Man Who Takes Long Fossil Fueled Trips To Play Golf Looks To Reign In Carbon Pollution From Airplanes

Consider: Obama has one of the largest carbon footprints in the world. He casually jumps in a helicopter for a flight over to Andrews AFB to jump on a jumbo jet to take a cross country flight, where he schedules a brief official event to avoid reimbursing the government, then heads off to fundraisers and/or a couple rounds of golf. His flight includes a backup jumbo jet and several military fighter jets. Yet…

(NY Times) The Obama administration on Monday announced its plan to start regulating planet-warming pollution from airplanes, setting off a battle between environmentalists and the airline industry.

The plan to curb airplane emissions comes as President Obama looks to strengthen his climate change legacy with new policies in the waning months of his administration. The airline rules would be among the final pieces of his sweeping and contentious second-term climate agenda, which has included rules to rein in greenhouse pollution from cars, trucks and power plants, and his role in forging last year’s Paris agreement committing nearly 200 countries to take action to reduce emissions that are warming the planet.

The Environmental Protection Agency released the aviation plan, known as an “endangerment finding,” which concludes that the planet-warming pollution produced by airplanes endangers human health by contributing to climate change. The endangerment finding does not include the details of a regulation, but it sets off a legal requirement under the Clean Air Act for the E.P.A. to establish a rule. (snip)

The announcement did not include a timetable for releasing the rule, but people tracking the administration’s climate change policies said it was possible that the E.P.A. could release a draft rule by early January, most likely making it Mr. Obama’s last climate action. However, the next administration would have the authority to rewrite the draft rule.

Huh. So, the rule will wait till Obama is almost out of office, when people won’t have the opportunity to say “say, what about your own “carbon emissions”, Mr. Obama?”

Of course, as the airline industry points out, they’re already at the cutting edge, and the technology doesn’t exist now to implement whatever is coming. Rules will also hurt American airplane companies, who have to compete against foreign companies who have no such rules. They’ll also certainly harm average Americans, as the costs for air travel will go up, affecting business travel, personal travel, and costs of goods shipped via airplane.

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6 Responses to “Man Who Takes Long Fossil Fueled Trips To Play Golf Looks To Reign In Carbon Pollution From Airplanes”

  1. Dana says:

    President Obama is scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention in foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy Philadelphia this evening, meaning yet another fossil fueled flight. He could do this by video, but won’t.

  2. Hoagie says:

    They’ll also certainly harm average Americans, as the costs for air travel will go up, affecting business travel, personal travel, and costs of goods shipped via airplane.

    And when was the last time this clown opened his own wallet to pay for plane tickets? Hell, this hypocrite even sent a plane to fly his DOG at one point.

    • John says:

      Sorry Hoagie you got hosed again on the dog trip by your trusted info source
      Beau the dog flew to Martha’s Vineyard ahead of Air Force One
      He arrived with the staff on one of two Ospreys
      The Secret Service demanded two Ospreys be on the Vineyard in case Air Force One was attacked/unable to be used
      Beau arrived before the POTUS

  3. John says:

    I don’t think the Secret Service woukd be yo happy if Obama took public transportation
    Remember Obama has recrived many many more death threats than Bush, by people encouraged by the hateful lies they read online
    Obama has spent more time IN the White House than Bush or Reagan
    He has taken about 25% of vacation time as Bush and 33% of the time away from the white House as Reagan
    Teach you have no idea of how much or how little these changes will increase any costs
    You are always talking about sky rocketing energy prices but Americans paid 25% higher energy prices as a percent of their income under Reagan than under Obama
    And NO Teach the whole industry is not at the cutting edge
    In fact of the top 10 most fuel efficient airlines only one Delta is present at #9
    European airlines are much more efficient they have stricter regulations and cap and trade

  4. JGlanton says:

    Here’s a petition everyone can support:
    Remove air conditioning from all US State Department property.

    WHEREAS, Secretary of State John F. Kerry has suggested that air conditioners are as big a threat as ISIS, and

    WHEREAS, it is the duty of our elected and appointed government officials to lead by example,

    THEREFORE, we call upon the U.S. Department of State to remove air conditioning from all property that the Department owns, rents, or otherwise employs, including but not limited to embassies, consulates, office buildings, etc., all vehicles owned and/or operated by the Department, and any other property, real or movable, owned, rented, or otherwise employed by the Department.

  5. Hank_M says:

    “Remember Obama has [received] many many more death threats than Bush”
    Care to back that up John? The only ones stating that are the deranged maroons at DailyKos.
    Even the left leaning Politifact ranks that as FALSE.

    As for the vacation bullshit, it’s just that. And a stupid diversion at that.

    And the energy costs? If we are paying less, that is no thanks to Obama.

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