NY Times Writes Nuanced Editorial, Putting More Burden On Israel

Yesterday, we learned that the Washington Post editorial board put the blame where it belongs: on the terrorist group Hamas. But, you also had the LA Times printing a front page defense of Hamas terrorism against Israel. The Washington Post editorial was the outlier, as Leftists around the world seem to be of the opinion that Israel is Bad, Hamas is just defending itself. The UN “Human Rights Commission” voted 29-1 to investigate Israel for war crimes (kudos to the Obama admin for being the sole “no” vote”) while refusing to do the same for Hamas. Which leads to the NY Times Editorial Board

Gaza’s Mounting Death Toll

These days, even a school — clearly identified as a shelter run by the United Nations — cannot protect Palestinian civilians in Gaza from deadly attacks. Located in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun, it was struck multiple times on Thursday as people who had taken refuge there were gathering in the courtyard and preparing to flee. At least 16 of them were killed, bringing the total death toll in 17 days of war to more than 750, a vast majority being Palestinian civilians.

The Times forgets to ask why there were all sorts of weapons around that school.

There are competing charges over who carried out the attack — Israel; Hamas, which controls Gaza; or one of Hamas’s allies — and that could take time to sort out. What really matters now is that some way be found to stop this carnage.

Oh, see, it doesn’t matter. Got ya. Because we have some Israel Blaming to propagate

The war is terrorizing innocent people on both sides of the border, fomenting more hatred, creating an ever larger appetite for vengeance and ensuring that the cycle of violence will be repeated, if not right away then surely at some point in the future. It is past time for an immediate cease-fire and for a political strategy that offers the hope of a more stable future for both Israelis and Palestinians.

That would be nice, but it isn’t Israel that randomly launches missiles across the border at Israel’s civilian population, nor is Israel building tunnels with all the relief money to attack Gaza. Israel just wants to be left alone. Hamas, elected by the innocent people of Gaza, wants to push Israel into the sea. It’s a stated goal.

Israeli officials say they have taken pains not to harm civilians. They also say they did not target the Beit Hanoun school, suggesting that Hamas may have struck the facility by mistake. Surely, Israel has reason to take strong military action against the barrage of rockets on its territory and to destroy Hamas’s underground tunnels. Yet no one can be indifferent to the fact that innocents are paying an intolerable cost for being caught in the middle.

It is fair to ask whether Israel is doing enough to prevent that. According to a United Nations official in New York, at least 72 United Nations schools, hospitals and offices have been damaged in the fighting, even though they are clearly marked. At the same time, the United Nations did not enhance its own credibility and influence when its Human Rights Council focused entirely on Israel in a resolution on Wednesday, opening an inquiry into possible Gaza-related human rights violations.

The NYTEB seems to take great pains to not attack Israel overtly while giving the appearance that Israel is pretty much to blame. The only way to stop the “civilian deaths” is to tell Hamas to stop being terrorists

Hamas also deserves scrutiny, as well as the strongest possible condemnation for storing and launching rockets in heavily populated areas, knowing full well they would draw Israeli fire to places where civilians live. Unlike Israel, Hamas has not built bomb shelters where civilians can seek refuge. And even as war rages and his people are exposed, Hamas’s political leader, Khaled Meshal, has been safely ensconced at his exile home in Qatar.

Interesting. Hamas doesn’t deserve the strongest possible condemnation for launching attacks against Israel’s civilian population?

The Times is Very Worried about marginalizing Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas. Would this be the same Abbas that refuses to recognize Israel and thinks Israel is a “delusional myth”? Or Abbas’ anti-Israel rhetoric?

Until such time as Leftists decide to drop their Israel/Jew hatred, there can be no peace, since the hatred gives cover to groups like Hamas to engage in terrorist attacks on Israel.

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5 Responses to “NY Times Writes Nuanced Editorial, Putting More Burden On Israel”

  1. john says:

    Children should not be killed. That is unequivocable.
    If an enemy is hiding himself or his weapons in or near a school you just can’t put that place under bombardment.
    There is simply no excuse for killing children. None. If there are Hamas there and you want to kill them send in infantry and accept thel loss. DO NOT KILL KIDS They are innocent and must always be protected. If your enemy does something wrong that does NOT give you the right to do the same.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Children should not be killed. That is unequivocable.

    Then tell Hamas to stop firing at children and forcing children to remain in harms way.

    If an enemy is hiding himself or his weapons in or near a school you just can’t put that place under bombardment.

    I would agree. That is why when Israel bombs targets that may have civilians, they drop leaflets, call, text, etc. So they are no just putting “that place under bombardment.”

    If the children are still there, whose fault is that John?

    If your enemy does something wrong that does NOT give you the right to do the same.

    You are assuming that Israel is doing something wrong. They are not. They are taking every step to protect the lives of kids. If Hamas wants to use kids as shields, all of the blame goes on Hamas and no where else.

  3. Jl says:

    John-DO NOT KILL KIDS. Ok, then DO NOT LOB ROCKETS AT iSRAELI CITIES THAT CONTAIN KIDS. It’s really quite a simple solution, John.

  4. Children should not be killed. That is unequivocable

    Does this mean John is now pro-life?

    I do find it interesting that he fails to mention Hamas indiscriminately firing missiles at Israeli civolian areas

  5. Jeffery says:

    Teach typed: Does this mean John is now pro-life?

    Outside the cloistered right, most people recognize the differences between a zygote and a 4 year old child. Only the right and their SCROTUS fail that.


    In 14 years of Gaza rocket firings, 28 Israelis have been killed. Recall too, that Israel has the Iron Dome, incapacitating most of the rockets.

    That said, Hamas should not fire their rockets into Israel. Why do they do it?

    Gaza is a ghetto for Palestinian children created and maintained by Israel. Now and then, when the uprisings become too annoying, Israel bombs Gaza killing hundreds of children. 840 Gazans have been killed in the latest invasion, mostly civilians.

    Hamas AND Israel are at fault. Children in Gaza are the pawns.

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