Say, Why Did Dems Pull Funding From Mary Landrieu ?

This might be the answer

(Daily Caller) In the fight of her political life, Louisiana Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu took the gloves off on day 1 of the runoff election between her and Republican candidate Bill Cassidy. Fewer than 24 hours later, the attack Landrieu launched went horribly wrong.

The day after neither candidate reached the 50 percent plus 1 vote threshold, Sen. Landrieu held a press conference where she slammed her opponent as absent during the devastation from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Standing in front of a VA Medical Center construction site, Landrieu called Cassidy “wishy-washy, unreliable, undependable, not sure who he is, not sure who he was and not sure who he wants to be.”

Landrieu then proceeded to ask, “When this hospital needed a champion to build and rebuild, literally out of the rubble of Katrina and Rita, where was Sen. Landrieu? Standing here and fighting. Where was Bill?”

She went whole hog on the message,  even tweeting in Outrage. Of course,  there was a bit of a problem. Classify wasn’t in politics at the time of Katrina. And,  he responded thusly

The next day, Rep. Bill Cassidy told Louisianans where he was. At the time of Katrina and Rita, Cassidy was a medical doctor in Baton Rogue, he wrote on Twitter. Moreover, immediately after Katrina hit, Cassidy took the initiative in setting up a makeshift emergency hospital in an abandoned K-Mart to administer aid and care for victims.

Sadly,  there are quite a few dumbasses in Louisiana who voted for Mary really lives in D. C., and will do so again during the runoff. She really stepped into the propeller blade on this one.

BTW,  where was Mary? In Washington. And getting bitched out by Anderson Cooper.

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4 Responses to “Say, Why Did Dems Pull Funding From Mary Landrieu ?”

  1. david7134 says:

    The numbers voting for this woman are indicative of the Democrats who for years have been culturing groups of voters that are totally dependent on the government and thus vote as they are told. Katrina washed a large number of them out of the 9th ward and the projects, but the Dems have other little groups. What is sad is that we can not pass any legislation to really help these people and reduce their dependency due to the political machine.

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