Trump Gets Snappy With Several Republican Senators, Blows Golden Opportunities

What should have been an easy meet and greet for Donald Trump, attempting to woo Republican Senators, turned into a typical Trump kerfuffle, allowing the media to move from the Hillary email scandal to other shiny objects

(Washington Post) When Flake stood up and introduced himself, Trump told him, “You’ve been very critical of me.”

“Yes, I’m the other senator from Arizona — the one who didn’t get captured — and I want to talk to you about statements like that,” Flake responded, according to two Republican officials…

Trump said at the meeting that he has yet to attack Flake hard but threatened to begin doing so. Flake stood up to Trump by urging him to stop attacking Mexicans. Trump predicted that Flake would lose his reelection, at which point Flake informed Trump that he was not on the ballot this year, the sources said…

Characterizing Kirk as a loser, Trump vowed that he would carry Illinois in the general election even though the state traditionally has been solidly Democratic in presidential contests. Kirk did not attend the meeting with Trump.

Trump seems to prefer fighting with Republicans, the Party he is supposed to represent, more than Democrats. During his meeting with House members, he had another unforced error

Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) left the meeting worried about Trump’s grasp on the basics of the Constitution. At a lunch with reporters afterward, he recalled that the candidate did not seem to know what he was promising to defend.

“I wasn’t particularly impressed,” said Sanford. “It was the normal stream of consciousness that’s long on hyperbole and short on facts. At one point, somebody asked about Article I powers: What will you do to protect them? I think his response was, ‘I want to protect Article I, Article II, Article XII,’ going down the list. There is no Article XII.”

And Trumpites wonder why the #NeverTrump folks and us fence sitters are concerned with this guy. Instead of focusing on Hillary and her email scandal, and all the things James Comey said about her lying, doing wrong, etc and so on, and he’s doing this, talking about how great Saddam Hussein was at killing terrorists, a star on Frozen dvds. Then there’s this

Presented in a recent interview with a scenario, floating around the political ether, in which the presumptive Republican nominee proves all the naysayers wrong, beats Hillary Clinton and wins the presidency, only to forgo the office as the ultimate walk-off winner, Mr. Trump flashed a mischievous smile.

“I’ll let you know how I feel about it after it happens,” he said, minutes before leaving his Trump Tower office to fly to a campaign rally in New Hampshire…

Joking or not? It doesn’t matter, because that’s not the kind of thing you tweak people’s noses with. Being POTUS is not a joke. As Allahpundit notes “Prominent Trump crony Roger Stone assured the Times he’s “fairly certain” that Trump would actually serve as president if elected. Fairly certain?” He also notes that there is serious discussion over Ivanka Trump being a VP or cabinet official pick.

It all adds up to

We go back to the Lonely Conservative constantly asking if Trump really wants to be president. Let’s end with this, an article by Jim Geraghty entitled “Trump’s Insane Response to Week of Golden Opportunities

This is not merely a swing and a miss at slow-pitch softball; this is swinging mightily at tee ball and hitting yourself with the bat.

And forgetting to put a helmet on

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8 Responses to “Trump Gets Snappy With Several Republican Senators, Blows Golden Opportunities”

  1. Jeffery says:

    So your complaints about Trump don’t concern his obvious lack of fitness for the office, but rather his counterproductive campaign tactics?? Ivanka would ADD gravitas to his ticket – that’s how unfit he is.

  2. Dana says:

    His unfitness for office? He’s a natural-born American citizen, over 35 years of age; according to the Constitution, he’s qualified. I don’t like him, don’t think that he’s honest, and believe that he’s a complete buffoon, but he’s more fit for office than the clown in there now.

  3. formwiz says:

    He received 2 standing ovations from better than 200 House Rs (out of 247), but you don’t want to talk about that.

    You worry about wooing the NeverTumpers who are being paid to do the Democrats’ (and Tom Donahue’s) bidding.

    He told the Senate NeverTrumpers, it’s him or Hillary and, apparently, they didn’t like that.

  4. Trumpkin says:

    Reagan was a democrat first, hated by the media, and then hated by republicans.

    So far so good.

  5. Jeffery says:

    Reagan was a democrat first, hated by the media, and then hated by republicans.

    As bad as Reagan’s policies were for America, Trump is 10 times more dangerous and absolutely unfit for the office he seeks.

    dana, As I’ve said before, Trump probably meets the qualifications for President, but so do Kanye West, Pee Wee Herman, Charles Manson, Paris Hilton, Rupaul, OJ Simpson, Kim Kardashian, each of whom would make a better president than Trump.

  6. Teapartyguardian says:

    As wrong as Jeffery is about Reagan, I notice killary is not in that list of libtards better than Trump. Trump 2016! At least he’ll be held responsible…

  7. Jeffery says:


    There are at least 150 million natural born Americans over 35, almost all as qualified to be President as Trump. And yes, obviously including Secretary Clinton, who will be the next president.

    Reagan slashed taxes on the wealthy and raised taxes on the working classes. His policies doubled the national debt. And the most indicted administration ever! His deregulation of savings and loans bankrupted 747 of them, and the American taxpayers were left on the hook. The defense industry paid bribes to government officials.

    Reagan sold weapons to the Islamic State of Iran, and in turn illegally channeled the money to right-wing terrorists in Nicaragua. The next president, Reagan’s VP George H.W. Bush, pardoned many of the criminals involved in the operation. Bribery and bid-rigging in HUD. His Chief of Staff (Deaver) Attorney General (Ed Meese), Secretary of Interior (James Watt) , Secretary of Defense (Caspar Weinberger), EPA Director (Anne Gorsuch Burford), Press Secretary (Nofziger) were all either convicted of crimes or forced to resign for criminal conduct. The administration was a cesspool of graft.

    It wasn’t all Reagan’s fault though, as he had Alzheimer’s Disease which robbed him of his faculties.

    He was a good public speaker though, and comforted the American people as he fucked them over repeatedly.

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