Jay Carney Tells Us “the job of the Executive Office is to carry out laws passed by Congress”

Now, if he could only take the time to tell Obama and all the hardcore Progressives he’s installed to run EO agencies the same thing

(The Blaze) Just a day after a congressional panel was warned of a “constitutional tipping point” resulting from President Barack Obama’s use of executive powers, White House press secretary Jay Carney asserted “the job of the executive branch is to carry out the laws that are passed by Congress.”

This was stated in relation to a question by Bill Press about about using executive actions/orders to stop deportations of illegals

“As the president has made clear going to your question, the job of the executive branch is to carry out the laws that are passed by Congress,” Carney said, before immediately bringing up an executive action taken by Obama in 2012. “The administration has taken a series of steps to focus our resources and make immigration enforcement more strategic, including focusing on criminals and the use of deferred action for young immigrants known as dreamers.”

Oh, so Obama does know that’s his job, he just prefers to ignore it. We’ve seen plenty of examples. Care for another? Ed Morrissey notes that HHS has waved their magic wand again

(AP) HHS said state residents who were unable to sign up because of technical problems may still get federal tax credits if they bought private insurance outside of the new online insurance exchanges.

The federal policy change is significant because until now the administration has stressed that the only place to get taxpayer-subsidized insurance under President Barack Obama’s health law is through the new online markets, called exchanges. Previously, people who bought outside the marketplace were not eligible for subsidies, although they benefit from consumer protections in the law.

This mostly bails out Democrat governors who implemented their own “exchanges”, a good chunk of which have failed, plus Democrat Senators up for tough midterm races. Does It’s. The. Law. allow subsidies to those who did not purchase insurance through a government exchange? And, if these folks are getting subsidies, why not the rest of us?

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