Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Happy Sunday! It’s a gorgeous day to end the football season with the Superbowl between the Falcons and the Patriots. How will Social Justice Warriors ruin it? This pinup is by Gil Elvgren, with a wee bit of help

What’s happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? The Fine 15

  1. The First Street Journal discusses who exactly are the Nazis
  2. The Other McCain notes that debating ideas is “outrageous”
  3. The Lonely Conservative wonders why Trump makes it so hard to defend him
  4. The Last Refuge covers sketchy House intel employees being fired
  5. The Geller Report notes another fake Islamophobia event
  6. The Daley Gator explains why this Super Bowl is huge for the NFL
  7. Patterico’s Pontifications covers some wacky rulings from the immigration ruling judge
  8. Noisy Room discusses an America First college policy
  9. MOTUS AD dares you to be normal
  10. Michelle Malkin notes that not all refugees are welcome
  11. Legal Insurrection covers visa holders streaming in
  12. Jihad Watch discusses Canada’s surrender to Islamic blasphemy laws
  13. Gay Patriot debunks the conspiracy theory about Trump paid protesters
  14. Fire Andrea Mitchell notes how many rounds of golf Trump needs to play
  15. And last, but not least, the DUmmie Funnies notes liberal mental breakdowns

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14 Responses to “Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup”

  1. Jeffery says:

    We almost felt sorry for trump apologist Mike Pence this morning on meet the press. Almost. After describing how trump HADN’T defamed the US by equating Putin’s assassination of journalists Pence wouldn’t answer if the US was morally superior to Putin’s Russia.

    How afraid of Putin/Russian is trump? And why? He is so pee-his-pants afraid of Putin that neither of he nor his Smithers would so much as to even vaguely suggest that assassinating critical journalists is wrong. In fact trump thinks America is just as bad!

    Imagine the pearl clutching and rending of garments if Obama had refused to say that America was more moral than a murdering Russian communist KGB apparatchik.


  2. GOODSTUFF says:


    GOODSTUFFs Time Machineâ„¢ rediscovers the burlesque performer, Sally Rand. With supplementary retro and vintage stuff

  3. gitarcarver says:

    US was morally superior to Putin’s Russia.

    Well, to be honest, those on the left are not morally superior to anyone.

  4. Personally, I’d like to see the whole comment in context from Trump, but, consider that Leftists had no problem when Obama was calling Americans lazy many times, along with arrogant and a few other things.

  5. Jeffery says:

    Well, to be honest, those on the far right are morally inferior to everyone.


  6. gitarcarver says:

    Here’s what Pence said:

    CBS host John Dickerson then asked directly whether the ideals of the US were morally superior.

    “What you have in this new president is someone who is willing to, and is in fact engaging the world, including Russia, and saying, ‘Where can we find common interests that will advance the security of the American people, the peace and prosperity of the world?’ And he is determined to come at that in a new and renewed way,” Pence replied.

    Dickerson continued to press the vice president.

    “But America morally superior to Russia? Yes or no?” Dickerson asked.

    “I believe that the ideals that America has stood for throughout our history represent the highest ideals,” Pence said.

    When Pence went on to summarize his recent visit to Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where the US Constitution was crafted, Dickerson asked again.

    “Shouldn’t we be able to just say yes to that question?” Dickerson replied.

    “American ideals are superior to countries all across the world, but again, what the president is determined to do — someone who has spent a lifetime looking for deals is to see whether we can have a new relationship with Russia and other countries that advances the interests of America first and the peace and security of the world,” Pence said.

    “Morally superior” is a loaded term and Pence wouldn’t fall for the trap.

    America’s ideals are certainly superior to that of Russia, but when you have people like Obama, Clinton and the left acting against those ideals, it is hard to make a broad claim on the morals of a nation like Dickerson wanted to get.

    Intelligent people will see this for what it is – an attempt at a “gotcha” moment.

  7. david7134 says:

    By asking the question of moral superiority or by assuming that you are morally superior, you have lost your moral compass. There is nothing wrong with Russia and I don’t want to start a war with them like Jeff is doing.

  8. Jeffery says:

    Mike Wince sputtered and spun trying to answer the question without offending his Kremlin masters.

    dave, Since when did the US start supporting the Russian communists and their amoral and murderous system? We don’t need a war with them but don’t you think we should stand firm against their aggressions around the world? Or do you love Putin because he enabled the election of the vile trump? LOL

    If trumpy told you Saudi Arabia was a democratic Republic with nothing to do with 9/11 you’d believe him.

    This would all be entertaining if the existence of America wasn’t at stake.

  9. david7134 says:

    Jeff, you do realize that you are a communist and that the Russians are no longer communist. I think that is the reason for your inability to understand things and your hate. You really don’t understand things or have a good depth of knowledge. I certainly do not see a reason to offend another country like Rissia. Instead we should be working with them to elliminate Islam.

  10. gitarcarver says:

    Mike Wince sputtered and spun trying to answer the question without offending his Kremlin masters.

    Once again, you are showing your lack of morals by making an unsupportable assertion.

    The initial question was:

    CBS host John Dickerson then asked directly whether the ideals of the US were morally superior.

    Pence answered:

    “I believe that the ideals that America has stood for throughout our history represent the highest ideals,” Pence said.

    Now for the ethically and logically challenged, that answer means that the US has the highest ideals in the world.

    Pence later makes the statement a little more bold:

    “American ideals are superior to countries all across the world, ….”

    Logically, that would mean that there is no other country that can approach the US when it comes to its ideals. Some people apparently forget that Russia is a country.

    So Pence answered the initial question. Of that there can be no doubt.

    But Dickerson wanted a different answer – one that would provide fodder for the network. John Dickerson was looking for an answer that his network could take and use in so many situations against the administration:

    “Uh, Mr Putin, the administration has said that the US has superior morals to your country. How do you feel about that?”

    “Mr Head of the Black Lives Matters movement, how do you feel about the Administration saying the United States has the highest morals in the world?”

    Pence, who is much smarter that Dickerson and apparently much smarter that some people here, knows that morals apply to individuals. To ask whether a country has high “morals,” shows a basic lack of understanding of the English language.

    The ideals of the United States includes the right to life, something that the members of the baby killing left doesn’t support. The ideals of the United States includes the right to speech, something that the members of the left doesn’t support or agree with. The ideals of the US includes the right to not have property and possessions taken. That’s another ideal that members of the left disagrees with and won’t support.

    The US has high ideals, but as Pence knows, there are people in this country that are not committed to those ideals and who will use their lack or morals and ethics to prevent the US from maintaining those high ideals.

  11. Jeffery says:

    Mr. Dickerson is smart enough to understand that killing journalists is immoral, a notion lost on trumpy and the wince. My god, even Bill O’Reilly was aghast at trumpy’s fawning over Putin and further denigrating the US.

    The Wince wasn’t addressing reasonable people, he was addressing trumpy’s base, who proved their stupidity by voting the way they did. How many more times can he say they’re going to make America safe, and bring back jobs, yet make not a single move in that direction.

    We understand that right-wing extremists disagree with normal Americans on issues such as abortion. You reveal your lack of morals when you claim liberals don’t support free speech or property rights.

    Recall too, no more than 40% of Americans are on trumpy’s side, contrary to the Wince’s lies.

    You were right that the Wince did try to divide American into the so-called “moral” far-right and the other side of “immoral” leftists, Blacks, Muslims, gays and Mexicans.

    And since rightists such as yourself view those that disagree as immoral, you are OK with extra-constitutional remedies.

    Obviously, trumpy and the Wince are frightened by the Russians – likely the Russians claim to have embarrassing information on Trumpy. And we all know that in Trump’s sociopathic heart he agrees with, even envies, Putin’s freedom to assassinate enemies.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      More made-up shit from the little guy.
      Becoming more of a loser if that’s even possible.

  12. Jeffery says:

    The Butt Sniffer adds more brilliant insight, LOL.


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