Last Person In World How Should Be Telling Trump To Get Serious Tells Trump To Get Serious

This is a hoot

(Politico) Get serious or get played, President Barack Obama told President-elect Donald Trump here Thursday — warning his successor that he’ll lose elections and people will die if he doesn’t shape up.

As impressive as the campaign he ran was, that won’t translate to governing, Obama said he told Trump in their long private post-election Oval Office meeting last week. (snip)

Obama said he told Trump in their private meeting that “what may work in generating enthusiasm or passion during elections may be different in terms of what will work in terms of unifying the country and gaining the trust of even those who don’t support him.” (snip)

“I think the president-elect is going to see fairly quickly that the demands and responsibilities of a U.S. president are not ones that you can treat casually,” Obama said.

Then a warning shot: “If you’re not serious about the job, then you probably won’t be there very long, because it will expose problems.”

Where to even start? This is a guy who has hit the links 324 times and held over 500 fundraisers during his time in office. All the appearances on late night and daytime talk shows. He appeared on Between Two Ferns and with a girl who takes baths in milk for Youtube broadcasts. He’s all into those selfies, especially when discussing historic events. All the parties with celebrities. Picking his March Madness brackets Oh, and here’s my favorite

As far as governing, Obama uses his pen far more than attempting to talk to the duly elected legislative branch.

Gaining the trust of those who don’t support him? How’s that worked out for Obama? He’s manage to lose more House seats than anyone else. He put the GOP back in the majority in the Senate. Then there are all the wins by Republicans in the state, county, and local offices.

And let’s not forget how he has supported the Black Lives Matter thugs, who’ve loved rioting, looting, burning, and general mayhem.

The rest of the article doesn’t get much better, so, the only question left to ask is “What’s the over/under on Obama playing golf Saturday?”

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30 Responses to “Last Person In World How Should Be Telling Trump To Get Serious Tells Trump To Get Serious”

  1. Jeffery says:

    You forgot “uppity”.

  2. Hank_M says:

    Give Obama credit. He came into the White House with no executive experience and he leaves the White House with no executive experience.

    But in his mind, he’s a true legend.

  3. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    You forgot “uppity”.

    Nah, “uppity” is a term you radical leftist democrats use to define a black who fled your plantation, literally when you all owned slaves, figuratively now that ghettoes have become your modern plantations. You leftist democrats have done more to destroy the black family, black churches, black babies and black men than the KKK ever dreamed of.

    Thank God that smelly skank Crooked Killery got sent back to the slime she came from. Soon Obummer’s “legacy” will be “he lost the country to the Republicans”. Hahahahahaha

    What happened to john? Is he in his safe room eating ice cream and butt-banging his service dog? Hahahahahahaha

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    You forgot “uppity”.

    Comment by Jeffery

    Yep. “Asshole”, too.

  5. Jeffery says:

    Yep, that lazy golf-playing, closeted gay Muslim Negro is gonna get his comeuppance by TheDon! LOL

    Dems are dumb and naive compared to Repubs. The Repubs have the White House, the Senate, the House, soon the Court; they have the majority of State Houses and legislatures. They have worked relentlessly the past two decades to gain power for their minority. It was a work of political art – they kept their eye on the prize. Now they will have at least a few more years to consolidate their grip on America’s throat. More gerrymandering, more voter suppression. All legal.

    The only remaining threat is overreach – too much, too soon – such that the white voters they count on do not receive the help they need. If the Repubs reward their donor class to soon, and push the tax burden more and more onto the working classes, if they gut Medicare and Social Security, there might not be enough invasions of Muslim countries to appease their voter base.

    But if Trump can finesse the House to finance his huge fiscal stimulus (infrastructure) – more jobs, ignore the debt, not gut Social Security and Medicare right away, and still come down hard on Mexicans, Muslims and Negroes, he might be able to usher in Newt’s permanent ruling minority.

    Trump received fewer votes than Clinton. He even received fewer votes than Romney in 2012! The Repubs are in the minority but have managed to wrest all the tools of power from the majority. Kudos.

  6. drowningpuppies says:

    Nice little fantasy world you live in, little guy.

    But you’re still a little liar.

    Soldier on.

  7. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    You learned nothing from this election did you Jeffery? Good. Keep on spewing the same hateful bile and repeated lies that brought you, Crooked Killary, Obamanation and the democrat party defeat. You have been wrong about everything so far so you should shut up until all the votes are tallied, the military votes added, illegal votes subtracted and a real verified vote count is certified. Not that it matters…Trump won you lost Hahahahahaha.

    This has been a fantastic month. First I watched that pig Killary get ground into the slime. Then I’m slowly seeing Obama’s “legacy” turn to defeat. Then the market has been doing so well I made five figures on my investment account before the fifteenth and have hopes for six by the 31st. Finally we were notified my wife’s new car is in and the concierge will deliver it to our house on Saturday. The Tech will pair our phones and home security to the car and June will have her new Mulsanne. Great month indeed.

    How’s your November gong, Jeffery? Hahahahahahaha

  8. Jeffery says:

    President Chump has reportedly settled out of court for his Chump U scam. You only settle when you’re guilty right, and have something to hide.

  9. Jeffery says:

    Preacher man,

    Don’t worry about me. My November is great. It’s always pretty good in America for rich white guys like us, isn’t it. My company is one step closer to helping every cancer patient. Shot a nice buck through the heart and donated the venison.

    On the downside we elected the worst President in history – a racist, sexist, xenophobic, festering pile of pigshit with no clue about foreign policy. But I’ll survive regardless of what the vile conservatives have in store for my less fortunate brothers and sisters across America. The conservative plan is to gut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, slash taxes on the rich and corporations and explode the debt. He stupidly proposes a trade war. On the plus side he has called for a massive fiscal stimulus. Will the House cretins go along?

    How will the working classes respond to having their healthcare eliminated? How will retirees respond to having their Social Security and Medicare cut? Especially when they find out that millionaires are getting tax cuts!

    Will Russia and Trump go in together and invade some Muslim nation and take all the oil?

  10. Jeffery says:


    Do you think the US should register all Muslims? Perhaps tattoo them on the forearm?

  11. drowningpuppies says:

    Little fake soldier drama queen guy going all Nostradumbass again.

  12. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Oh, I’m not worried about you, Jeffery, you’re a survivor. And it’s always pretty good in any country when you’re rich regardless of what color you are. See, rich is green and it’s color blind. Ask Oprah or Morgan Freeman or Carlos Slim. It is profoundly telling of you that you believe color so important.

    I know you are rich and I don’t begrudge you that but for some reason you seem to hold other wealthy people in disrepute. I don’t understand that. I’m not rich but I am upper middle class which is about as high as I could get with my meager talents in life. I’m not mad or jealous. I have a few rich relatives and several rich friends and our lives aren’t that much different if you take away house size and servants.

    I would like to encourage you and your fellow travelers to continue calling other people ” racist, sexist, xenophobic, ” and all your other lovely slurs. I would hate to think people would start actually listening to you and the best way to make sure they don’t is start calling them names. It worked so well for you guys in the last election, keep it up.

    In closing don’t forget after Trump invades a moslem nation for their oil (like Bush did) he will probably round up all the aliens illegal and legal and either gas them or they will be placed in concentration camps (like FDR did). Also they will defund Planned Parenthood so no woman can ever get cancer screening again because that’s what PP does. It will be a total nightmare for you so perhaps you’ll appreciate what we’ve been through but I doubt it because like most leftists it’s all about you.

    I’d like to point out when you state:

    The conservative plan is to gut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, slash taxes on the rich and corporations and explode the debt. He stupidly proposes a trade war.

    You really don’t have the foggiest idea of “the conservative plan” and you will need to be reminded from time to time: 1. Trump is NOT a conservative, 2. Trump was a democrat all his life till this election so he’s barely even a Republican, 3. Trump is a big government New York liberal with more in common with you than any of us. We just refused to vote for a criminal as president.

  13. Liam Thomas says:

    Do you think the US should register all Muslims? Perhaps tattoo them on the forearm?

    No one is suggesting that any muslim in this country that is a USA Citizen be interred, registered or documented…..No concentration camps….No lynchings….No White Sheets….or Burquas.

    The entire process is about Immigrants coming from foreign countries that are hot beds of terror and being carefully vetted before being allowed into the USA…..

    Jimmy Carter did the same thing for IRANIAN students when he was president……

    Your just making shit up trying to assuage your wounded communist ego.

  14. drowningpuppies says:

    I know you are rich…

    How do you know that, Hoagie?
    The little guy’s a malevolent liar.

  15. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Well, drowningpuppies I am just taking his word for it since he stated:

    I chose decades ago to live simply and to use my accumulated millions for purposes other than showing off. It means my carbon footprint is pretty durn low, especially for a wealthy guy. Just another climate realist practicing what they preach.

    He sounds like and has the attitude of a rich elitist leftist. Probably as white as I with a college education. I mean nobody can be that wrong about everything without a college education indoctrination. Self hating, America hating, God hating sums it up.

  16. Jeffery says:

    Our president-elect is paying $25 million to the people he swindled with his fake “University”.

    What a crook.

  17. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Do you think the US should register all Muslims? Perhaps tattoo them on the forearm?

    What is this intense love you display for moslems? Are you moslem because you don’t strike me as one. You strike me as a heathen atheist. You have a discernible fear and hatred for Christians and Jews but you love them mussies. Perhaps the idea they are at war with America makes you like them so much? Or how they murder queers? Maybe the way they cut the labia and clits off women appeal to you? Or is it just the simple sawing off of Christian heads that attracts you to their cause. Whatever the reason I hope you realize that as a heathen atheist they will murder you even before Christians and Jews. The only people worse than you to a moslem is an apostate. So good luck with that.

  18. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    I see that President Elect Donald J. Trump, has shown his business prowess and keen intellect by settling a lawsuit. Putting his love for America ahead of money he did what Crooked Killary would not do: stop the expense to the taxpayers and admit he was wrong. Again another reason we elected a bigger man for the job. Go get’em Mr. President, well done!

    Making America Great Again one act at a time.

  19. Jeffery says:


    Since you didn’t answer the question, we suspect we know the answer.

    You’ve made it clear that you think only whites and christies belong here.

    Why do you hate Muslims so much? Do you think christy myths are superior to Islamic myths? On what do you base that?

    Or do you just hate everyone who doesn’t share your own supernatural beliefs? Do you believe there are angels and spirits around? Souls that exist forever in heaven? Divine miracles?

    Do you fear all Muslims?

  20. Jeffery says:

    President-elect Crook defrauded thousands out of their money and is now paying for his scam. You must be so proud.

    Reports are that the scammed students might get half their money back, meaning TheDon only stole half as much.

    What a crook.

    Turns out his henchmen were also instructed to erase emails. Ironic, LOL.

  21. Jeffery says:

    We can only hope that Drumpf is a better president than he is a man, since he is such a horrible person.

  22. drowningpuppies says:

    We can only hope that Drumpf is a better president than he is a man, since he is such a horrible person.

    –From the little coward who lied about serving in the Army.

    Soldier on, little drama queen.

  23. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Since you didn’t answer the question, we suspect we know the answer.

    First of all who the hell is “we”? Are you a group or something? Secondly I didn’t answer the question because I thought you were kidding. I didn’t think you would be that stupid but apparently I underestimated you……again.

    You’ve made it clear that you think only whites and christies belong here.

    Where exactly have I made such an obviously racist and un Christian comment? Show me. It is you who seems to have the problems with religion and race, not I as my Asian, Buddhist wife can attest. I have saved ALL your racist and Christophobic rants so if you like I can reprint them for you.

    Why do you hate Muslims so much? Do you think christy myths are superior to Islamic myths? On what do you base that?

    Unlike you I don’t “hate” anybody Jeffery. I don’t even hate people who have harmed me. I do take moslems at their word when they say they are at war with us.

    Or do you just hate everyone who doesn’t share your own supernatural beliefs? Do you believe there are angels and spirits around? Souls that exist forever in heaven? Divine miracles?

    Your fear of God is justified but your loss of salvation is because inside you are rotten and it shows to all the world on the outside. You don’t have to be like this Jeffery. You could be a happy and kind man full of love rather than the quivering mass of fear and sadness.

    Do you fear all Muslims?

    Jeffery, there is absolutely nothing on this earth I fear and I have a Bronze Star with a “V” and two Purple Hearts to prove it. Frankly, I’ve shot better men than you in battle. That doesn’t mean I’m so stupid as to see the murder and destruction wrought upon the world by Islam and fail to recognize its evil. That’s something only a blind fool would do. Are you a blind fool Jeffery?

  24. Jeffery says:

    Not-very-bright Drumpf fanbois are punishing Starbucks by claiming their names are “Trump” so that baristas must yell that out when the fanbois claim their $4 cups of coffee.

    We suspect that Starbucks hopes the idea spreads like wildfire to all their stores!

  25. Liam Thomas says:

    The Trumpenfuhrer is already campaigning for 2020. Heil Trump!

    Bigoted. Racist. No one here except you used the N word for the last 8 years….but that doesnt prevent the tolerant left from using the nazi words against the right..

    Like I said the left needs to look in the mirror….they have a corner on racism, bigotry and hate…..they are just so busy projecting that they fail to realize they are part of the problem rather then part of the solutions.

  26. Jeffery says:


    With conservatives it’s always projection. Everyone else is evil. Everyone else is hateful. Everyone else is afraid.

    Your hatefulness springs from your fear. Your braggadocio springs from your insecurities (just like Trump).

    Of course you would shoot your enemies if you thought you could get away with it – intimidation and violence as a basic trait, tool and tactic of right-wing political movements is well known.

    You find it “hateful” – in fact it almost drives you to violence – that someone finds the evidence for gods, demons, angels, spirits and miracles lacking. But it’s just a fact that there is no evidence. We are agnostic about religious beliefs. Perhaps we are wrong – but there is just scant evidence to support supernatural beliefs.

    Do you find it offensive for christians to be called christies (pronounced with a long “i” sound, as in christ)? I’ve heard fundamentalist christians called bible-thumpers, fundies, holy rollers; Muslims called muzzies, towelheads, burqa boys, hajjis; catholics called papists or popesuckers; Jews called christ-killers, kikes, JAPs, hebes

  27. Jeffery says:


    Nigger is a word. A powerful and in most cases a hurtful word – a word used by racists to oppress others. But a word.

    We would never call someone a nigger, either in private or public. We would never refer to someone as a nigger, either in private or public. But neither will we deny that the word is used by racist oppressors.

    Most conservatives no longer use the word as freely as they once did, of course blaming political correctness. Yet they support policies, in fact they advocate policies, designed to oppress Black people. Since nigger was taken away from them, they use other terms to signal their disdain for Black people – welfare, food stamps, lazy, thugs etc.

    Remember the good old days when Nixon’s Ag Sec, Earl Butz said, “All the coloreds want is 3 things – tight pussy, loose shoes and a warm place to shit.” Good times. A most vile commenter here still refers to Obama as President Loose Shoes. Get it? Good times.

    Commenters here (and the host) frequently refer to people by epithets. Muzzies, commies, fascists, christies, rapists, dogsuckers, nazis, Trumpenfuhrer, killary, denier, warmists, cultists etc… all meant to inflame, all meant to demean. And inflame they do.

  28. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Jeffery, you live in a pathological stupor of projection and denial. You are anti American and a racist and religious bigot and try to deflect it to others making yourself look the fool. You’re so bad, so in the gutter you manage to come up with racial epithets I’ve never heard in my life and I’m in my 60’s from a big Eastern city.

    I guess you’re happy losing so you won’t clean up your act. Good, we’re happy with you losing too.

    Thank God Trump beat that stank, Klepto Killary. hahahahahaha

  29. Jeffery says:


    I didn’t lose. I’ll be fine. I have my money, my home, my family, my gun collection. I’m a white guy living a simple life who won’t have to rely on SS or Medicare. My children and grandchildren are all OK, too.

    America lost, in my opinion. It’s hard to imagine that Trump and the Repubs will enact any of the long-term corrections necessary to cool our official love affair with the wealthy at the expense of the working classes. In fact, by all estimates Trump et al will continue the Republican assault on the working classes.

    Trump is a nimble, carnival barker TV star who seized the opportunity to promote his brand and was so good at it he became president! Now we’re stuck with him.

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