Hotcoldwetdry Will Totally Mean Boring Dinners In The Future Or Something

There’s actually two insane pronouncements in this bit of climabattery by Warmist Robert Weller, linked together

Op-Ed: Climate change could mean boring dinners

Polar bears are eating dolphins stuck in a sort of wormhole of ice created by climate change.

Global warming is reducing the diversity of the things we eat as creatures die or move away from their traditional habitats.

Now, Mr. Weller isn’t the only one Blamestorming “climate change” regarding a polar bear being seen “for the first time” eating a white dolphin. Amongst the inglorious nutjobs is Elizabeth Goldbaum at CBS “News” and Jillian Kestler-D’Amours at the Toronto Star. Mr. Weller goes a bit further in clima-insanity

“From a human perspective, the rapid climate change and accelerating biodiversity loss risks human security (e.g. a major change in the food chain upon which we depend, water sources may change, recede or disappear, medicines and other resources we rely on may be harder to obtain as the plants and fauna they are derived from may reduce or disappear, etc.),” reports Global Issues.

“Most of us in the well-fed world give little thought to where our food comes from or how it’s grown. We steer our shopping carts down supermarket aisles without realizing that the apparent bounty is a shiny stage set held up by increasingly shaky scaffolding. We’ve been hearing for some time about the loss of flora and fauna in our rain forests. Very little, by contrast, is being said or done about the parallel erosion in the genetic diversity of the foods we eat,” the magazine said.

A group operates what is called the Ghost Food Truck, going from place to place trying to show what the so-called “Gaia Theory” could mean. One simple definition is that the Earth will get even, saving itself before the humans or the whales.

Got that? Gaia is going to “get even” and make our dinners bland and boring.

BTW, nothing from the members of the Cult of Climastrology proves anthropogenic causation for the slight warming since 1850.

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