Hysteric In Chief: Honesty And Democracy Itself Is At Stake In Election!

Alternate headline: guy who rules by executive orders and uses federal agencies to target political opponents is suddenly worried about democracy or something

(AFP) At a fiery campaign event for Democrat Hillary Clinton in Cleveland, Ohio, Obama trashed Trump as a dictator-in-the-making, but also voiced concerns about how Trump’s legion of supporters might react to a possible election defeat.

Trump has in the last week declared himself free from the shackles of normal political etiquette and hurled a series of highly inflammatory accusations against Clinton and her husband.

“Civility is on the ballot” on November 8, Obama told a group of largely young voters in the swing state of Ohio.

“Tolerance is on the ballot,” he continued. “Courtesy is on the ballot. Honesty is on the ballot. Equality is on the ballot. Kindness is on the ballot. All the progress we made in the last eight years is on the ballot.

“Democracy itself is on the ballot right now.”

Obviously, Obama means this as a slight against Trump, but, he’s right about democracy, because Hillary Clinton would certainly continue Obama’s mode of refusing to work through the Constitutionally elected Legislative branch and instead expanding the power of the Executive Branch well beyond its scope. Everything he mentioned (civility, tolerance, etc) are things Obama has worked to destroy and has himself engaged in the opposite.

And, he dares mention honesty? From one of the least transparent presidencies of all time, supporting a candidate who has worked hard to hide everything from everyone?

Trump may fit the bill on some of these, but Hillary fits all to a tee. We do not really know what a President Trump would do regarding the use of the EO to force change. We know how Hillary would act.

Obama is for democracy, so long as the voters want his policies. Otherwise, those pesky voters are just getting in the way of “a more elevated debate.””

He’s shown that he loathes democracy and self determination for others, as he jumped into the Brexit debate, blew off the Arab Spring, blew off the Iranian Green uprising, is supporting the Islamic fundamentalists in Iran, supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, failed to support the pro-democracy forces in Syria, Libya, Crimea, and the Ukrainian uprising. The man has no love of democracy (yes, I know, we’re a federal republic) nor The People: he loves blind, naked power as pushed through the Central Government. It’s who he is.

So, yes, perhaps democracy and all those other things are on the ballot: just not the way he thinks. It’s about restoring all those things. Not as easy with Trump, but, damned impossible with Hillary.

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31 Responses to “Hysteric In Chief: Honesty And Democracy Itself Is At Stake In Election!”

  1. Liam Thomas says:

    What really has gone wrong with America?

    Let me explain.

    The President is the leader of the executive branch of the United States government.

    Constitutionally there is very little said about the Federal Bureaucracy (less than one paragraph), but from that blank constitutional slate most of the modern federal government has developed.

    Almost every function of the federal government today: the IRS, the Military, the DEA, the NSA, the TSA, the fish and wildlife service, and so on and so forth are part of this massive and sometimes overwhelming, federal bureaucracy and at the top of their management charts is POTUS.

    The heads of the departments, who are the next level of that management chart, serve at the pleasure and appointment of the President and are expected to implement policy dictated by the President (Those department heads, or Principal Officers as the Constitution calls them) require Senate approval for their positions but the running of their departments is up to them (within the framework of their laws)

    Essentially the only aspects of the federal government that the average American sees that are not part of the executive are the local (or near local) federal district court and the local office of your congressman.

    Everything else is controlled (at least on paper) by the President.

    So the problem with the Left is they realize how powerful the President is and how the president can affect the entire population on a daily basis with this enormous power.

    the problem with the right is they have failed to realize I think how powerful the president of the USA has become. Perhaps they have and thats why they want to limit the president….but the US government has become a multi headed hydra run by non elected politicians who control our very lives in ways we have no control over.

    This is what terrifies both sides now….its why its CRUCIAL that the GOP comes together and works on its national electability.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    Alternate headline:

    “We’re gonna lose our phony baloney jobs”.


  3. Liam Thomas says:

    The democrats are already grooming their next batch of superstars….

    Elizabeth Warren, Michelle Obama are already lining up….I surmise that Michelle will be elected to the Senate in the next couple years in Illinois to begin her apprenticeship towards the White house.

    In the meantime the GOp is busy destroying itself over party purity….the libertarians are trying to redefine what it means to be a conservative and therefor a Republican…they are at each others throats….Donald Trump effectively destroyed Cruz’s political life by showing how unhinged the guy can become…

    Rubio…too moderate…Kascich….too moderate…..So on and so on and so on…

    You see people Like Laura Ingram and Ann Coulter trashing anyone not right of John Birch as a RINO and we have a party in disarray.

    They were not kidding when they said the GOP would be wandering in the wilderness for the next decade after George W. Bush….Well I surmise it will be two decades after TRUMP’s debacle and the rise of the tea party.

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    Alternate headline…

    “They gonna put y’all back in chainzzzz!”

    –Barky Biden

  5. drowningpuppies says:

    Thanks to Wikileaks, the Hag, Barky, and their campaign are being exposed as the criminals they are.


  6. john says:

    The GOP majority Congress has an approval rating in the teens. Obama has an approval rating of over 50%
    What does that tell you?

  7. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Again with the polls, john. Is there no point you can try and make to promote your view other than “everybody’s doing it”? I’ll say like your mother would: john, if they took a poll and the majority said for you to jump off a bridge, would you?

    The low approval rating for Congress is for BOTH democrats and GOP so what’s your point? Obama has a 50% approval rating because 1. he’s black and if you don’t approve of him idiots call you a racist and 2. 50% of the sheeple are getting government subsidies in one form or another and think it’s Obamacash as one brilliant voter once said on TV.

    You do realize that means 50% think he’s a looooser. BTW, 50% of who? Working people? I doubt it.

  8. Liam Thomas says:

    The GOP majority Congress has an approval rating in the teens. Obama has an approval rating of over 50%
    What does that tell you?

    That compared to Trump and HRC……Obama seems a saint. Thats why his numbers are way up from the low 40’s….Even the Democratic party doesnt want HRC to be their president……48 percent of them wanted Bernie Sanders….but alas….at least the Democrats know how to rally around whatever loser they throw out unlike the GOP.

  9. john says:

    Teach you fault Obama for not supporting Ukraine and Crimea BUT
    Trump has said that he has no problem’s with what his buddy Putin did in both places.
    Please continue to embarrass yourself by supporting Trumpf
    Please tell us how many of our allies would rather have Trumpf than Clinton? Are there any ?
    Certainly none in NATO where he has publicly stated he may ignore our treaty responsibilities
    And ALL of our allies also liked Obama more than Bush.
    Do you think any of them were happy to get sucked into Bush’s war dreams?

  10. Liam Thomas says:

    Please continue to embarrass yourself by supporting Trumpf

    Its quite clear you do not read anything but the headlines or you would know that Teach DOES NOT SUPPORT TRUMP………Nor do I.

  11. drowningpuppies says:

    Anyone who takes educating themselves seriously and votes for Hillary is a detestable human being.

    Anyone who knows even a fraction of the Wikileaks information and fails to vote for Trump is a moral coward.

    Trump has finally, in the depths of necessity, started speaking the truth of what is happening to the world.

  12. Liam Thomas says:

    See thats tea party speak Drowning……we are all detestable and moral cowards if we cant support a tea party darling.

    Thats whats wrong with the GOP right now.

  13. Liam Thomas says:

    I guess according to the tea party we are a basket of irredemable Deplorables.

  14. drowningpuppies says:

    Anyone who uses the term “tea party” in 2016 is definitely out of touch and regurgitating outdated liberal talking points.

  15. Liam Thomas says:

    Anyone who uses the term “tea party” in 2016 is definitely out of touch and regurgitating outdated liberal talking points.

    Ill stand behind what I said…..When you start debating a movement the tea party movement its like trying to debate the progressive movement that swept the democrats away. It took decades to accomplish but right now the Tea party is actively trying to redefine what it means to be a conservative.

    If you are not lockstep with their version you are not a conservative….you are establishment….and so we have this POPULIST MOVEMENT that is infiltrated by threads of Tea party entertwining itself into the GOP and trying to bring down the establishment.

    Whenever you want change you have to change the establishment…..Donald Trump’s Populism is about changing the establishment….NOT WINNING THIS ELECTION.

    yeah I think Ill stand behind my thought process of what you cut and pasted right there is a typical Trump call to arms….Never Trumpers are establishment types who must GO….Must leave our party….must never be seen or heard from again……

    I have made no bones about being a moderate. I believe in getting things done. I believe in compromise and working shoulder to shoulder to make whatever project I’m working on succeed. The same goes with my politics…..So good luck with a party that represents 22 percent of the country as you alienate people like me for party purity.

  16. drowningpuppies says:

    Not sure when or how wanting to obey the Constitution became “extreme” but it says much more about the name callers than the TEA Party.


  17. Liam Thomas says:

    The crux of the problem is that it is your version of the constitution. The tea parties version. Trump is endorsed heavily by the tea party and in fact a poll done shows that nearly 92 percent of active tea party supporters support trump…..

    Now I have no problem with the tea party in the aspect that most of what they believe…..I BELIEVE>>>>>>>>>

    However the means to the end does not always justify the end….There are 315 million Americans all wanting what they think is right for themselves and their country.

    They all matter…..I just happen to be one of those people who believe that both sides have something to offer IF….the extremes on both sides can get out of the way…..the problem is that the Socialists have taken over the LEft and now the Tea party/constititonalists/Populist far right is trying to destroy the establishment GOP and get rid of people like me that ARE WILLING to work with the other side.

    Thats my problem with the far right and far left…..Again Much of what I believe the Tea party believes…the problem is not their beliefs….its their actions that have me doubting they are an asset to the GOP.

  18. Jeffery says:

    Trump supporters were planning a terrorist attack:

    Curtis Allen, Gavin Wright, and Patrick Stein were all taken into custody after an investigation that took eight months busted the trio for planning a massive terrorist attack in Garden City.

    Their target was an apartment complex and a mosque that serviced 120 Somali refugees.

    The three men had planned to carry out the attack on November 9th, one day after Election Day.

    US Attorney Beall said the men planned to park vehicles full of explosives at all four corners of the Garden City apartment complex. The men said they wanted to “wake people up”.

    Beall said the men wrote a manifesto, which they wanted published after the bombing.
    According to an affidavit, the were a part of a group called the Kansas Security Force and the Crusaders.

    “These are militia groups whose members support and espouse sovereign citizen, anti-government, anti-Muslim, and anti-immigrant extremist beliefs,” read the affidavit.


  19. Jeffery says:

    Is the election rigged?

    Donnie needs to present evidence to support such a charge.


  20. drowningpuppies says:

    Hard to believe anything written by a little guy who lies about serving in the Army.

  21. Jeffery says:

    Hard to take seriously a “furry” who wears a Pink Puppy costume and can’t remember his own comments.

  22. drowningpuppies says:

    … now the Tea party/constititonalists/Populist far right is trying to destroy the establishment GOP and get rid of people like me that ARE WILLING to work with the other side.

    Remember when the establishment GOP was all for the full repeal of Obamacare? Uh, about that…

    It’s not about destroying anything but it is about getting rid of the those entrenched in the GOP who continually lie about their intentions.

  23. drowningpuppies says:

    can’t remember his own comments.

    What was your MOS, little guy?
    Have you made one up yet?

  24. Jeffery says:

    The Pussy Grabbing pussy promised to “prove” he hadn’t committed multiple assaults against women. His supporters don’t consider pawing, grabbing, groping, forced kissing to be assault. Most of his supporters likely conduct themselves just as The Pussy Grabbing pussy does.


  25. Jeffery says:

    Do you remember what you wrote, Pinkie?

  26. Jeffery says:

    I didn’t think so you Pink dumbass.

  27. Jeffery says:

    Rushbo complains that the left labels “sex without consent” as “rape”.

    Male Trump supporters label “sex without consent” as “sex”.

  28. drowningpuppies says:

    So do you remember saying you served in the Army, little guy, or are you denying you said it?

  29. Liam Thomas says:

    It’s not about destroying anything but it is about getting rid of the those entrenched in the GOP who continually lie about their intentions.

    And you guys did. You fired a lot of people and sent a bunch of new people to D.C. who then DID NOTHING….Obamacare is still here….Now your threatening everyone who does not toe the new party line with being Primaried…..thats the only reason CRUZ endorsed Trump…..Hell Even Eric Cantor was fired and John Boehner just up and quit rather then deal with this new breed of GOP radicals who think they can just repeal a law because the TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY want it so.

    You cannot get rid of it….Its the law and would require the GOP to have 67 senators, own the house and the White House and the way things are going you are never going to see the White House or the Senate again….wont be long till your back down to 44-43 senators while the Democrats once again return to 51 vote majority and let Clinton do what she wants.

    No Obamacare is not going away….Its always been a dream of right. Just like 11 million illegals are not going to be deported even if Trump is elected….Logistically not possible….

  30. Jeffery says:

    Mommie’s little sociopath doesn’t remember what it asked. How precious.

  31. john says:

    Cocker man is having frequent hissy fits as the election comes closer.

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