Team Obama To Push Iran Deal Hard During His Vacation

I’m sure many elected lawmakers will appreciate a call with the “thwack” of golf balls being hit in the background

(The Hill) The White House and its allies are redoubling their efforts to win support for the Iran nuclear deal during President Obama’s two-week vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.

Obama’s vacation represents an opportunity of sorts for opponents, since the president’s bully pulpit will be relatively silent.

Over the break, opponents are blanketing TV airwaves with commercials attacking the deal as they seek to raise pressure on lawmakers to oppose it.

To counter that effort, Obama is expected to make additional calls to undecided lawmakers to get them to support the deal during his vacation.

White House officials are also calling lawmakers over the five-week congressional recess.

One has to wonder: if this deal is so darned good, why the need to convince people on its merits?

Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz — the top two U.S. negotiators with Iran and the administration’s most active salesmen — convened a rare roundtable with reporters from regional newspapers on Monday to talk up the agreement.

Three of the papers invited to attend are from New York, allowing top administration officials to rebut Sen. Charles Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) argument against the deal to readers in his home state. Schumer, the only Senate Democrat to announce his opposition so far, has called on the administration to negotiate a better deal.

“It is absolutely mistaken for somebody to assert that ‘Oh, we’ll get a better deal,’” Kerry said, according to the Buffalo News.

At this point, they’re almost right. Kerry and his team, certainly with help from Obama, crafted this horrendous peace of garbage that provides almost nothing for the needs and wants of the United States, while giving the farm away to Iran. It only pushes the threat of a nuclear armed Iran down the road, provided they do not cheat. It fails to address the horrendous human rights problems in Iran (it is always strange that liberals, the self-described champions of gays and women, refuse to condemn Iran). Team Obama has created a situation where, if this bad deal is scuttled, Iran won’t bother with another.

Democrats are being asked for, and are giving, their support to the deal simply because Obama is a Democrat. They aren’t bothering to consider the negative implications for America’s security, nor the danger of an Iran flush with cash. If Obama was a Republican, they’d be dead set against this deal, some because it is a bad deal. And Republicans would be against the deal on the merits. At the end of the day, Democrats will own this disastrous deal. Every poll shows Americans are against this deal. Even in New York City.

But, even Democrats are coming to the conclusion that the deal is a bad one. In a Monmouth poll, only 41% of Democrats want this deal passed.

Fortunately, Iran would never use goods it can obtain once sanctions are lifted for oppression, torture, and terrorism. Right?

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2 Responses to “Team Obama To Push Iran Deal Hard During His Vacation”

  1. Frank says:

    “Iran would never use goods it can obtain once sanctions are lifted for oppression, torture, and terrorism.”

    Perhaps they will be used to fight ISIS. Why don’t you internalize that for a little while?

    By the way, your tendency for threat inflation is soooooooo 2003.

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