NC General Assembly Makes Small Change To HB2, Reinstates Right To Sue

All of this could have been avoided had the city of Charlotte not passed it’s gender confused, er, transgender bill in the first place, one that had originally failed in the city council the other year, and were warned against passing this year by the NC General Assembly. The bill forced, among others, private entities to allow the gender confused to use whatever bathroom, changing room, and shower that they felt like, invading and violating the privacy of non-gender confused patrons, and would cost those businesses money. That said, HB2 did go a bit wander down the road a bit further than necessary, as government legislation so often does. Governor Pat McCrory wanted a few changes, and got one of them

(WRAL) North Carolina lawmakers have reversed a small piece of House Bill 2 dealing with the right to sue for wrongful termination in state court, but they left intact the remainder of the controversial measure dealing with LGBT rights and the use of bathrooms by transgender individuals.

That change was inserted into House Bill 169 late Friday night as lawmakers worked to end their legislative session for the summer.

Members of the House voted 82-18 in favor of the fix. Senators voted 26-14. The measure now goes to Gov. Pat McCrory, who has sought this specific change since House Bill 2 passed in March.

“Governor McCrory is pleased the General Assembly has acted on his request and restored non-discrimination protections in state courts. This action reinstates all statewide non-discrimination protections that were previously in place,” McCrory spokesman Josh Ellis said in a statement.

While they used to have 3 years to file a complaint, the fix allows one year, which is actually twice as long as federal law limit. So, wait a minute, liberals claim that state law cannot deviate from federal law. We learned this when they blew a gasket over Arizona’s SB1070, deal with illegal aliens. According to their talking points, then NC should only allow 6 months to file a claim. Can’t have it both ways, liberals! Of course, they will want it both ways. That’s what they do.

And, of course, liberals still want the entire thing repealed, because they really want to intrude on the privacy of young girls by allowing penis in their bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers. In their world, all someone has to do is say they identify with the opposite biological sex, and they can go wherever they want. The rights of little girls? To liberals, they could care less. Unless it’s their own child, then they’ll probably flip a wig.

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8 Responses to “NC General Assembly Makes Small Change To HB2, Reinstates Right To Sue”

  1. john says:

    Teach NC has voted Red in 8 of the last 9 elections for POTUS.
    But that era is over. NC is now a purple state, trending blue. Chalk it up to all those “smart” people moving to the triangle and changing demographics. The reaction to HB2 shows how much the state has changed. The SCOTUS is going to also rule on the gerrymandering that the GOP did when packing all the blacks into the same congressional districts. Politicians should not choose voters, voters should choose politicians
    HB2 has already cost NC 500 million it is/was a job killer.
    And of course a state can opt to give more rights, just as they can to have a larger minimum wage. Federal law is the floor not the ceiling

  2. John says:

    Sorry Teach that change isn’t good enough
    The NBA doesn’t like it soooo
    No All Star game for 2017
    That HB2 is such a job killer!!
    Teach look at how far from mainstream your viewpoint must be when it clashes so severely with an organization like the NBA

  3. Jeffery says:

    Most people don’t like the idea of State Police or Agents checking the birth certificates of everyone using a State-controlled restroom. It’s a little too Fascist for anyone but far-right authoritarians.

  4. Jeffery says:

    Maybe the NC authoritarians could devise a State-authorized implantable chip system in all residents that specifies their birth gender. Coupled with a scanner and door lock system this could speed up bathroom use.

  5. Dana says:

    John wrote:

    Chalk it up to all those “smart” people moving to the triangle and changing demographics.

    Smart people? People too stupid to be able to tell the difference between males and females of their own species — I accept here, solely for the sake of argument, that liberals are actually human — are not very smart at all.

  6. Dana says:

    At least in the parts of Italy where I was, the problem of loonies in the loo was a non-issue, because most restaurants had a system in which the il gabinetti had a single entrance, which led to a sink, and then two separate doors, which led to the single-person toilette. One person, no problems.

    That, however, isn’t the system in the United States, and it would take literally billions of dollars to make the kinds of changes that would be needed.

    In the public facilities which were to large to have that type of system, the individual stall walls and doors for the sit down toilets — this does not apply to urinals — were usually much larger, going to within a few inches of the floors and ceilings. This could be implemented in the US as well, but, again, that’s going to cost billions of dollars, the vast majority of which would fall on private businesses, to not offend the mentally ill.

    Interestingly enough, in the Vatican, of all places, there was a female janitor mopping the floors in an in-service men’s restroom, at least last Monday. She could not have seen into the “number two” stalls, but men using the urinals were in her full view, albeit with their backs turned to her. Had she been a perv, she could have walked up to take a peek, and I’m fairly certain that would have gotten her in serious trouble.

    The problem isn’t with normal people; the problem is with the criminals and the mentally ill. American men are the type of people who want to protect women and children from criminals and the insane.

  7. Dana says:

    John wrote:

    Most people don’t like the idea of State Police or Agents checking the birth certificates of everyone using a State-controlled restroom. It’s a little too Fascist for anyone but far-right authoritarians.

    Actually, it’s a far more liberal country, Italy, in which everyone is required to have, and keep on his person, a national government issued identity card. (I think that this is pretty much the policy of all of the European liberal democracies, but do not know from experience. It was the old USSR which instituted a system of control called an internal passport, to keep people from moving where they wished.) In the US, you don’t have to have such on you unless you are engaged in some activity which requires it; for example, if I’m driving my truck, I have to have my state-issued — not federally-issued — driver’s license with me, but any passengers in the vehicle would not be required to carry identification.

    I had to show my passport for almost everything: to buy tickets for entry into various museums, at the hotels, to buy tickets for Teatro alla Scala, for the ballet, almost everything except small transactions at restaurants.

    It isn’t the American right which wants to force people to have to identify themselves, but the left. If we acted with common sense, with a government policy which simply understood that males and males and females are females, and simply expected that people would behave accordingly, such laws as HB2 would be unnecessary. It is solely the policies of the left, which refuse to recognize those natural differences, which make things like HB2 necessary.

  8. Hoagie says:

    How is it “authoritarian” to have men use mens rooms and women use womens rooms but not authoritarian to force women to have men in their bathroom? Is this Newspeak? Or are they just stupid?

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