People Who Use Vast Amounts Of Fossil Fuels Pledge To Phase Out Fossil Fuels By End Of Century

And once they were done, they jumped in their fossil fueled vehicles surrounded by other fossil fueled protection vehicles. This is beyond bat guano insane, unless they can come up with a viable alternative. It’s pie in the sky, it’s beyond wishful. Perhaps they want the world to go back to whale oil?

(UK Guardian) The G7 leading industrial nations have agreed to cut greenhouse gases by phasing out the use of fossil fuels by the end of the century, the German chancellor,Angela Merkel, has announced, in a move hailed as historic by some environmental campaigners.

On the final day of talks in a Bavarian castle, Merkel said the leaders had committed themselves to the need to “decarbonise the global economy in the course of this century”. They also agreed on a global target for limiting the rise in average global temperatures to a maximum of 2C over pre-industrial levels.

What countries participated? Germany, Britain, France, the US, Canada, Japan and Italy. Merkel can simply jump in a fossil fueled vehicle to drive home, along with her surely large entourage. The leaders of France and Italy could take fossil fueled vehicles for the drive home (along with all their entourages), but, instead, they will take fossil fueled vehicles to the airport for a fossil fueled flight. The rest have no choice but to take FF vehicles to the airports to board their FF airplanes for FF flights back home. Obama will then take a FF helicopter back to the White House.

It would be nice to replace fossil fuels with something cleaner, in terms of real environmental issues, as opposed to the ginned up “carbon pollution”. How? That’s the part that is utterly missing from these members of the Cult Of Climastrology. The 1st World is set up for fossil fueled transportation. Even the 3rd world uses lots of fossil fueled travel. There are no viable alternatives to fossil fuels for transportation at this time. Nothing. What of the production of a good chunk of goods, which use plastic? So many other products require fossil fuels. Foams, rubber, synthetics, etc and so on. Fossil fuels are probably involved in 90% of everything. The majority of mankind’s infrastructure relies on fossil fuels. Will we go back to horse and buggy and sailing ships? No air transportation?

Samantha Smith, a climate campaigner for the World Wildlife Fund, said: “There is only one way to meet the goals they agreed: get out of fossil fuels as soon as possible.”

The campaign group put out a direct challenge to Barack Obama to shut down long-term infrastructure projects linked to the fossil fuel industry. “If President Obama wants to live up to the rhetoric we’re seeing out of Germany, he’ll need to start doing everything in his power to keep fossil fuels in the ground. He can begin by rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline and ending coal, oil and gas development on public lands,” said May Boeve, the group’s director.

Well, Obama is working hard to knock out FF development on public lands. Fortunately, there are plenty who are drilling on private land. Even if he does reject Keystone XL, Canada is still going to develop the tar sands, and ship it somewhere. One has to wonder if the people who work for have given up their own use of fossil fuels?

It will be interesting to see if this “end fossil fuels by 2100” mantra grows. It’ll also be interesting to see if the people who are pushing it remove fossil fuels from their own lives. We all know they won’t.

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9 Responses to “People Who Use Vast Amounts Of Fossil Fuels Pledge To Phase Out Fossil Fuels By End Of Century”

  1. Michael says:

    Actually, there is a bigger threat than just not able to drive your car around.

    Like you said, FF is used for everything today. In order for the 1st world countries to cut out fossil fuel use we would have to realize that we must let a lot of people die. Most of the planet will see famine and then plague as a result.

    Many third world nations are dependent of the creation and delivery of food and medicine. Without it, say goodbye to billions of humans on earth today.

    Because the massive upheaval and death it would cause, I do not believe any of the rhetoric.

    How can you tell if a politician is luring lieing? His or her lips are moving.

    We have yet to have a technological break though that replaces the combustion engine. When we do, you will see the use of FF disappear naturally. Any artificial change before that change will result in disaster for the human race and billions will die as a result of it.

  2. Liam Thomas says:

    It will be interesting to see if this “end fossil fuels by 2100″ mantra grows.

    Wait….if we dont end it now or at least in the next decade or two it will be too late….we will all perish.

    Now all of a sudden they want it to end in the year 2100……..85 years from now not 10 or 15 or 20.

    Notice how the bar keeps moving….Like I said I have been pounding the AGW crowd hard for solutions to feeding the people. For Manufacturing stuff….for making medicines and for pretty much everything thats done on this planet besides creating electricity.

    The response is resounding silence..or even more hysterical…..

    Conservatives are red neck religious zealots who love wall street and work for big oil.

    SOLUTIONS are no where to be found….this is exactly why nothing has been done yet to nationalize and eliminate ……….


    They just keep moving the bar then crying wolf over and over again.

  3. John says:

    Bio fuels are not fossil fuels
    Fuel cells are not fossil fuels
    Almost all major car manufacturers are working to developed cars that do not use fossil fuels
    This year Tesla will sell an rlectric car thst costs 70000$ and goes 400 miles between charges
    Electric vehicles are quickly improving
    Do you really think in 80 years most cars are going to be powered by fossil fuels ?
    Solar cell cost has fallen by 66% in 6 years, who would want to invest in a coal fired plant that has a life ecpectancy of 30-50 years ??
    Well the answer is no one wants to make that investment

  4. John says:

    canada has no real option for export other than the Keydtone xl
    Trying to ship by pipeline either east or west over mountains. Will not work
    And of course tar sands conversion is quite expensive to start with
    Most people want a gradual reduction in fossil fuel use
    And that is happening
    And it is not destroying our economy or society
    I guess Teach has added Merkle to his now rather long list of crazed warmists
    Be careful teach I think you have pushed beyond the tipping point

  5. Jeffery says:

    Merkel, like The Pope, and the leaders of France, England, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, Portugal, Norway, Iceland, Mexico, Australia, Austria, S. Korea, Israel, Scotland, India, Greece, Sweden, the US and Finland are all closeted and not-so-closeted Communists conspiring with the leaders of the world’s great religions and the world’s major scientific bodies to enslave white conservative men and fornicate their women.

  6. Dana says:

    All of the people promising to end the use of fossil fuels by 2100 will be many years in their graves by the time 2100 rolls around. This is the epitome of making promises they cannot keep.

  7. Deserttrek says:

    they have to abuse the people to save them …… and people buy into it

  8. Liam Thomas says:

    Most people want a gradual reduction in fossil fuel use
    And that is happening
    And it is not destroying our economy or society

    This is a reasonable assumption. The problem now facing replacing fossil fuels is that they are wanting to use biomass….as in FOOD or potential food to fuel the economy.

    Additionally The debate has never been phase out Fossil fuels. The debate has centered around the hysterical IPCC and College professors getting millions to represent their particualar billionaire to PHASE out fossil fuels in a couple decades.

    I personally do not care if they phase them out tomorrow… long as there is something that can farm the land, move the traffic, Manufacture 35 trillion dollars worth of goods every year and avoid rolling blackouts because no wind is blowing or the suns not shining.

  9. Liam Thomas says:

    Again the problem that the AGW crowd faces is that the massive quantity of BATTERIES needed to fuel transportation is staggering and the strip mining needed to produce this along with the rare earths needed is humongous.

    Additionally the recycling of said batteries will spawn an industry of its own the infrastructure of which is not in place.

    Until green energy is in place to recharge batteries you are just transferring the green house gas of co2 from one sector of the economy to another.

    Hydrogen cars put Water vapor in the air….hence the planet will heat even more then it is heating now as Water vapor is the most powerful green house gas of them all.

    Hydrogen fuel cells require an inordinate amount of materials to produce not to mention WATER to power which we seem to be in short supply of.

    In california they have a dozen or so Desalinazation plants along the coast and yet the entire state is rationing water. There are not enough Plants that can be built to water the world from the ocean.

    The entire problem continues to be one of the AGW crowd continually crying wolf and bait and switching pollution for Co2 and telling us were all going to die a horrible death if we dont end fossil fuel use in 20 years…..a target that is not achievable and in fact the IPCC came out with a recent report saying their targets are unmeetable giving the current technology.

    So now we will get a movement of the bar and the crying will start all over again and the sciene will once again be settled.

    The pure hypocrisy of the AGW movement is what has deniers up in arms…..Most of us could care less if its Exxon or Joes Battery shop that fuels the economy….

    WE JUST WANT THE ECONOMY FUELED and the people fed.

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