Surprise: Corals Adapt To Warmer Water Temperatures

Weird, right? According to Cult of Climastrology doctrine, corals are doomed, along with all other life on earth, because they can only deal with a very narrow temperature range

(Times of Malta) Some corals are adapting to climate change and becoming more tolerant of warmer temperatures, a study has found.

The discovery opens the door to saving threatened coral populations by allowing them to spread their genes.

Scientists crossed corals from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef with others whose home was 480 kilometres further south.

Larvae inherited significantly greater heat tolerance from Great Barrier Reef parents. An Australian mother conferred a five-fold increase in the ability to withstand heat while a father contributed an additional two-fold increase.

The researchers were able to demonstrate that heat tolerance could evolve rapidly with existing genetic variation.

Warmists forget, and ignore, historical data that shows that sea heights have been much higher, with higher water temperatures, hence the reason we have things like coral atolls. In order to create these coral islands, the corals must have thrived in those conditions. But, Warmists are pretty much flat earthers at this point.

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7 Responses to “Surprise: Corals Adapt To Warmer Water Temperatures”

  1. Liam Thomas says:

    Because we all know that AGW is about destroying capitalism the planet will be just fine.

    So its a little hotter…..Its been hotter before. Coral will adjust to changing PH.

    The real fear is not heat…..Its another Heinrich event and anyone that bothers to look at any chart put out by all the AGW truthers can plainly see we are in the middle of a D-0 event and are right smack dab on track for another Heinrich event.

    One of the biggest indicators of Heinrich events in the past was rapid warming and……

    Are you ready for this……….?

    The breaking up of Antarctica and massive ice flows flowing out into the ocean…you know kinda like whats been happening the last several years.

    D-0 and Heinrich events happen fast…..a couple decades….we are in the second decade of the most recent D-0 event.

    I fear Heinrich is just around the corner and that scares the bejesus out of me.

  2. Jeffery says:

    So you’re saying that humans are causing a Heinrich event??

  3. john says:

    of course “some”will survive but others will not.
    Nuclear war? no problem. some will adapt and survive

  4. Liam Thomas says:

    So you’re saying that humans are causing a Heinrich event??

    1. At present the orbital eccentricity is nearly at the minimum of its cycle.

    2. Today the Earth’s axial tilt is about 23.5 degrees, which largely accounts for our seasons

    3. At present, the Earth is at perihelion very close to the winter solstice.

    What does that mean. The earth is in a near circular orbit around the sun, we are at 23.5 degree axial tilt which accounts for our 4 seasons but most importantly our winter solstice occurs when we are closest to the sun and not farthest…..

    Lining up Heinrich events seem to coincide with this pattern as there have been 5 Heinrich events in the last 120k years. Precession occurs every 23,000 years or 5×23,000 equals? 115,000 years or every 23,000 years we enter a Heinrich event….

    We are smack dab in the middle of the alarm clock going off on the next one and IMO the reason it hasnt started already is that the emission of co2 has created a longer then ordinary D-0 event.

    So No man is not causing a Heinrich event if anything he is preventing one and trust me…..your not gonna like a Heinrich event. At all. Period. Pretty much means most of us are gonna have to relocate to Central America.

    Perhaps thats why I bought land in Costa Rica.

  5. Jeffery says:

    So the Holocene is 10,000 year D-O event being maintained by human generated CO2?

    How will you defend your land in Costa Rica when the Heinrich event occurs? If you’re correct, some 1 billion Norte and Sur Americanos will be trying to cram into Centro America!

  6. Liam Thomas says:

    Too anyone who cares…..A D-0 event is a rapid rise in temperature. Documented and an accepted fact by all but Jeffery in the AGW and Anti-agw movement. The key phrase here is RAPID….the last interglacial has lasted roughly 10,000 years. Most interglacials last roughly 10,000 years.

    Heinrich events occur based upon the geologic record when a rapid rise in temperature causes ice shelves to break forcing massive amounts of fresh water into the oceans. Another interesting side note of a Heinrich event is that Historically the pacific and near the poles becomes much warmer then the Atlantic(which is also happening today) and with the dumping of massive amounts of icebergs and fresh water into the atlantic the thermohaline circulation patterns change rather abruptly….another proven oft talked about event happening.

    The Problem with some AGW truthers is that their communist agenda of destroying capitalism thru AGW cannot face truths that do not demonize fossil fuels.

  7. Liam Thomas says:

    And based upon Milankovich cycles we are definitely going to enter a massive glacial period somewhere during the next 5,450 years… Mankind is roughly doomed anyway. 75-90 percent of the population will die out over the next 2000-3000 years of the next glacial onset.

    Our only real hope is that lost in all this is that our sun is a relatively young sun that continues to warm by the day…..120k years ago the sun was relatively cooler then it is today….this could actually moderate the next glacial cycle somewhat….making it roughly about 80 percent as killer as it was in the past due to a warmer sun and more Radiative forcing experience by an ever increasing HOTTER sun.

    It is an accepted fact that in 1.7 billion years….give or take a few million that the sun will become so hot as to burn off the oceans and destroy the earths atmosphere…..In addition this warming will make mars a perfect candidate for relocation since they are finding underground frozen water….this will give man another 1 billion years before he is permanently extinct unless he chooses to develop interstellar space travel.

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