D.C. Mayor Boo’d For Anti-Crime Plan By #BlackLivesMatter

It’s seriously come to this

(Fox News) The boos began as soon as Washington’s mayor said she was putting more police officers on the streets in neighborhoods affected by violent crime. They didn’t let up for the next 18 minutes as Democrat Muriel Bowser laid out her plans to address an increase in homicides in the nation’s capital.

Bowser was repeatedly heckled and interrupted by a few dozen protesters affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement during her address Thursday inside the sweltering gymnasium of a long-shuttered school in southeast Washington.

That’s right, they’re seriously booing a plan to try and make high crime areas safer from criminals. BTW, Mayor Muriel Bowser is Black, and a member of the Democratic Party.

Shouting “Jobs, not jails!” and “More police is not the answer!,” the protesters accused the mayor of failing to address the root causes of violence and advocating for policies that would do more harm than good.

Jobs rarely show up to areas that have high crime. They tend to flee to areas where they don’t have to worry about being robbed on a constant basis and having their employees shot, stabbed, and assaulted. Homicides in D.C. are up 43 percent, with 103, just 2 less than all of 2014.

Among her legislative goals is to authorize warrantless searches of violent offenders released on parole or probation to look for illegal guns. The protesters argued those searches would put innocent people at risk.

While I’m not quite sure that the plan is legal, why are # BlackLivesMatter nutters so opposed to making sure violent criminals do not have guns, particularly since all evidence shows that, if the criminal is Blacks, the person they kill will most likely be Black?

“I will not be shouted down or scared away when it comes to the safety of the District of Columbia,” Bowser said.

Good for her. How long, though, till some big-shot elected Democratic Party official starts putting pressure on her to cancel these plans, which still have to be approved by the D.C Council?

Outside the school, which Bowser said would be converted into a temporary community center offering city services, was a collection of stuffed animals and empty liquor bottles (wait, what?) marking the spot where 18-year-old Shaun Simmons was fatally shot on Aug. 1. His mother, Shantee Simmons, said she agreed with the mayor’s approach. A friend, Robin McKinney, said the protesters were rude.

“None of them came to support her when her son died,” said McKinney, who is black. “None of that ‘Black Lives Matter’ came and supported her.”

So far, no one has been arrested for that murder. Perhaps the #BlackLivesMatter crew could work their neighborhoods to find out who pulled the trigger. Oh, right, they only care about when a White cop shoots a Black criminal (who’s often pointing a gun at the cops).

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2 Responses to “D.C. Mayor Boo’d For Anti-Crime Plan By #BlackLivesMatter”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    RE: the plan to search people on parole without a warrant……

    That one kind of shocks me as I know in Maryland and in Florida when you are released on parole you agree to searches of your person and your domicile at any time. If you don’t agree, you can stay in prison where there is no warrant requirement.

    It is a condition of release and I assumed it was a condition or release in other states and the District as well because it makes sense.

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