I’m Concerned About All You Folks Out There With “Beach Privilege”

Sadly, this is not The Onion, as brought to us via Brett T at Twitchy

Consider, for example, the Beach Boys. Some may remember when the country unified behind President Reagan to demand that the band be allowed to play the Independence Day concert on the National Mall, despite a caution by Interior Secretary James Watt that rock bands attracted the wrong element to the festivities.

Those were simpler times, and the idea that the Beach Boys were ever a national treasure shared by all has been challenged recently in the New York Review of Books. Ben Ratiff made his own waves by exposing the ugly truth: the Beach Boys’ biggest hits were nothing more than “poem of unenlightened straight-male privilege, white privilege, beach privilege” that played no part in helping anyone achieve their social rights.

Serious stuff from the NY Times, folks

All those rich liberals in the Hamptons and Malibu hit hardest. Seriously, can’t we just enjoy something without nutjobs ruining it?

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10 Responses to “I’m Concerned About All You Folks Out There With “Beach Privilege””

  1. Dana says:

    At this point you should be embedding some Beach Boys’ songs.

  2. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Did they actually mention Phil Specter? It is hard to imagine those “unenlightened” Beach Boy devils. Straight, white, male, the nerve!!!!! Now Phil Specter was an “enlightened” democrat, hard leftist the IDEAL man. Too bad he shot the face off Lana Clarkson and is serving 19 years to life.

    What is it about democrat leftists that they just must either worship or be criminals?

    Phil Specter indeed. But at least he didn’t say he would grab a pussy!!!! He just shot the girl.

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  4. I had some Beach Boys playing on the MP3 player. Does that count?

  5. Liam Thomas says:

    So the beach boys singing about playing on the beach is anti-social justice but rap music telling black people to kill cops is social Justice….

    yeah its hard to comprehend the left anymore….its the death by a 1000 paper cuts mentality…..

    Its whats killing HRC right now……Every day another 1000 paper cuts…Im surprised she has not involked Bush’s name….and blamed her email server and the Clinton Foundation on George Bush.

    Incidently a wierd fact no Republican has been elected to the White house since the 1920’s that did not have a Bush or Nixon on the ticket……Eisenhower/Nixon…….Nixon/Agnew…….Reagan/Bush……..Bush/Quayle…….Bush/Cheney…..thats it….wierd huh.

  6. Liam Thomas says:

    Clinton is sinking badly…new polls out today….

    RCP…HRC by 1.7 now.

    LA times/USC…..Trump Plus 6.

    Blacks furious with clinton….bernie supporters fubar’ed by the DNC…voter enthusiam down for HRC…..4-6 percent undecideds in those polls most likely gonna break for Trump over HRC….

    Gary Johnson’s support is eroding as those that thought trump had no shot are coming home to him rather then wasting a vote on Johnson and Im telling you…….

    Rising tide lifts all boats…this is also bad news for down ticket races as more and more once thought races are now starting to turn back in favor of the GOP….they will for sure hold the house and might just barely hold the senate now even if they lose the WH.

  7. john says:

    Teach do you still consider yourself a “surfer” or are you now a business man?

  8. john says:

    sorry Teach those rich liberals??? fully insured and in fact probably OWN the insurance companies

  9. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Teach do you still consider yourself a “surfer” or are you now a business man?

    One can’t be both, john? When did they become mutually exclusive?

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