Hillary Clinton Just Wanted To Send Emails Like You And Me

The always insane Think Progress provides a hilarious excuse for Hillary’s email server issues

Hillary Clinton Just Wanted To Send Emails From Her Phone Like A Normal Person

In what’s likely to be one of the major controversies of her campaign, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s desire to use her phone for both work and personal communications like the rest of the world has sparked a federal investigation and controversy that may likely set the tone for her campaign — and serve as a warning to the prevailing nominee.

Blah blah blah. There’s always some excuse. In case it was missed, she was Secretary of State, a position she accepted, and certain rules apply. She could have cheated and put another email account, a personal one, on her State Sept phone, and used an official SD email address for Government Business.

Instead, she chose to use a half baked home brew server, and we all know why. And it has nothing to do with the Think Progress headline.

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2 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Just Wanted To Send Emails Like You And Me”

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  2. JGlanton says:

    Hillary is full of BS up to her lying eyeballs on this issue. On every single aspect. I’ll pick one: she says that the emails weren’t marked ‘classified’. IT DOESN’T MATTER! I’ve held security clearances. The rules are very clear. If you have information about subjects that are sensitive to national security, that information is classified. Period. Different subject areas have different levels of classification. The marking of documents as ‘classified’ is simply for control of those documents. It is the information that is classified, regardless of the medium it is contained or transmitted in. If I know what frequencies our forward operators use to communicate targeting information to combat aircraft, and I casually mention it to a colleague outside of a secure area, say in the State Department coffee shop, I have violated national security and violated the Espionage Act that I signed when I got my clearance, and I am subject to imprisonment, or even death if in a time of war. If I email that information it is just as bad, if not worse due to complete loss of custody chain. Nothing in this example is marked ‘classified’, yet I have committed a severe criminal act.

    Much, if not most, of what the SecState communicates is classified at the highest level. Her claims of no emails being marked ‘classified’ is absurd, cynical, condescending, manipulative, and completely at odds with the the rules of the Espionage Act. When she emailed the location of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, or the location of the F-16’s that could cover the area, she has violated the Espionage Act and is subject to imprisonment, loss of her clearance, and of her job. Severe imprisonment. Her claim that nothing was marked is akin to a repeat drunk driver who has just killed someone claiming that her moonshine jar wasn’t marked ‘alcohol’. Except much more serious and damaging.

    The media, the Executive Branch, Congress, the American people, the FBI, the DOJ, are all acting like fools over her situation. Treating it like some vague allegation of misconduct. If I had transmitted classified information when I had a clearance, I would have been walked out the door immediately. Cut off from all access to sensitive material and personnel. After that, an aggressive investigation would proceed to determine the extent of the damage and stop the information bleeding. Immediate searches, seizures, harsh questioning of everyone I had contact with. Nobody would have time or access to erase emails, protect servers, or withhold documents. Everything is frozen and secured immediately to secure the custody chain to protect national security. Long after all that, prosecution begins and I get a lawyer to defend me. It’s like the IRS when they seize your assets first, then you defend yourself later.

    It is shockingly incredible hubris for Hillary (or Sandy Berger) to act like this was nothing more serious than a celebrity department store shoplifting incident where they accidentally put the expensive item in their pocket and forgot it was there when they walked out of the store. People with such an attitude are not fit to hold national security clearances.

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