Salon Offers “Terrifying” News On Sea Rise

No, really. This is a bit of a follow up to the previous post on sea rise. Which is terrifying!

The scientist who put global warming on the map has terrifying news about sea level rise
A new study from James Hansen warns we could see up to 10 feet of sea level rise by the end of this century

Terrifying!!!!!!! Of course, if you search that word, it returns 296,000 hits. There are two posts on the front page, including this one, that have “terrifying” in the headline, and a 3rd in the sidebar. Everything is terrifying in Salon World. Or equally bombastic. Especially when it comes to Hotcoldwetdry.

If the world fails to get its act together and commit to severe cuts in greenhouse gas emissions — enough to limit global warming to the agreed-upon and, some say,doomed to fail,target of 2 degrees Celsius — we could be looking at sea level rise on the order of 10 feet by the end of this century.

That’s the frankly terrifying assessment put forth in a new paper from a team of 17 leading climate researchers published Monday in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. By taking into account feedback loops that could cause the polar ice sheets to melt more quickly than anticipated, it goes much further than previous studies: the admittedly conservative IPCC report, for example, anticipated that we’d see about 3 feet by 2100. That alone would be a potential catastrophe for coastal cities and island nations.

Wait, I thought it was 20 feet? The same writer, Lindsay Abrams, just told us it was going to be 20 feet. Oh, OK, she’s prognosticating even more centuries out. At least she didn’t call it terrifying. Just other words like “doomed” and “apocalyptic”.

Yet, for all the hyper-ventilating, Warmists like Lindsay will pretty much refuse to give up fossil fuels and their own big carbon footprint, not advise other Cult of Climastrology members to do the same.

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2 Responses to “Salon Offers “Terrifying” News On Sea Rise”

  1. Liam Thomas says:

    I said before and I will say again that any scenario that sees 10 feet of sea level rise in 50 years is looking at the beginning of the next ice age.

    Not run away global warming. There is compelling evidence that the start of the last ice age ensued because the warm currents that brought warm temperatures to the northern latitudes literally shut down within a decade or two. This was caused by a rapid global warming or D-0 event which triggered a full blown ice age.

    The cause of the north atlantic conveyor belt was traced to the mass influx of fresh water which completely changes the oceans current system.

    James Hansen in their Sensational proclamation expect the world to not understand the science behind what they are proclaiming.

    They are describing catastrophe alright but its not global warming….its the NEXT ICE AGE.

  2. Liam Thomas says:

    Lets remember that a Heinrich event sees massive and I do mean massive amounts of fresh water entering the atlantic ocean.

    The collapse of the Arctic sea shelves has been traced all across the atlantic ocean when digging sea bed core samples in relation to the last 5 Heinrich events.

    This means the impending collapse of the Arctic sea shelf along with the catastrophic melting of the Arctic and Greenland is going to pump unfathomable amounts of fresh water into the atlantic ocean…….

    This will literally alter the conveyor belt and trigger the next ice age.

    What is hard for the AGW crowd as well as the average laymen to comprehend is how a warm planet can trigger an ice age.

    Its is the oceans that keep this planet warm….but in order to maintain a consistent temperature range to ensure that life continues to thrive on earth the planet continues to WARM and COOL….like breathing…inhaling and exhaling.

    Unfortunately for man he sees his own slice of the pie in one dimension rather then in the grand scheme of 4 billion years and counting.

    Its actually quite funny to see the beat writers laying out a scenario in which the next great climate catastrophe is not global warming but rather the onset of the next ice age.

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