NC Moral Monday Protest Organizers Tell Agitators To Bring Photo Id

Hardcore Leftist agitators have been doing this cute little protest thing called “Moral Mondays” for months, whining about the Republican agenda. Hey, they’re welcome to do it, as long as it is peaceable. Republicans haven’t stopped them or attempted to put any kibosh on the idiocy, even though the MM folks have consistently put themselves in a position to be arrested. Now, they’ve taken their gripes and whines to weekend, with a big protest featuring lots and lots of bused in folks, many from out of state. And something amusing happened

(Daily Caller) North Carolinians marching to protest voter-ID laws must present a valid photo ID to participate in an NAACP-hosted protest against voter-ID laws in Raleigh on Saturday.

The central claim among the protesters is that the  voter-ID laws disenfranchise certain segments of the voting population, particularly minority voters and poor voters.

According to official NAACP flyers passed out at the rally, protesters must carry the precise kind of ID that they would be expected to present at the voting booth.

Sister Toldjah tweeted this out

NC Republican Dave Lewis

“I find it extremely hypocritical that when nearly 70 percent of North Carolinians across all political spectrums support the idea that one present photo identification when going to the polls, the NC NAACP has filed suit in court to block this common-sense idea,” said Lewis in a statement to The Daily Caller.  “However, the NC NAACP requires their protesters to maintain valid photo identification on their person throughout the march. The idea that Chairman William Barber and his followers find it more important to carry their photo identification with them when marching than when electing the President of the United States is reprehensible.”

If it wasn’t for hypocrisy, Democrats wouldn’t have any morals.

Unsurprisingly, the Raleigh News and Observer fails to mention the blatant hypocrisy in their article. There are a few cute points, however

Susan Fariss of Mocksville drove three and a half hours to hold up a sign supporting the legalization of medical marijuana.

OoooooooK. Whatever floats your boat.

Holiday Clinkscale, 60, of Raleigh climbed atop a big potted plant on Fayetteville Street and twirled an American flag above his head. He wore a leather jacket decorated with red, white and blue stars and stripes. Clinkscale wore the regalia on behalf of “depressed” African-American men.

“Black men in Raleigh couldn’t wear red, white and blue after the Civil War when we were freed, or they would have been executed,” he said. “You see a lot of black men here today looking depressed.”

Interesting. No one stopped him from wearing red, white and blue. Which, during the Bush years, would have most likely have been upside down. And, considering we just came out of a period with a Dem governor, and the Democrats have controlled the General Assembly’s two houses for most of the last 100 years, why do you support Democrats if you’re depressed? And, remember, those policies about wearing the red, white, and blue were instituted by, that’s right, Democrats.

Hannah Osborne, a student at N.C. State University, said she came to the rally Saturday morning to “promote women’s rights and a woman’s right to choose.” She and her father, Dale Osborne, a pastor at Binkley Baptist Church in Chapel Hill, held purple signs that read “Stop the war on women.”

So a religious leader is pushing abortion? Perhaps he should read his Bible. It’s pretty explicit on the issue. If he doesn’t agree, perhaps he should quit.

Of course, the N&O editorial board terms the march as “mainstream, not fringe“. Yet, 75% of North Carolinians support voter ID. That’s the mainstream.

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13 Responses to “NC Moral Monday Protest Organizers Tell Agitators To Bring Photo Id”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Agitators? And you say you’re not a racist, lol. You’re an excellent and talented racist!

    So kids, here’s the difference. Voting in the US is one of our most fundamental of rights. The Republicans are not concerned in the least about the integrity of the process, but only in winning. Now, winning elections is an honorable enough goal, and as our President Obama said, “Politics ain’t beanbag.” But the conservative’s strategy is to discourage as many potential Democratic voters as possible – Blacks, Hispanics, poor, college students. And it’s not just voter ID requirements, it’s shortening voting hours, moving polling places far off-campus, purging rolls, felon disenfranchisement, inadequate resources at minority and college polling places (creating long lines), dirty tricks (mailing out incorrect information on polling places, deadlines), caging etc.

    Cashing a check, driving a car, taking out a loan, applying for a job, being admitted to an organization (such as a protest group) are not fundamental rights discussed in our Constitution. You may not think so, but voting is pretty important to a democracy. You may not think so, but yes Virginia (and North Carolina), the vote of every citizen is equally important. You may not think so, but the votes of Blacks, the poor, college students, gays, atheists, Muslims and Hispanics are just as valid as the votes of white Christian men, whether straight or closeted gay (some say as high as 84%).

  2. LD Jackson says:

    What do you want to bet that the same people who are against voter ID and in favor of showing ID to be able to participate in this protest will also be against the proposal by the GOP that recipients of food stamps should be required to show their ID when making purchases with the EBT card?

  3. LD Jackson says:

    You completely miss the point. There is no dispute about the importance of voting. This is all about making sure the people who are casting votes are doing so legally. The voter ID proposals are not onerous and hard to deal with. Many of them use identification already in the possession of the prospective voters. What is so wrong with that?

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Yeah Jeffery, Democrats never do anything wrong when it comes to the voting process:

    A jury in South Bend, Indiana has found that fraud put President Obama and Hillary Clinton on the presidential primary ballot in Indiana in the 2008 election. Two Democratic political operatives were convicted Thursday night in the illegal scheme after only three hours of deliberations. They were found guilty on all counts.


    LOS ANGELES (AP) — California state Sen. Roderick Wright was convicted Tuesday of perjury and voter fraud for falsely claiming he lived in an apartment in the district he represents when he actually lives elsewhere.

    Democrats are always against making sure things are done in a legal and proper manner, and trying to uphold the integrity of all votes.

  5. Jeffery says:


    You justify conservative bad deeds by pointing out a couple of Democratic bad deeds?

    I’ve never claimed that Democrats never commit misdeeds. I was pointing out that conservative are working overtime trying to suppress the vote in groups likely to vote for Democrats. If you like, I can create a long list of Republican election misdeeds.

  6. Jeffery says:


    There is little evidence that votes are being miscast. For whatever reason, the voter ID laws reduce the likelihood that those with no other need for a government picture ID (elderly, non-drivers, students) will vote.

    And as I said, this is only one tool in the Republican suppression toolkit.

    Why do Republicans want fewer Americans to vote?

  7. jl says:

    “For whatever the reason…” In other words, you don’t have a reason. “Ids will reduce the likelihood that (those groups)will vote. Except in actual practice that hasn’t happened. And you say that this also hurts college students? That’s really getting desperate, Jeff. I suppose if they can get fake ids to drink they obviously couldn’t get one to vote, is that your position? You still haven’t answered why a program that covers everybody equally is somehow “racist.” But Jeff thinks minorities for some reason don’t have the intelligence of whites to obtain something 99% of them already have. Jeff is a closet racist.

  8. gitarcarver says:

    I was pointing out that conservative are working overtime trying to suppress the vote in groups likely to vote for Democrats.

    And I was pointing out that there is a need for such things as voter id laws because Democrats seek to steal votes and the value of votes from people.

    Finally, once again, in states with voter id laws, the rate of minority voters has INCREASED. Despite that, conservatives continue to promote the idea of voter id which would indicate that if the idea was to suppress votes, voter id is not the way to do it.

    The fact of the matter is that conservatives want honest, open elections. Liberals don’t.

    You are unwilling to promote protecting people’s Constitutional right to vote which says a great deal about you.

  9. gitarcarver says:

    Once again, Jeffery has trouble with the truth:

    The U.S. Census Bureau released a study in May 2013, “The Diversifying Electorate — Voting Rates by Race and Hispanic Origin in 2012 (and Other Recent Elections).”
    Surely, Hillary had access to this study.
    The study, based on 2012 data, shows that minority voter turnout nationwide has been on the rise – big time. Blacks had a voter turnout rate of 53 percent in 1996. But black turnout has risen in each of the last four presidential elections.
    The study also shows that black turnout as a share of all eligible voters in 2012 exceeded that of white voters – 66.2 percent to 64.1 percent.
    Five million more blacks voted in 2012 (17.8 million) than 2000 (12.9 million). Also in 2012, blacks made up 12.5 percent of the eligible electorate but accounted for 13.4 percent of voters, outpacing their share of the eligible black voting age population
    Oh, and back to Indiana, where we have the one of the most strict, heinous voter ID laws in the country, remember? Black turnout percentage exceeded white turnout percentage in 2012.
    Precisely the same thing happened in Georgia and Tennessee, where they also have the awful “strict” laws like Indiana.
    Farm from being disenfranchised, minority voters are surging to the polls.
    If voter ID laws are suppressing the minority vote, there’s little evidence of it.

    Perhaps Jeffery needs to look at the Supreme Court decision on Indiana’s voter ID law where the ACLU could not produce a single person that had been denied the right to vote.

    Conservatives want voters. Liberals want victims.

  10. Funny thing is, as Jeff whines about college students not being able to vote (a specious, deluded, and silly argument), college students need to show ID for many college related activities, including obtaining sports tickets, attending campus movies, and simply joining the college. One of the main things colleges tell you to do is to get ID on day 1.

    Granted, in NC college ID is not acceptable for voting. Because we have quite a few out of state students attend our wonderful university system. And we want only NC residents to vote in NC elections. And in their correct precincts.

  11. Jeffery says:

    It’s great to hear that conservatives are encouraging and helping Blacks voters.

    That Blacks are voting more election after election explains exactly why the RECENT push to enact these voter suppression laws. If they weren’t voting there would be no need to suppress their vote. Sheesh. Recall that we elected Barack Obama President twice. It was in all the papers. This has something to do with the surge in voter suppression laws and policies.

  12. gitarcarver says:

    Amongst other things, we now find out that Jeffery is historically challenged as well.

    The increase in voter participation took place AFTER the election of Obama in 2008 Jeffery and AFTER the laws verifying ID were passed.


  13. Paul Heckbert says:

    But how do you feel about the 80,000 or so people who marched to make the following points?

    North Carolina Republicans eliminated the earned-income tax credit for 900,000 North Carolinians; refused Medicaid coverage for 500,000; ended federal unemployment benefits for 170,000; cut pre-K for 30,000 kids while shifting $90 million from public education to voucher schools; slashed taxes for the top five percent while raising taxes on the bottom 95 percent; axed public financing of judicial races; prohibited death row inmates from challenging racially discriminatory verdicts; passed one of the country’s most draconian anti-choice laws; and enacted the country’s worst voter suppression law, which mandates strict voter ID, cuts early voting and eliminates same-day registration, among other things. The Nation

    Curious about the alleged hypocrisy regarding voter IDs, I checked the web site, and quickly found this Press Release:

    Rather than debating us on their regressive public policies – policies that activated upwards of 80,000 North Carolinians to unite at the state capitol last weekend in continued mass protest – extremists in the legislature are instead trying to divert attention by misrepresenting a standard event flyer. …

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