Who’s Up For A 12 Step Program For Responding To President Trump?

NY Times hyperventalist Nicholas Kristof provides this for all those who have been traumatized by the election of Donald Trump. Missing is anything on liberals stopping their violence, stopping their creation of hate crime hoaxes, stopping their vandalism

A 12-Step Program for Responding to President-Elect Trump

1. I WILL accept that my side lost, but I won’t acquiesce in injustice and I will gird for battle on issues I care about. I will call or write my member of Congress and express my opposition to mass deportation, to cutting 22 million people off health insurance, to nominations of people who are unqualified or bigoted, to reduced access to contraception and cancer screenings. Better yet, I’ll attend my representative’s town meeting and put him or her on the spot.

Here’s a phrase that Obama used early on: “I won.” And “the election is over” to John McCain, meaning McCain lost, as did his policy prescriptions. And “elections have consequences.”

2. I WILL try to do small things in my own life, recognizing that they are inadequate but at least a start: I will sign up on the Council on American-Islamic Relations website, volunteering to fight Islamophobia. I’ll call a local mosque to offer support, or join an interfaith event. I will sign up for an “accompany my neighbor” list if one exists for my area, to be an escort for anyone who is now in fear.

Full stop: Kristoff is advocating that people join CAIR, a group that is linked to the radical Islamist group Muslim Brotherhood, which is recognized in many nations as a terrorist group, and is the base of so many terrorist groups around the world. They want the destruction of Israel, just like Iran. They want to force their hardcore Islamic beliefs, the same things groups like al Qaeda and Hezbollah believe in, on the United States.

3. I WILL avoid demonizing people who don’t agree with me about this election, recognizing that it’s as wrong to stereotype Trump supporters as anybody else. I will avoid Hitler metaphors, recognizing that they stop conversations and rarely persuade. I’ll remind myself that no side has a monopoly on truth and that many Trump supporters are good people who want the best for the country. The left already has gotten into trouble for condescending to working-class people, and insulting all Trump supporters as racists simply magnifies that problem.

We could really end this right here, because it is entirely too late for this. Heck, it was too late back in 2004. Progressivism is all about intolerance for the viewpoints of people who do not vote Democrat. Excepting those who are Islamic extremists in other countries, who can’t vote in our elections. Liberals love protecting them.

5. I WILL support groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center that fight hate groups, and back the center’s petition calling on Donald Trump to disavow bigotry. Depending on my interests, I’ll support an immigration rights group, the A.C.L.U. or Planned Parenthood. And I’ll subscribe to a newspaper as one way of resisting efforts to squelch the news media or preside over a post-fact landscape — and also to encourage journalists to be watchdogs, not lap dogs.

LOL! He wants you to subscribe to the NY Times, because their circulation is collapsing, and now he wants journalists to do their jobs. Where was this attitude 8 years ago?

6. I WILL support refugees, one of the most demonized groups in the world.

Hey, Nick, why don’t you offer to host these same refugees? Have them in your town? How about recommending that for your peeps? Oh, you don’t want your town turned into a 3rd world shithole, with all sorts of rape, violence, crime, abuse, denigration of women, and such that we see in Europe? Huh.

8. I WILL resist dwelling in an echo chamber.

Too late. This entire piece is an echo chamber.

9. I WILL do what I can in my own life to make sure that the needy aren’t forgotten in the next four years amid paroxysms of tax cuts for the wealthy.

No, they won’t. Liberals are chincy when it comes to using their own money to support charity. That’s The Government’s job.

11. I WILL take on sexism and misogyny, which in forms like domestic violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking affect women and girls across the country.

Weird how most of this occurs in areas run by Democrats, such as college campuses.

12. I WILL not lose hope. I will keep reminding myself that politics zigs and zags, and that I can do more than shout in the wind. I can fight for my values even between elections, and even at the micro level I can mitigate the damage to my neighbors and attempt to heal a social fabric that has been rent.

Good thing liberals aren’t using demeaning words/phrases like “Dumbfuckistan”, “Jesusland”, and “Flyover Country” in an attempt to heal. And, Kristoff seems to give liberals the ability to get out in the streets and fight. Which they are more then willing to do.

Here’s an easy 3 step process post election for liberals, based on the words of Barack Obama early on: “sit down, shut up, and we’ll drive. You can come for the ride, but you have to sit in the back.”


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4 Responses to “Who’s Up For A 12 Step Program For Responding To President Trump?”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    A cup of hot cocoa would help…
    Yeah that and a big bag of dicks…
    Losers, prom queens, and whatnot…

  2. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Go make excuses, leftist looosers. Drowningpuppies has business to attend.


  3. drowningpuppies says:

    A sombersober Hillary makes first public appearance since losing …

    So courageous, so brave and so gracious is the Haggard Harridan from Hell, she’s once again proving herself to be just another whiney little bitch who fucks up every thing she’s ever touched…


  4. Hank_M says:

    Years ago I employed a one step program to avoid biased news reporting. I stopped reading the NY Times.

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