in Trenton, received a 10-day suspension after liking the Instagram photo of an airsoft gun late Thursday.

“I don’t think I did anything wrong,” he told KRON. “[The] next morning, they called me down and, like, patted me down and checked me for weapons. Then, they told me I was getting expelled or suspended or whatever.”

Administrators sent Bowlin home with a note indicating the reason for his suspension – liking a post on social media that indicated potential violence.

The liking of the photo of the gun that doesn’t fire actual bullets didn’t even occur during school time. School administrators made up a few excuses, but, one has to wonder how, exactly, they found out about Zachary liking the picture. Did someone complain, or are school administrators monitoring (spying on) the social media accounts of students who are not on school property and school is not in session?

From Fox 19

Below is the statement given to FOX19 NOW by Superintendent Russ Fussnecker:

“Concerning the recent social media posting of a gun with the caption “Ready”, and the liking of this post by another student, the policy at Edgewood City Schools reads as follows:

The Board has a “zero tolerance” of violent, disruptive, harassing, intimidating, bullying, or any other inappropriate behavior by its students. 

Furthermore, the policy states:  

Students are also subject to discipline as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct that occurs off school property when the misbehavior adversely affects the educational process.

As the Superintendent of the Edgewood City Schools, I assure you that any social media threat will be taken serious including those who “like” the post when it potentially endangers the health and safety of students or adversely affects the educational process.”

Liking a photo of a fake gun isn’t violent, disruptive, harassing, intimidating, or bullying. I supposed Wrongthink could be considered inappropriate behavior in Liberal World. But, come on, really, discipline for what happens off school property for liking a freaking photo?

Fortunately, the suspension was lifted when Zachary’s parents hit the roof.

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4 Responses to “Student Suspended For Liking A Picture Of A Gun”

  1. Fozzy says:

    Fortunately, the suspension was lifted when Zachary’s parents hit the roof.

    No not fortunate.
    The admins still got to bully and threaten a kid, probably one they don’t like, then they walk back the suspension.
    The rest of the kids got a warning though. They learned what happens when you have bad thoughts.

  2. I notice from the picture that the orange tip on the barrel was either removed or painted black. Don’t carry something that looks like a gun and isn’t to a gunfight.

    Having said that, harassing a kid for what he “likes” on social media, out of school, is outrageous. Thank God it wasn’t a Pop Tart!

  3. Oldav8r says:

    Zero Tolerance = Zero Thought = Zero Judgement.
    And also, seriously, Russ Fussnecker ? Destined to be a school administrator from birth.

  4. Odysseus says:

    One thing that i don’t think the Politically correct elite see is how much they are fetishizing the things they are trying to scrub from the public consciousness.

    The same people who aren’t happy until middle schoolers have an instructional session on anal-beads swoon for the fainting couch at the mere thought of a Gun Safety seminar.

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