DHS To Continue Enforcing Trump’s Ban On Travel From Several Countries

Trump passed his so-called ban on Muslims, and a judge jumped in

(The Hill) A federal judge in New York has issued an emergency stay temporarily halting the removal of individuals detained after President Trump issued an order to ban immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S.

The move appears to mark the first successful legal challenge to the Trump administration and affects those who have arrived in the U.S. with previously approved refugee applications or were in transit with valid visas. Similar rulings were later issued in Virginia, Massachusetts and Washington state.

U.S. District Court Judge Ann Donnelly ruled in favor of a habeas corpus petition filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on behalf of two Iraqi men who were detained at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Friday after Trump signed his order.

Obviously, a judge put in office by Barack Obama, who appears to have totally taken her time in looking at the order, the facts, and so forth. The political Left is thrilled by this, and is utterly misreading it. This only affects a tiny number, as explained in the first two paragraphs. Funny how liberals suddenly love when a judge stops a president’s orders, eh? What the order doesn’t do is stop the Executive Order overall, which DHS will continue

(Fox News) The Department of Homeland Security issued a statement early Sunday saying that they plan on continuing to “enforce all of the president’s executive orders in a manner that ensures the safety and security of the American people.”

The DHS said the court order would not affect the overall implementation of the White House order and the court order affected a small number of travelers who were inconvenienced by security procedures upon their return.

“The president’s executive orders remain in place—prohibited travel will remain prohibited, and the U.S. government retains its right to revoke visas at any time if required for national security or public safety,” the statement said.

You can have your minor victory, Leftists. Would you be willing to host the “refugees” in their homes and neighborhoods? Obviously, they must have no problem with the rape, denigration of women, pooping in pools, and telling women to cover up so that they don’t incent men to rape them.

Under Trump’s order, it had appeared that an untold number of foreign-born U.S. residents now traveling outside the U.S. could be stuck overseas for at least 90 days even though they held permanent residency “green cards” or other visas. However, an official with the DHS said Saturday night that no green-card holders from the seven countries cited in Trump’s order had been prevented from entering the U.S.

So, the fearmongering is simply in the heads of the pro-rapeugees. Seriously, what is this all about?


Sure, many of the refugees are good people. But, how do we know? We see the crime and rape increases in Europe. We see them destroying villages in Europe. We see people being kicked out of their homes. We see them refusing to assimilate. We see them bringing hardcore Islamic extremism. Apparently, this is what Progressives/Democrats want. Women’s rights? Meh. They fall way below that of Muslim extremists on the Hierarchy Of Things Leftists Care About.

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33 Responses to “DHS To Continue Enforcing Trump’s Ban On Travel From Several Countries”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Also, Barky and his minions at State caused this kerfuffle, by working 24/7 trying to jam as many ‘refugees’ as possible into the pipeline well after Trump’s election knowing full well his position on this problem.

  2. Jeffery says:

    Even trumpy doesn’t know the mentally unstable trumpy’s position on anything until the Nazi sympathizer, white nationalist, Goldman Sachs exec and website editor Steve Bannon tells him.

    It didn’t occur to the incompetent trumpy that humans would be on airplanes and be affected by his stupid policy.

    Also, trumpy is responsible for a US service member being killed already. Thanks, trumpy.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    For the little coward who lied about serving in the Army from a real hero:

    “I agree 100% with President Trump’s decision. The national security of the United States is a paramount issue.


  4. Dana says:

    I believe that the President’s immigration order went too far: it failed to make exceptions for those who already held legitimate visas or permanent resident status (green cards), and the courts are already limiting the executive order along those lines. However, it does make sense to more fully check out those who are applying for visas or green cards, and the 90-day moratorium can be useful to get more thorough vetting procedures put in place.

    As for the ban on the admission of refugees? I completely support that. I have previously noted that bringing in more refugees, few of whom have skills beyond manual labor which apply to the American labor market simply means lower wages for Americans at the bottom of the economic ladder, and an increase in the number of people on welfare. With U-6 unemployment at 9.2%, we have roughly 7,529,000 people ‘officially’ unemployed and another 7,158,000 Americans either too discouraged to look for work or stuck with part-time jobs because they cannot find full-time work. Our economy is not taking care of our own people; why should we bring in more mostly unemployable people?

    Let’s face the facts: the vast majority of the people the executive order bars from entering the country are not terrorists, and never will be terrorists, but even one immigrant who commits a terrorist act is too many. Add to that the fact that the refugees will all need food, clothing and shelter, and that means just more people who can’t support themselves swelling the welfare rolls, and it makes no sense at all to admit the refugees, regardless of from where they come.

  5. Jeffery says:

    Caucasian conservative “christians” commit more terrorist acts in the US than do Muslims.

    Caucausian “christians” commit most of the rapes and murders in the US.

    Teach’s deplorable and cowardly rant that brown Muslims are raping “our” white women is a disgusting and racist rant. Deplorable.

  6. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Caucasian conservative “christians” commit more terrorist acts in the US than do Muslims.

    Really? Name one last year. When did a “Caucasian conservative Christian” scream “Christ is Great” and commit a terrorist act? Where did a Caucasian conservative Christian follow the Bible and commit terrorism and exactly where is this Biblical directive?

    You are conflating criminal acts of individuals with institutionalized policy of a 7th century cult/theocracy. You know it, we all know it so stop acting stupid.

    Jeffery, I can’t fault you for disagreeing but when you’ve had the facts and the truth explained and just choose to ignore them at that point it is ignorance.

    Again, what is it with you and white people? Why are you so constantly racist?

  7. It didn’t occur to the incompetent trumpy that humans would be on airplanes and be affected by his stupid policy.

    Actually, if you read the full EO, you’ll see that provisions were made to allow appeals in individual cases.

  8. Jeffery says:


    Sorry Hoagie, but you don’t get to set the debate rules. All the anti-abortion violence (bombings, vandalism, assaults, threats) over the past few decades were inspired/committed by extremist, christian conservatives. The anti-Muslim movement in the US is christian-based. And if you want to stop rapes, ban men not Muslims.

    Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting (3 killed), the 2015 Charleston church shooting (9 killed), the 2014 ambush attack on Las Vegas police officers (5 killed), the 2014 Overland Park Jewish Community Center shooting in Kansas (3 killed), the 2014 Pennsylvania State Police barracks attack in Blooming Grove, Pennsylvania (1 killed), a 2012 tri-state killing spree by white supremacists, David Pedersen and Holly Grigsby (4 killed), a 2012 ambush of St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana police (2 killed), the 2012 Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting (6 killed), the 2011 FEAR group attacks (3 killed); a murder in 2010 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania (1 killed), a 2010 suicide attack by airplane in Austin, Texas (1 killed), the 2009 shooting of Pittsburgh police officers (3 killed); the 2009 United States Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting (1 killed), the 2009 assassination of George Tiller (1 killed), the 2009 murders of Raul and Brisenia Flores in Pima County, Arizona (2 killed), the 2009 murders in Brockton, Massachusetts (2 killed), the 2008 Knoxville Unitarian Universalist church shooting (2 killed), and the 2004 bank robbery in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  9. drowningpuppies says:

    , a 2010 suicide attack by airplane in Austin, Texas (1 killed)…

    Busted again, little guy, that pilot was a lib.
    Hard to keep your “facts” straight, huh?
    Nice rant though.

  10. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    I’m not trying to set the debate rules Jeffery, just define what real acts of terrorism are. You are accusing people who are Christians of terrorism because they commit crimes. Murdering Tiller because you are against abortion is not terrorism, it’s murder. Shooting up a Planned Parenthood is also not a terrorist act, it’s a crime. Even if the shooter is Christian, or Jewish or moslem. Just a crime. Unless he does it BECAUSE he is directed to by his religion, then it’s terrorist.

    If your country, political party of religion professes, encourages, finances, endorses, mass murders and attacks IN THEIR NAME that is terrorism. Not one thing in that entire list was terrorism nor were any supported by the Christian church. Yet every act of terrorism perpetrated by a moslem is preceded by “Allahu Akbar” which signifies religious endorsement and therefore terror yet you claim not to understand the difference. By your definition all crime is terrorism.

    How is a bank robbery in Tulsa Christian terrorism again?

    You need to clarify for me why you have such deep racial hatred for whites and what happened in your life to cause you to fear Christians so much. I can understand a healthy fear of moslems since everywhere they go they kill everyone but the worst a Christian will do to you is proselytize. Or is that it, a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses cornered you and scared the crap out of you?

  11. Jeffery says:


    Then we disagree on christian motivation for their terrorist acts.

  12. Jeffery says:

    9 days in and a Constitutional crisis as trumpy disobeys two court orders.


    And this: The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Director of National Intelligence kicked out of the National Security Council and the white nationalist and trumpy’s boss, Steve Bannon put on it.



  13. drowningpuppies says:

    Uh, Constitutional crisis? Hardly, little guy, read and learn something…

    The Constitution gives Congress and the President exclusive, plenary control over immigration. This is how both Carter and Obama could single out various states or beliefs to exclude migrants on that basis, as both did.


  14. Dana says:

    The killing of George Tiller was an act which was specifically targeted to take out an abortionist; it was not an act of general terror, such as the Boston Marathon bombing, aimed at killing random civilians. Ambush attacks on police officers are also targeted killings rather than terrorist attacks. Of course, most of those attacks are by the idiotic #BlackLivesMatter, not “extremist, christian conservatives.”

  15. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Then we disagree on christian motivation for their terrorist acts.

    Respectfully Jeffery, you are entitled to disagree about an individuals motivation however, there is nothing in Christian theology which would motivate a Christian to do acts of terrorism. Christians, like everybody else, were barbarian warlords when it was fashionable to be a barbarian warlord. It’s how they survived. But it’s 2017 and Christianity has had its Reformation and there is no modern Christian church or sect that is anything but passive.

  16. drowningpuppies says:

    Rev. Hoagie,

    Ran across this serialized 4 part short story by Matthew Bracken entitled “Piss Christ? Piss Koran!”

    Thought you would enjoy it.


  17. jl says:

    “Conservative Christians commit more terrorist attacks than Muslims.” BS, J. Most of those had absolutely nothing to do with Christians, or people killing in the name of Christianity.

  18. jl says:

    What’s wrong with Nazis? Not all of them sent Jews to the ovens.

  19. jl says:

    Forgetting, as said, that Obama did the same thing with Cuban refugees about 3 wks ago and with ppl from Iraq in 2011

  20. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Thanks drowningpuppies, I read Piss Christ? Piss Koran! and enjoyed it. Many of the Islamic “code” words described by Bracken in the story I have tried to explain to Jeffery. Unfortunately I think my information from years of reading and studying Islam just falls on deaf ears with that one.

    Since we Americans have not been exposed to islam very much and since we Americans come from the Judeo-Christian predominantly Protestant religious tolerance angle we really miss the deep rooted hate of this cult and find it hard to believe. Most Americans refuse to discriminate against moslems because “we have the second amendment and it’s illegal to discriminate against a person because of their religion” ideology. Well, we DO discriminate against religions since we don’t tolerate polygamy, marrying children, virgin sacrifice, human sacrifice or cannibalism. There is no reason we can’t discriminate against a cult that requires the death of non believers, the overthrow of democracy, gay murder, stoning women, slavery, honor killing, female genital mutilation and of course Mohammad’s favorite: pedophilia.

  21. Jeffery says:

    trumpy is only a second generation American, his mother was born in Scotland and his paternal grandpa was born in Germany. Grandpa Freidrich came to the US to avoid German military duty and made a fortune running brothels out west for miners. He returned to Germany but had to leave when the Germans discovered he was a draft dodger. One son, Fred, married a Scottish woman who spawned the one now known as trumpy.

    Imagine if immigration laws had been tighter and excluded morally questionable immigrants such as trumpy’s reprobate grandpa. trumpy could have been a crooked VW salesman in Germany rather than a crooked real estate dealmaker in Queens!

    NB – trumpy appears to have just changed the EO to EXCLUDE green card holders, through a “White House official”.


  22. David7134 says:


  23. David7134 says:

    Your hate is amazing. Do you really believe that junk. Also can you define and significant difference between Islam and the KKK. Oh, except the KKK treats women with respect. Do you want that type of people in the U.S..

    • Jeffery says:


      We would much rather live next door to Muslims than KKK members. In fact we have a Muslim family a couple houses down from us. Nice folks with cute kids.

      Are you seriously defending the Ku Klux Klan? Why? We all already understand the sort of vile scum they are. Not every Kristian Konservative Kaucasian is a KKK member, but every KKK member is a Kristian Konservative Kaucasian.

  24. drowningpuppies says:

    Chuckie Schumer crying!
    Oh please…

  25. Jeffery says:

    Amateur Hour with the Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight… led by a White Nationalist from Reichbart. Steve Bannon made the decision to include Green Card immigrants. Amateurs.


    Can the Deplorables lobby to get Bannon tossed?

  26. david7134 says:

    I have Muslims next to me. Worse people ever. Their son was killed in a shoot out with the cops sfter he tried to kill one. The quedtion is to differentiate, which you cant. For me I dont wasnt either group here.

  27. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    We would much rather live next door to Muslims than KKK members.

    I can’t speak for anyone else but I’d rather have neither as neighbors.

    In fact we have a Muslim family a couple houses down from us. Nice folks with cute kids.

    You’ve mentioned that family before and I’m sure they’re lovely people right up till there’s a problem and they side with Islam. Then your neighbor turns into your executioner. Ask the Christians and Jews of Syria, Iraq and Iran.

    Are you seriously defending the Ku Klux Klan? Why? We all already understand the sort of vile scum they are. Not every Kristian Konservative Kaucasian is a KKK member, but every KKK member is a Kristian Konservative Kaucasian.

    I doubt Dave7134 is “defending” the KKK. You are correct Jeffery, the KKK are vile scum and they have been since their inception but we all know that. And although you take great joy in comingling Christians and the KKK I defy you to point to any tenet of any legitimate Christian church which states “kill your neighbor if he’s black, Asian, a Jew etc.”. I would argue since Christianity teaches that Christ preached “Love thy neighbor” and “Do unto others” that any KKK member is diametrically the opposite of what Christ preached and therefore regardless what he calls himself is in fact NOT a Christian. Conversely, a moslem murdering a Jew, Christian, atheist or any other non moslem is in complete compliance with their god, with Mohammad and with the teaching of both the Koran and the hadith.

    I happen to currently be studying the concept of “charity” under Islam. You would be quite surprised at what they think it is. When I’m finished I’ll let you have some of my findings. So far it appears you won’t like them.

  28. Jeffery says:


    Does “Love thy neighbor” include immigrant Muslims?

    • david7134 says:

      Fairly stupid statement. But then there is turn the other cheek, kind of hard to do when it is blown off. So best to keep this bad cult off our shores.

  29. Jeffery says:


    We’ve just noticed that many self-identified christians are quite selective in their consistency around supposed tenets of their religion.

    We are Americans by our accident-of-birth. Not fate, not destiny.

  30. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Does “Love thy neighbor” include immigrant Muslims?

    When Jesus said for us to love our neighbor in Matthew he did not mean literally. That would be impossible since no one can love everyone except God and you don’t believe in Him. Love thy neighbor simply means respecting others and regarding their needs and desires as highly as we regard our own. Like not persecuting your neighbor for refusing to bake a cake. Or in the extreme, not beheading your neighbor because he’s not moslem. So there is the answer to your question Jeffery. The idea of “love thy neighbor” would include moslems from a Christian’s perspective however, they don’t seem to agree from the moslem perspective.

    It’s very easy for people like yourself to point their fingers at the failures and shortcomings of Christians. After all, Christ has set our bar incredibly high: perfection which is unattainable except through Him. It is much easier for you to identify with 7th century barbarians whose bar is set incredibly low by a pedophile prophet allowing them to enslave, rape and murder people for literally walking down the street unescorted.

    I hope that answers your question. Now I have one. Is there anything in Islamic verse that teaches anything similar to the Christian ideal of “Love thy neighbor”?

  31. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    We’ve just noticed that many self-identified christians are quite selective in their consistency around supposed tenets of their religion.

    You’ve noticed that, have you? You expect perfection from Christians? You expect some type of consistency not shown by any other people but only by Christians?

    We are Americans by our accident-of-birth. Not fate, not destiny.

    That’s not completely true, now is it? We are born in America by accident of birth but we stay her because we want to not because of fate or destiny. You are free to leave any time you like. Trump is building our long needed wall to keep people out, not to keep poor little you in. There are places that have the social structure you leftists so desire: full equality for women, everybody makes the same income (with a few exceptions in government), few cars and minimum polluting infrastructure, free health care, free legal, free dental, and believing in God is illegal. North Korea comes to mind.

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