Climate Change: What Would Jesus Do?

Warmists are working hard to link climate change with everything. Getting religion to be invested in the cult has been important (even while Warmists denigrate those who are religious). Katherine Hayhoe constantly imbues her climahysteria with religious overtones. Recently, we had the World Council of Churches playing the divestment game (even though they will use fossil fuels themselves). We’ve been told that Jesus would be a Warmist. They bathed the Rio statue of Jesus in green light. Earth Hour is like praying to Jesus. We’ve been told climate change is a moral issue many times (by the same people who believe in abortion). And there was an article along the same lines as the headline at the Huffington Post in February of this year

What would Jesus do (about climate change)?

Gordon College science professor Dorothy Boorse wants evangelical Christians to connect practicing their faith with caring for the environment.

At first glance, Dorothy Boorse’s office could belong to any science professor. The desk is strewn with papers. Office hours are posted on the door, alongside photos of Boorse and her students sloshing through Essex County marshes with nets. Shelves are crammed with textbooks, including one that Boorse co-wrote. But they also hold titles like The Genesis Enigma and Flesh-and-Blood Jesus as well as back issues of Christian Scholar’s Review. (snip)

For Boorse, scientific inquiry and religion are absolutely compatible. Raised in rural Pennsylvania by Christian parents (her father, a Baptist, was ordained but never served as a minister; he taught middle school, high school, and junior college biology), she attended several churches growing up and a Mennonite junior and senior high school. “Mennonites always make connections between living simply, using less stuff, doing justice, loving your neighbor, and caring for the environment,” she says. “It was a whole cloth for me.” (snip)

Loving the Least of These asks the reader questions. What does the Bible tell Christians about engaging with the world? What do we know about changes in the earth’s climate? How will climate change affect the poor, especially in countries that have few resources to help people cope with floods, drought, and displacement? And what should people in rich nations do? It offers options: Christians can pray for insight, change their own lifestyles to use fewer resources, and help vulnerable communities adapt — ideally, by preparing them for climate change, not just responding after disasters.

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10 Responses to “Climate Change: What Would Jesus Do?”

  1. ruralcounsel says:

    It always strikes me as horribly strange and hypocritical that the Left screams bloody murder about separation of church and state when it comes to individual rights and privacy issues, but then advances these religious-based arguments when it comes to collective advocacy and public policy.

  2. Steve says:


  3. Jeffery says:

    Warmists are working hard to link climate change with everything. — Since it’s GLOBAL warming, it makes sense that it IS linked to everything.

    Getting religion to be invested in the cult has been important (even while Warmists denigrate those who are religious). — Of course, climate scientists have not been “getting religion to be invested” in global warming. Religions are doing this on their own, aren’t they? Climate realists are just pointing out to the Denier class that, “See, even religious organizations recognize the importance of global warming!”

    The Deniers are becoming increasingly isolated from the rest of society. And it’s because you hold increasingly untenable positions. You’ve painted yourselves into an intellectual corner and your only way out is to admit you were wrong (for whatever motives – greed, ignorance, spite, religion) and to try and not be so dumb/vile/ignorant on the next major issue.

    Your willful ignorance has hurt the nation and the planet, though. The world would be better off if it exterminated conservatism.

  4. jl says:

    “The deniers are becoming increasingly isolated from society.” Got it. Jeffery seems to be whistling past the graveyard.

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  6. Jeffery says:


    Your “side” lost the scientific argument a decade ago – actually, there was never much of a serious scientific argument, what with physics and all. In the past year, the tide has turned with the media and conventional wisdom. Within a few years you will have lost the political argument, but the damage you’ve done in delaying significant action is considerable.

  7. jl says:

    J- We can’t lose a scientific debate when the science is on our side, which it is. And as far as “In a few years..”- If I were your side I wouldn’t be making predictions, what with your horrible track record.

  8. Jeffery says:


    You never disappoint with your Denier tripe. There never was a scientific debate. On one side was science, on the other side were the science Deniers.

  9. ruralcounsel says:

    Jeffery clearly never read any of the technical paper, or the technical criticisms of the papers, and has little understanding about the science involved. He probably just believes what he’s told by his masters. People who hold strong opinions on issues they don’t really understand themselves are really just choosing a new religion, in which they take it all on faith. Such people are hopelessly lost to rational discussion, and really just a waste of time arguing with. Write them off. There’s no cure for stupidity or lack of curiosity.

  10. john says:

    Teach know must mock religion to defend his view.

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