Chris Christie Lays Out The Case Against Hillary

Chris Christie (I’m no big fan) gave perhaps one of the best speeches against electing Hillary Clinton so far. At the end of the day, that’s very much what this “dumpster fire” election is about: making sure Hillary is not president. For those who are #NeverTrump or I’m-not-sures, we aren’t quite sure what Trump really truly stands for nor what he will do. But, we know what Hillary stands for and what she will do

(ABC News) Chris Christie put on a rollicking show trial of Hillary Clinton at the Republican Convention Tuesday night — leading the audience in Cleveland to shout “guilty!” over and over again in response to his allegations about the former secretary of state.

New Jersey’s governor, a former federal prosecutor, allowed the audience at the Quicken Loans arena to play jury as he presented an “indictment” to them.

“We’re going to present the facts to you, as a jury of her peers, both in this hall and in living rooms around our nation,” the former 2016 presidential candidate said in opening his address to the Cleveland convention Tuesday night.

“I’m going to render a case on the facts against Hillary Rodham Clinton,” he continued.

How did he do this?

Christie made the case that Clinton’s character and her record as secretary of state disqualify her for the nation’s top job, specifically accusing her of “ruining Libya,” being a terrorist apologist for not naming an al-Qaeda affiliate in Nigeria a terrorist group for two years and linking that to the “Missing Girls,” and turning previous words of praise for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad against her.

“She fights for the wrong people, she never fights for us,” he said.

Christie went on to criticize the nuclear deal with Iran, Clinton’s dealings with Russia, and called her a “coddler of the brutal Castro brothers” in criticizing the Obama administration’s reopening of diplomatic relations with Cuba. has the full transcript, and both sources have the video of his speech

We must ask this question: Hillary Clinton, as an awful judge of the character of a dictator-butcher in the Middle East guilty or not guilty? In Iran, she led the negotiations that brought about the worst nuclear deal in history.

Let me be clear: America and the world are measurably less safe and less respected because of the Iran deal Hillary helped cut.

Period. After she launched those negotiations, she became the biggest cheerleader for it at the end.

A deal that will lead to a nuclear Iran, an Israel that will be less safe and secure and much more dangerous Middle East.

Hillary Clinton, as an inept negotiator of the worst nuclear arms deal in American history guilty or not guilty?

It’s well worth the read and the time to watch the video. Just a little more excerpt

We cannot promote someone to Commander-in-Chief who has made the world a more violent and dangerous place with every bad judgment she has made.

We cannot make the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States someone who has risked America’s secrets and lied about this to Congress and the American people. (snip)

We know exactly what four years of Hillary Clinton will bring: all the failures of the Obama years, but with less charm and more lies. It is our obligation to stop Hillary Clinton now and never let her within 10 miles of the White House again.

She’s been pretty much wrong about everything during her time as Secretary of State. Her supporters cannot really point to any successes, nor during her time as a Senator. It is very easy to point to her failures, because they are abundant.

One thing he, and so many others have missed, is that Hillary will potentially have a chance to choose several Supreme Court justices in the first four years. You can’t be quite sure who Trump will pick, despite his list, but, you can bet Hillary will choose a hardcore leftist.

Hillary, though, tried to swing back

First, no one has been able to produce solid evidence against Christie. Second, playing games with a bridge pales in comparison to propping up Assad, Benghazi, the Iran deal, blowing off the Arab Spring, and so much more.

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21 Responses to “Chris Christie Lays Out The Case Against Hillary”

  1. Jeffery says:

    you can bet Hillary will choose a hardcore leftist.

    President Clinton will choose more than one and will realign the Court for a generation.

  2. Hank_M says:

    “Hillary will potentially have a chance to choose several Supreme Court justices in the first four years. ”

    And there’s no doubt the seats on the Supreme Court will be sold to the highest bidders.

  3. Jeffery says:

    M typed:

    And there’s no doubt the seats on the Supreme Court will be sold to the highest bidders.

    How does that happen? Mr. Trump claims to be a billionaire. Do you think if he donates $100 million to the Clinton Foundation that President Clinton would nominate him to the Court?

    What if a reactionary billionaire like Sheldon Adelson agrees to donate $1 billion for President Clinton to nominate a reactionary judge, would she do it? That would surely be the highest bidder. Do you see that happening? The Republican Congress would surely approve a far right nominee.

  4. John says:

    Thstvesscacprettybgoid zinger about the bridge
    Did you notice in the GOP convention it really is all about Clinton
    Trump’s name is seldom mentioned let alone his policies

  5. Jeffery says:

    Poor pathetic Chris Christie. Like Mike Pence his political career is over. The people of NJ are tired of his shit but are happy to have paid him to get out of Jersey to run for president and to now campaign for the Trumpster. Bridge traffic has been smoother since he abandoned the state. The Jersey taxpayers pay him through Jan 2018.

  6. drowningpuppies says:

    Christie re-indicted Hillary throughout the entire speech.

    Good to see the little ISIS cocksucker and the retarded one losing it.

    • John says:

      Oh puppy man !
      What is your basis for sexual slurs ?
      What is going on in that strange little brain of yours?
      Is it based on done abuse you suffered from ?
      Perhaps as a child ? Why all that use if ” little man” ?
      Was that slur used on you at a particularly disturbing time ?

  7. david7134 says:

    Crooked, lying Hillary. Our country has fallen so far that a person who should be in jail is allowed to run for the highest office with the president and his crooked minions not bring charges against this scum. Not only that, but the liberals/communist will pony up to vote for her with no concern for the ultimate consequences and the fact that she is completely incompetent.

  8. Jl says:

    J-“What if a reactionary billionaire like Sheldon Adelson agrees to donate…..” Poor Jeffery doesn’t like the billionaires politics, so he’s labled “reactionary”. So, what would you then call George Soros, who of course does the same kinds of things? Liberals are big hypocrites. I’m shocked

  9. drowningpuppies says:

    So, what would you then call George Soros,…

    An unrepentant Nazi collaborator?

  10. Jeffery says:

    One assumes that since M didn’t answer the question that he, like jl, is filled to the brim with shit.

    jl can redeem himself: Do YOU seriously think that Hillary Clinton would nominate a conservative judge if Sheldon Adelson donated a billion to the Clinton Foundation?

  11. Jeffery says:


    What crime(s) did our next President, Hillary Clinton, commit? The FBI, including a nonpareil Republican director, investigated her for months but declined to refer for indictment.

    Would Crooked Trumpie withstand such scrutiny – or any scrutiny, for that matter?

  12. david7134 says:

    Your little immature question is so stupid that it hurts. Do a google search and you will see your answer. And, the FBI said that anyone else who committed her transgressions would be prosecuted. Besides that, procedure was not followed. The FBI would have sent the material to the Grand Jury. But, the corrupt shoeshine boy did not allow that. So, just act as if nothing is going on and show your ass.

  13. Jeffery says:


    So no crimes. Got it. Did the FBI say that anyone else would be prosecuted? Forgive me if I don’t trust you on that.

    Shoeshine boy?

    You’re a smelly old racist.

  14. Hank_M says:

    Jef wrote: “One assumes that since M didn’t answer the question that he, like jl, is filled to the brim with shit.”

    Assume all you want fool. Your questions are usually as moronic as your statements, well worth ignoring.

  15. Jeffery says:


    So you fire off silly bon mots about “highest bidders” without any support. OK.

  16. Hank_M says:

    jef, if anyone else asks for supporting links I’ll be happy to provide them. If anyone else asks for support for my statements I’ll be happy to supply them.
    As for you, I’ll not waste my time. You’re a fool looking for attention.

  17. Jeffery says:


    I didn’t ask for supporting links. I would like you to support your “argument” with reason and logic is all. In fact, there are no links to provide, unless it’s the right wing website from which you “appropriated” the bon mot – so why bother.

    You claimed President Clinton will sell a Supreme Court nomination to the highest bidder, and it took 10 seconds to prove your silly quip to be, well… silly.

    It’s OK. We fully understand.

    Do you think she’d let Sheldon Adelson pick a nominee for a huuuge donation to the Clinton Foundation? Simple question. Yes or no, please.

    The truth is you know the answer and it obliterates your silly point. Buh bye.

  18. drowningpuppies says:

    … support your “argument” with reason and logic is all…

    –that little guy who exaggerates often

  19. Hank_M says:

    jef, you’re too stupid to understand. Something you’ve been told by damn near everyone here.

    My “silly” point is that Hillary is corrupt to the bone and if she makes it to the oval office
    there is no doubt, based on her long and lengthy history, that she’ll continue to be corrupt in everything she does. The woman is a proven liar. According to Huffpo and Politico, voters think she’s less trustworthy than the Donald. That is no small feat.

    But you go on supporting her. You two have much in common.

  20. Jeffery says:

    lower case m,

    But that’s not what you typed. You said she would sell the nomination to the highest bidder. Have you abandoned that position?

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