Yet Another Poll Finding Vast Disapproval Of Iran Deal


(The Hill) A vast majority of the public would oppose the White House moving forward with the nuclear deal with Iran without the support of Congress, according to a new survey released by an organization critical of the deal.

The poll, released by Secure America Now, found that 82 percent of Americans — including large majorities in both parties — oppose the White House granting billions of dollars in sanctions relief “without the approval of Congress.”

The survey also showed that, when informed about “secret side deals between Iran and the U.N. monitoring agency,” 61 percent of people thought that Congress should vote to kill the deal. Just 16 percent said it should be approved, despite the existence of the side deals.

We also learn from the poll

58% say it’s better to walk away from the deal now and negotiate from strength fora better deal now. Only 24% say that it’s the best deal we can get now.

This is all on you, Democrats. You’re willing to go against the will of the American People in favor of protecting Obama, and, let’s face it, the hardcore Iranian regime.


(Daily Beast) As Congress takes up the Iran nuclear deal next month, it ought to confront this paradox: The agreement allows the Iranians to do something Americans can’t—sell oil to the rest of the world.

Don’t get me wrong. I support the deal, under which Tehran would stop enriching weapons-grade uranium for the next 15 years in return for relief from economic sanctions. It’s not perfect, but President Obama is right that it’s better than what we’d have if his conservative critics got their way—no deal, leaving the Islamic Republic on the brink of acquiring nuclear weapons.

Still, freeing Iran to crank up its oil exports stands in stark incongruity to what’s happening here at home. Domestic oil production has soared by an amazing 68 percent over the past decade, yet we can sell very little of it abroad thanks to outdated laws banning U.S. oil and gas exports.

Excellent point. Jennifer Rubin makes a few good points, too

Second, the president has ceased selling this as the “good deal” he once promised. It is now “this deal or war.” This proposition has been aptly debunked by a variety of experts, including Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.),plenty of former Democratic lawmakers and a slew of experts.

And poll after poll show that the American people think it is a bad deal.

Fifth, the president, after reluctantly signing the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act and conceding that Congress should be entitled to weigh in, is now promoting a filibuster whereby Democrats deny the people’s representatives the right to cast their votes. These same Democrats voted for the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell need to schedule votes on the Iran Deal immediately upon the return of Congress, get Democrats on the record.

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One Response to “Yet Another Poll Finding Vast Disapproval Of Iran Deal”

  1. Dana says:

    Not to worry: our betters know that it’s a good deal. We should just accept their judgement quietly.

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