Surprise: Obama Breaks Another Iran Deal Promise

You remember the Iran deal, right? The one Obama made all sorts of promises on, then broke them left and left?

(NY Post) The Obama administration keeps on breaking its promises on the Iran deal — its promises to the American people, that is.

The latest betrayal: The Treasury Department just lifted key restrictions on Iran’s ability to do business in US dollars and access world financial markets — breaking Team Obama’s explicit vows as it lobbied Congress not to nix the deal.

Iran’s banks weren’t even cut off from the US financial system over the nuclear issue — but over Tehran’s funding of terrorism, its regional aggression and so on.

Which makes another Treasury move even more squalid: It will now also let foreign firms and branches of US firms do business with Iranian groups like the Revolutionary Guard.

Obama treats Iran better than he treats the US allies, and better than he treats American citizens who disagree with him. He’s making it easier for the Revolutionary Guard to do business, and their business is state sponsored terrorism.

Make sure to read the full editorial.

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4 Responses to “Surprise: Obama Breaks Another Iran Deal Promise”

  1. Liam Thomas says:

    and now the US government RUN BY OBAMA is claiming its the russians who leaked these emails and of course any damaging ones have been altered……

    There is not a single thing this government can do or say on either side of the isle let alone the Administration lifers, that would cause me to believe ANYTHING they say as the truth.

    They are lairs, thiefs, cheats and embezzlers and in a real world situation most of them would be in jail……

    AND IF IN FACT….RUSSIA is doing this….this just shows how little of a DICK OBAMA HAS as president for not even lifting a finger let alone imposing sanctions or even crying to the UN over Russia’s apparent hacking…..

    WHICH SAYS TWO THINGS….either hes the biggest P word on the planet or else its not true and Russia has no part in this that can be proven in the least bit…

    YET they can claim its the russians which is intended to garner support for Hillary.

    Liars all…..This is why government has like a 9 percent approval rating.

  2. john says:

    Liam Obama has an approval rating over 50%
    Teach You DO know that Iran is fighting ISIS don’t you?
    while our mideast allies (including Israel ar all supporting ISIS??
    As far as our other allies they all like Obama more than Bush and they all like Clinton more than Trump Trump scared Europe by saying that he may not live up to NATO commitments if Russia attacks them

  3. Jeffery says:

    In the town hall meeting Trumpf recommended that the US work with Assad, Russia and Iran to fight ISIS.

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    In the town hall meeting Trumpf recommended that the US work with Assad, Russia and Iran to fight ISIS.

    And this is a problem?

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