Politifact Finds That Warmist Accusation Against Scott Walker Is False

Warmists lying? You don’t say!

(Politifact) If a website from a progressive group is to be believed, state workers in Wisconsin cannot even say the words “climate change.”

So the scottaway.com website, developed by an operation called Forecast the Facts, allows readers to click a red button on the screen and get alternative words to use, like “weather roulette” and “extended Popsicle season.”

Forecast The Facts is a far left group associated with George Soros, Think Progress, and 350.org.

Anyhow, Politifact goes through the claim, and finds

Forecast the Facts said Walker runs a state government that bans “employees from talking about climate change.”

But the group could only name one obscure agency, outside of the governor’s jurisdiction, that has such a rule in place. The rule was aimed at barring its workers from doing climate-change work while on state time. And that rule is poised to be amended. Meanwhile, we found plenty of examples where state agencies were discussing climate change.

We rate the claim False.


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7 Responses to “Politifact Finds That Warmist Accusation Against Scott Walker Is False”

  1. Lavada says:

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  2. john says:

    Maybe they were thinking about Floridahttp://www.newrepublic.com/article/121341/florida-gov-rick-scotts-ban-climate-change-hasnt-halted-action
    Sometimes it is really difficult to keep track of things when the GOP has 16+ running for the nomination

  3. gitarcarver says:

    Maybe they were thinking about Florida

    Maybe they were thinking about Florida john.

    You see, when that story came out several months ago, there was one thing that was missing: proof.

    People in the government said there was an internal memo banning the terms.

    The media and other environmental groups made Sunshine Law requests for the memo (the Florida equivalent of FOIA request.)

    There was no memo.

    It turns out that the people in the DEP that “leaked” the story are hard core warmists. So hard core that when the DEP met with local communities on programs called “resilient communities,” the DEP reps got hammered for using out of date data, falsified data and studies that didn’t match what the DEP was saying.

    It got so bad at these meetings that the DEP and others banned the discussion of climate change. Think about that for a moment. The DEP banned discussion of climate change at meetings that dealt with climate change.

    Once again we see how warmists cannot deal with honest debate and discussion. We also see how the media ran with a story that wasn’t true to support these liars.

    In other words, a typical day for liberals.

  4. Jeffery says:

    “I can tell you with certainty (cap and trade) would have a devastating impact on our economy.”

    — Marco Rubio on Sunday, April 19th, 2015 in an interview on CBS’ Face the Nation


    Existing cap-and-trade programs have not proven to be “devastating” in their economic impact. While estimates for proposed programs vary, most experts and analysts have found modest potential impact on the economy; some even show a positive impact.

    Based on the evidence, Rubio can’t be certain about the potential impact of cap and trade. We rate his claim False.

    In other words, a typical day for conservatives.

  5. Liam Thomas says:

    James Hansen has a nice article in the Guardian in which he dishes Cap and Trade. Why?

    Because cap and trade make fossil fuels more expensive but HOW does that help the working man? If electricity, gasoline and just about everything else is more expensive how does that help the middle class.

    You can look up his article. The left says they are all about the little guy, helping the little guy. Taking care of those poor blacks and hispanics that make up about 30 percent of their party. But in essence taxing even more heavily everything ever made on this planet is going to do nothing but raise the prices of everything……..hurting the little guy.

    Cap and trade once proposed by the right was analyzed, debated and finally thrown away. Even James Hansen dishes cap and trade in an article in the guardian…look it up.

    Cap and trade does not work, will not work and in the end it is nothing more then a scheme to get more tax money………..Huge corporations and businesses who use fossil fuels will simply buy more credits and then pass the cost along in the form of higher prices and not one single molecule of your so called pollutant will be stopped from entering the atmosphere.

    Astro-turfers are marching in the streets for 15.00 per hour to work at burger king….say good by to jobs as all the fast food shops go to automated ordering and fire half their work force…

    Socialism/communism is great….thats why its failed every place its ever been tried. Cap and trade OOZES with Communism…it will fail a horrible death in America to everyone who needs to eat that is…..

  6. Jeffery says:

    Politifact, which The Teach used to support his argument against all things liberal, disagrees with you on cap and trade.


    Analysis after analysis shows that the transition from fossil fuels to renewables will have only modest impacts on the world economies.

    You do realize that the expanding human population will exhaust fossil fuels in a hundred years or so anyway, right? Doesn’t that suggest that we should be looking for alternatives?

    The impact of global warming from atmospheric CO2 drives us to move faster than the market forces suggest. How is the damage caused by CO2 priced into fossil fuels? That’s the issue.

  7. Liam Thomas says:

    Analysis after analysis shows that the transition from fossil fuels to renewables will have only modest impacts on the world economies.

    again. whats your solution. The IPCC wants to reduce fossil fuel use 70 percent in 35 years….ala 2050…Its in their report.

    This is so tiresome. If you really run your own company which I doubt but if you do you would not make a move without a plan in place. If your going to switch internet providers you make sure the hour, the minute you switch from one to the other that the transition comes off smoothly and without a hitch as best as possible.

    You plan for the worst and hope for the best….you have a plan in place in case the whole shebang falls totally apart.

    You just dont say hey I can save a 1000 bucks a month with joes internet…sign me up and lets do it……hoping all goes well….knowing that if it doesnt that you stand to lose 1000’s, 10’s of thousands or millions or billions depending on the size of your operation.

    The tiresome aspect of all these stupid reports is that it is not possible to build enough alternatives to fuel the planet at all. period.

    Again cap and trade is an abject failure designed to punish fossil fuel users.

    But I say build them cause we need them. As for fossil fuels we have enough in the ground for more like 250 years…..but again the AGW crowd is bait and switching proven with projected….there is enough shale oil and shale gas to fuel the planet for 500 years. But of course this is not proven by official government findings therefore the talking point is proven……….

    OMG were running out….Chicken little….we have got to change course.

    Fine build all the windmills you want…..we need em…..

    As for Damage by Co2……..who says that co2

    a fundamental building block of our ecosystem

    is causing damage?

    You certainly do. The envirowhackos who want to redistribute wealth do.

    You do realize Jeffery that 100 percent of your income comes from fossil fuels right? Everything you own, will ever own. Everything you want or will ever want is created with fossil fuels.

    100 Percent Jeffery.. Every penny you earn is dependent upon fossil fuels….Even if you sell solar panels or windmills they were made, produced and delivered by fossil fuels….the credit card you use to purchase materials is made with fossil fuels.

    100 percent jeffery. Your carbon footprint is no smaller then the popes or James Hansen or anyone of a billion other AGW groupies.

    Give me a plan thats workable and you can stop fossil fuel production tomorrow……but you have no plan other then cap and trade……….

    and all cap and trade does is punish users of fossil fuels……it solves NO problems….it produces no tangible assets to be consumed…….its a bait and switch houdini trick by the AGW crowd to pretend they have a plan to save the world.

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