The GOP Would Support Hitler Against Trump Or Something

You know me, I’m more than willing to calling moonbattery, unhinged idiocy from lefties. Well, I’m also will to call out this kind of stuff

Yes, the GOP Would Support Hitler Against Hillary

There are sensitive sorts who will immediate decry me for comparing Trump to Hitler. I am actually not doing that at all in this piece. But you cannot read this Jon Ward piece and come away with any other conclusion.

The GOP, if Hitler made it through the primaries with 33% of the vote, would swap the elephant for the swastika.

To review, Donald Trump got 33% of the GOP vote. Only after every single person dropped out was Trump able to get to 44%. (snip)

Trump is not Hitler and I have repeatedly defended him on television and radio against others who have compared him to Hitler. But the overriding point remains. The GOP is so invested in their hatred of Hillary Clinton and their fear of a minority of their own voters that if the voters chose Hitler himself, the GOP would stand behind him against Hillary Clinton.

If you think otherwise, you are not paying attention to this campaign season.

This is Erik Erickson who attempts to quibble a bit with this, but, seriously, come on. This is silly. Trump is a buffoon, a fool, and really a Democrat pretending to be a Republican on most issues, but, 99.9% of Republicans know the difference between him and Hitler, and this type of loose yammering serves no purpose.

Besides, Hitler had way more in common with the Progressives who run the Democratic Party than the GOP.

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12 Responses to “The GOP Would Support Hitler Against Trump Or Something”

  1. david7134 says:

    Is there a difference between Hitler and Hillary? Look what 8 years under Obama has done, our country is a wreck and people are at each others throats. Hillary will be an extension of Obama and will likely cause the split of the country, not that the concept is bad. As to Trump, I think he is much better than you think.

  2. Hoagie says:

    They never stop their projection. Do they realize Hitler was head of the German Workers Socialist Party? Which candidate is being endorsed by both the American Socialist and Communist party? Hillary! and all her fascist followers are the Nazi’s here at least according to their endorsements. Don’t forget the little Nazi collaborator Soros.

  3. Jeffery says:

    Enough with the Hitler comparisons.

    Hoogie nails the trifecta – Nazis and Communists and Fascists, oh my!

    Trump is no Hitler, but he is a horrible person.

  4. David7134 says:

    Oh no, Jeff called Trump a horrible person. But he is not as bad as crooked Hillary,

  5. Jeffery says:


    The American voters will decide.

    Did you read the interview with the guy who wrote “The Art of the Deal” for Trump?

  6. David7134 says:

    Crooked, lying Hillary.

  7. Jeffery says:

    Hillary Clinton, your next President

  8. Jeffery says:

    So Melania Trump “borrowed” part of Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech.

    But Melania would still be a better President than Donald.

  9. Dana says:

    Let’s see, you have the lovely Mrs Clinton saying that she’d try to eviscerate the First Amendment and our rights to freedom of speech, supporting laws to prohibit the free exercise of ones own religion, and take away our Second Amendment rights as well.

    Other than the fact that her mustache isn’t trimmed in the same style as der Führer’s, what real difference is there between Hillary and Adolf?

  10. Jeffery says:

    President Clinton will not try to overrun Europe nor will she murder 11 million Jews, Poles, Hungarians, gays, Romanis, Ukrainians, Russians, Czechs and fellow Germans.

    Hitler murdered a few million children too. President Clinton will not murder millions of children.

    President Clinton will not even send federal agents into the homes of Muslims and Hispanics and arrest and deport millions of children, as the new GOP proposes.

    President Clinton will not authorize medical experimentation on Romani children.

    Although the new American far-right wants to purge America of Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, gays and foreigners, creating a new white, christian nation, President Clinton will not line up the opposition and have them shot in retaliation as Hitler did. Ask drowningpuppies, dave and Hoagie, if they were free to follow their desires, how they would handle Blacks, Muslims and Mexicans (not to mention liberals).

    Hitler was a persuasive speaker, like Trump; President Clinton is not.

    Hitler scapegoated minorities, like Trump; President Clinton does not.

    eviscerate the First Amendment

    — Reversing the Citizens United ruling, by legislation or Constitutional Amendment is “eviscerating the 1st Amendment”? LOL. How did we survive as a free society before 2010??? Ridiculous hyperbole. Did Hitler rule by legislation and Constitutional Amendment?

    How do you project that President Clinton will restrict Americans’ right to practice religion, or limit their 2nd Amendment rights?

  11. Hank_M says:

    Hillary will demonstrate what dimentia looks like in the oval office.
    The woman who can’t even tell the difference between the Constitution and Declaration of Independence
    is going to have a hard time knowing where her office is. Hillary Clinton needed hand-holding with her daily schedule and was ‘often confused’ while she was secretary of state, her former top aide and ‘body woman’ Huma Adebin wrote a colleague in a January 2013 email.

  12. gitarcarver says:

    How did we survive as a free society before 2010???

    The better question is “how did we survive until 2002 and after that when laws were passed that restricted people’s rights to speak on political issues.

    For over 200 years we let people speak on issues as they wanted.

    How did we survive?

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