What TV Shows Do You Watch?

Something non-political, not “climate changey”, for discussion.

For me, there are few shows I watch. There are none on network TV, which includes ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and the CW, other than sports like golf, football, baseball, and hockey. The last show I watched regularly was Stephen King’s Under The Dome, which turned into a horrible mess. I will not watch the second season. Seriously, how did all the inner city ruffians end up in a very rural Maine town? Makes zero sense.

I had watched Lost and Fringe. There’s nothing else that holds my attention. I find most shows to be boring, silly (and not in a good way), preachy, foolish, and cringe inducing. I find all the shows to be lame.

I watch Continuum, Haven, and Defiance on the SciFi channel. Excellent shows.

And then there’s USA Network, which has the best show on TV, Suits. Though the number of episodes can be short. Seriously, they came back with 6, and now we have to wait till June. Of course, that seems to be the pattern for most shows.

USA also has Graceland. Looking forward to its return. I’ll be interested to see what USA comes out with to replace Psych and Burn Notice.

I love the stuff on all the nature and science channels. Shows I watch on a consistent basis are Animal Planet’s Tanked and Treehouse Masters. I’ll watch How The Universe Works, The Universe, and other similar programs. Aerial America on the Smithsonian Channel is an awesome program. If you’ve never seen it, they use helicopters and planes to fly over the landscape of the states, providing a birds-eye view along with some history and facts. Though the NY edition was pretty lame. Too much time spent on NYC. I think we have a good idea what it looks like. Little time spent on the rest of a big, and beautiful, state.

A couple that have recently caught my attention are Buying Alaska, Buying The Bayou, and Buying Hawaii on Destination America. I find it fascinating to see the properties and landscapes. Though I do think some of the programs are ginned up to create excitement. If I had certain requirements and the real estate agent was showing me some of the homes I’d fire him/her. Seeing things like electrified wire stretched around homes to ward off bears. Expensive homes in Hawaii with no “city water/power”. Space for growing food in Hawaii is extremely important, due to costs being around double what they are on the mainland. Living in the middle of nowhere. It’s pretty cool.

Those are the only things I watch on a constant basis. Movies, sports, and news, of course. What do you watch? Any good programs?

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10 Responses to “What TV Shows Do You Watch?”

  1. Mark M says:

    Agree w/you on Tanked.

    Although I live science fiction, I haven’t been able to get into any of the sci-fi channel shows — I think that they are too canned, too many seem like they are the same story with different character names and locations with not enough differences from the other series to set them apart.

    Wife (being in real estate) is heavily into the Buying Where-evers, House Hunters, gardening and the renovation shows.

    Being scuba divers, we keep our eyes out for related shows on the various science & history channels.

    Lately though we’ve been watching downloads of Time Team (the original BBC version). Good mix of history, interactions between people of different backgrounds, archeology & analysis.

  2. Continuum is excellent, if you haven’t tried that one. Couldn’t get into Bitten.

  3. Marcy says:

    Hello everybody, here every one is sharing these kinds of familiarity, so it’s good to read this blog, and I used to visit this blog daily.

  4. Dana says:

    My guilty pleasure is The Big Bang Theory, but, beyond that, it’s mostly HGTV and DIY network shows, and stuff on the Science Channel when they’re doing one of their astronomy days.

    The television defaults to HGTV when it’s turned on.

  5. Dana says:

    Of course, when I’m getting dressed for work, I flip back-and-forth between the Weather Channel — the weather is important to me in my work — and Fox & Friends First, so I can look at Ainsley Earhard’s and Heather Childers’ legs. What a great idea to dress them in miniskirts and then perch them on bar stools for a morning show!

  6. Phineas says:

    I love science fiction shows, but good ( or even decent) ones are few and far between. Haven’t tried Continuum; thanks for the lead.

    What I’m watching:

    The Americans
    Castle (more out of inertia these days)
    Person of Interest, which is turning into an interesting very near-scifi show
    The Blacklist, only for James Spader’s character
    Grimm (Friday night mind candy)

    I’d have to say Justified and The Americans are my two favorite shows on right now. The writing on each is excellent.

    I stopped watching Elementary and Blue Bloods a while back. Neither could keep my interest, even though I like the casts in both.

    I’m looking forward to Amazon’s production of “Bosch;” the pilot was very good.

  7. I usually flip between Fox News and News14 in the am for news and weather.

    For continuum you have to watch from the beginning, otherwise it will make no sense. There’s that other show about the vampire, werewolf, and ghost, but never saw from beginning, much like The Walking Dead.

    I used to like Bones, but that got too chickified.

    Might have to check out Grimm.

  8. Jl says:

    I enjoy science fiction, also, so I check out the IPCC, NOAA, and the US government.

  9. Casey says:

    Agreed about TBBT. Elementary has been entertaining.

    The Blacklist is fantastic, and they’re driving me nuts with their “a new layer each week” approach to revealing secrets.

    Agents of SHIELD has been quite fun; a typical Whedonesque mix of mystery, action, and humor. And gorgeous women who kick serious buttocks.

    I recommend Almost Human; Karl Urban plays a cop who cant stand androids and must partner with one. He gets one of a rare model which was mostly recalled which was designed to have an imagination and feelings. His first reaction: “That’s one of the crazy ones, isn’t it?” I’ve enjoyed it so far.

  10. Deserttrek says:

    don’t watch any sit coms or tv fiction on any network, and nothing except for limited sports on the lamestream media and espn. history channel, discovery, h2 and a few others have interesting or entertaining items. turner classic movies is reliable.

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