Here We Go: A Call To Ban The Second Amendment

What would one expect?

Zack Beauchamp is a Reporter/Blogger for ThinkProgress. He previously contributed to Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish at Newsweek/Daily Beast, and has also written for Foreign Policy and Tablet magazines. Zack holds B.A.s in Philosophy and Political Science from Brown University and an M.Sc in International Relations from the London School of Economics.

Say, I wonder if George Soros, the major funder of Think Progress, has security that carries guns? Anyhow, here’s the title

Ban the Second Amendment

Imagine the Second Amendment didn’t exist, and try arguing for a constitutional right to gun ownership. You will fail.

Interestingly, there is a method to do this embedded in the Constitution, whereby Amendments can be changed and even done away with. But Progressives would simply like to avoid that messy route, and simply infringe on the 2nd Amendment and just straight up ban guns.

There’s lots of moonbattery in the screed, too much to list. Zach offers three reason why people would like guns, the 2nd being “Citizens have a right to defend themselves however they’d like. Gun rights enable self-defense and, thus, save lives.” Not in ZachLand, though

The second argument in favor of untrammeled gun ownership, a right to self-defense, is equally incoherent. For starters, there’s no reason that, in a civil society, the right to defend yourself implies the right to defend yourself however you’d like. A basic part of government’s job is to limit our ability to hurt others; assuming the absolute right to self-defense constitutes, in Alan Jacobs’ evocative phrasing, “the absolute abandonment of civil society.”

So, we can throw defending yourself out the window in Liberal World. At least with a gun. And, really, even harsh language might be Bad, if certain words pass your lips. But, you might hurt someone who is trying to hurt you, so, that Cannot Be Allowed.

I bet there are lots of liberal ladies who wish they had a gun at the Occupy Wall Street camps when other liberals were raping them. A gun gives women power over people who would do them harm. So, since Liberals would like women to be disarmed, we can assume that Liberals are pro-rape.

BTW, is anyone surprised that a Progressive doesn’t understand how the Constitution works?

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8 Responses to “Here We Go: A Call To Ban The Second Amendment”

  1. Hey, why not- it’s in the way!

  2. Stu says:

    And the left wonders where we get this “paranoid” idea that people what to take our guns away.

  3. john says:

    the percentage of American households that choose to keep a gun keeps dropping. It will continue to drop

  4. gitarcarver says:

    The number of reported households has dropped. Interestingly the number of households in 2011 was very high and highest since the early 1970’s.

    What has changed?

    Draconian gun laws.

    We have seen laws such as n New York that require registration and so people aren’t telling pollsters whether they have a weapon or not.

    Why should they?

    People like john think they should be confiscated even though guns are used for defense much more than used to kill someone in a crime.

    But that is a liberal for you. They hate facts and reasoning.

  5. david7134 says:

    We should do away with the 2nd amendment and go ahead and get the war started. There is enough of this false peace and we all know a civil war is coming, so lets get it done.

  6. david7134 says:

    I forgot, once again you are wrong. Gun sales in the US are at an all time high. I have a friend that is a wholesale distributor for weapons and he has had increasing better years since Clinton. The US is arming itself.

  7. Jeffery says:

    It’s a fool’s errand to think we will ever ban guns in the US.

    Each year, deaths by firearms in the US are: about 20,000 suicides, 10,000 homicides and 1000 accidental. The homicide rate has dropped dramatically the past 20 years even as gun ownership has increased.

    For comparison about 35,000 Americans die in auto accidents each year (about 1/3 are thought to be alcohol related), and that number is also dropping drastically as autos and roads are made safer.

    By contrast, cigarettes cause almost 500,000 premature deaths a year from cancer, lung disease and heart disease.

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