NJ Looks To Limit Magazines To 10 Bullets

Here’s a test for Chris Christie if the legislation makes it to his desk vis a vis running for President as a Republican

(NJ.com) Democratic lawmakers in both house of the legislature have struck a deal that would allow passage of a measure restricting gun owners to a 10-round magazine, down from the current limit of 15, two sources with knowledge of the deal said today.

Fewer rounds in a magazine means more reload time, gun control advocates say, and more time for people involved in a mass shooting to stop the shooter or run away.  The drop, they say, means only an inconvenience for gun owners, while it could save lives.

Of course, since the areas these nuts tend to shoot up are gun free zones, having to take an extra 2-3 seconds here and there to reload shouldn’t bother them.

“The Governor should take to heart the tragic experience of the Sandy Hook families as well as their heartfelt commitment to safety from gun violence for all Americans and sign the ten round maximum capacity bill when it reaches his desk. It’s about public safety,” said Bryan Miller, executive director of Heeding God’s Call, a faith-based organization focused on preventing gun violence. “Opponents of this remarkably moderate and reasonable public safety measure make clear their extremism, for no one needs more than ten rounds for hunting, sport shooting or self defense.”

If no one needs more than 10 rounds for self defense, why do most police officers carry handguns which hold more than 10 rounds? Glock is the most popular, and most of the models for law enforcement hold 15 rounds or more.

It remains to be seen if the Gov. Chris Christie will sign both bills.  Advocates say they have received no indication from the governor if he supports the measures.

If he signs it, he might as well not bother running. Furthermore, if Democrats in the GA pass this, they should make sure that all the security at the buildings they inhabit carry no more than 10 bullets per magazine. That would be only fair.

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4 Responses to “NJ Looks To Limit Magazines To 10 Bullets”

  1. B says:


    The bullets are the hard things that come out of the barrel. THe cartridges are the parts that go in the magazine.

  2. proof says:

    Anyone who makes such a fatuous statement as “no one needs more than ten rounds for…self defense” must base their stupidity on a lot of unproven assumptions, the first being that every shot will hit its intended target. There are no “magic bullets”. Just because Daniel Boone can shoot the wings off a fly at forty yards, with his black powder musket, doesn’t mean that works in the real world. Trained police officers often trade scores of bullets in shootouts without ever hitting their intended target. Why should an untrained civilian, under the adrenaline surge of fearing for their life, be expected to do better? Now even Tailgunner Joe Biden suggests firing two warning shots (from your double barreled shotgun). So, after you’ve fired your warning shots (and given away your position), you have eight left. How many people or animals are attacking you? I see NJ hasn’t passed a law limiting how many people can break the law and attack you, or invade your home at any given time. I suggest that home invaders be limited to no more than two persons at a time, or two persons and a getaway driver, without 24 hour written notice to the homeowner of your intentions. That way, they can invite a friend with an additional eight to ten rounds to make the playing field more level.

    Since they want legal, physical constraints against how many times you are allowed to miss, I would suggest that the state of New Jersey open up hundreds of shooting ranges free to the public, and subsidize the cost of ammunition, so that the populace can obtain the accuracy that must needs accompany any limitation of magazine size.

    And since it often takes more than one shot to incapacitate evildoers, I propose increasing the penalties on any criminal who weighs over 140 pounds, or has a gym membership, so that when exercising the right to defend yourself, evildoers have the decency to become incapacitated with a single shot, before the capacity of your magazine runs out.

    And, of course, we can expect those who break the law to faithfully arm themselves with limited capacity firearms as well. Can’t we? /sarc

  3. Blick says:

    This is why Legislators cannot pass balanced budgets — they cannot do math very well. Two 15 round magazines and three 10 round magazines still equals 30 rounds. the only effect is to disadvantage the self defense not the attacker. Gun control advocates do not wish to help law abiding citizens. Stricter laws for criminal use of guns would be the law to pass.

  4. kevino says:

    The comments above are correct: limiting magazines is a serious and unnecessary risk to citizens in self defense. Don’t believe me? OK, let’s demand that the 10-round magazine limit also applies to law enforcement. It will never happen. This was proposed in New York when the 1993 magazine ban went into effect, and police unions killed it because it would put their members at risk. Police are generally recognized as experts in this field. Citizens frequently look at the tools used by police and buy what they buy.

    These magazine bans are inherently unsafe and unfair because the State imposes limits on private citizens but exempts itself because “they need it”. Interesting, isn’t it, the State’s agents need high capacity magazines to protect themselves and their agents, but they don’t really care if their silly laws endanger your life or your family.

    Putting the moral and legal arguments aside, such laws are foolish for another reason: technology has long sense rendered these laws useless. If you ban high capacity magazines, people planning a mass shooting can easily buy them or make their own. Plastic double-stack magazines for sub-compacts can always be modified into high capacity magazines. Cut the top off one, the bottom off another, and glue them together. You’ll need a stronger string, which you can order in bulk or wire the two smaller springs together. It requires no skill, no specialized tools, and tested at home. Also, plans for high capacity magazines can be downloaded from the internet and printed on 3D printers.

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