Why, Yes, There Is Another ‘Climate Change’ March Saturday

Isn’t it fantastic that lots of Warmists will take fossil fueled trips, use lots of energy, kill lots of trees to make signs, etc?

(Climate Central) For the second weekend in a row, Washington, D.C. will be home to people clamoring for policies based on science. But unlike the March for Science, this weekend’s People’s Climate March will be overtly political and put a sharp focus on climate change and justice.

Wait, if last weekend’s wasn’t overtly political, what with all its “pussy hats”, Trump Derangement Syndrome, social justice this and that, among others, I can’t imagine how political this one will be.

One goal of the march will be to remind the president that those rollbacks don’t represent what the majority of Americans want when it comes to climate change. The march route will circle the White House, serving as a visual reminder to its occupants that the public is watching what happens within its gated grounds.

The march is focused on politics, but driven by science that shows climate change impacts are becoming increasingly clear even as the time to stave off the worst impacts is running perilously short. It’s the strongest link to the March for Science, which took place on Earth Day.

So, they’ll take lots of those aforementioned fossil fueled trips to complain. Think Trump will even pay attention? Heck, he might not even be there.

“April 30 is more important than April 29,” Getsos said. “One of the goals of this week is to get people energized and excited and in relationships so they are going back to their community to take on fights and campaigns around climate and climate justice.”

And they’ll use lots of fossil fuels to spread awareness and annoy everyone.

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