Good News: There’s A Coloring Book To Stress Yourself Out Over ‘Climate Change’

Special Climate Snowflake Syndrome in action, though, really, let’s face it, most Warmists create massive amounts of stress in their lives with their anti-science beliefs that tiny increases in CO2 will destroy the earth. If only they were as stressed about their own climahypocrisy

Stress yourself out with this coloring book about climate change

Coloring books are supposed to calm your nerves and help you unplug from the daily hustle. But this Kickstarter campaign wants to bring you a coloring book about one of the most anxiety-inducing issues of our century: climate change.

Instead of coloring intricate shapes or animals, you can trace the extent of Arctic sea ice 20 years ago and see what was lost since then, color a year of air pollution in Beijing, or fill in the parts of Manhattan that would be eaten away by rising sea levels. It might not sound like your typical, meditative coloring book — but it’s also not really supposed to be, says Brian Foo, the 31-year-old data artist and computer scientist behind the project.

Foo works with data visualization, and he’s been working on public exhibits related to climate change at the American Museum of Natural History. His goal is to help people understand climate change, so he thought a coloring book filled with easy-to-grasp and engaging activities was the way to do it. What he loves about the format is that coloring books take time, and that might help with the learning process.

Apparently, coloring books are at the top level of science that Warmists can understand.

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