Liberals Really Psyched For An Executive Order On Minimum Wage

Also, to campaign on the issue

(Washington Post) The New York Times reported this morning (echoing the reporting of Greg Sargent and others earlier this year) that Democrats plan to campaign on raising the minimum wage during the election season.

Wait, I thought they were going to campaign on Obamacare?

Aside from being good economic policy, raising the minimum wage is quite popular, even among moderates and conservatives. Democrats also hope it shows the party is focused on improving the economic fortunes of Americans and not getting bogged down in Beltway bickering.

Essentially, they want to manufacture a diversionary populist wedge issue using Other People’s Money.

Anyhow, writer George Zornick thinks it would be super swell if Barack would issue an executive order forcing federal contractors to increase their pay to some vague number, starting at $10.10 an hour or something

Every good argument for raising the federal minimum wage exists here: The existing minimum wage is inadequate and exploitative, and the fact these workers are doing work for, and being paid by, U.S. taxpayers makes it all the more troublesome. The economic lots of federal contract workers would be improved, and more money would end up going into the economy.

Two points: first, this seems to be highlighting trickle down, where people with money spend it. Second, and more important, jisy because they are paid by Los Federales doesn’t mean their pay should be jacked up artificially, especially not at the whim of a dictator. On the contrary, Los Federales should be frugal with The People’s money.

Oh, and 3rd: liberals should be careful in pushing for legislation by executive fiat. They won’t always hold the office of the presidency.

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8 Responses to “Liberals Really Psyched For An Executive Order On Minimum Wage”

  1. Svenster says:

    Let’s go for it; but none of this $10-$15 an hour crap. Make it at least $100 an hour because anything less would be exploitative and downright humiliating. Better do it by executive order too because the Constitution was written over 100 years ago and nobody knows what it means anyway.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    I listened to Charles Krauthammer yesterday propose a tier structured minimum wage. He proposed a higher minimum wage for those who are responsible for a family and a lower minimum wage for teens and people with no job skills who are entering the market.

    I was surprised at that proposal because 1) people will simply higher teens as opposed to people with families 2) people will lie on the application to get the higher pay and 3) it is long standing federal employment law that you cannot ask whether a person is married or not on a job application.

    The reason behind the third one is that if you have two equally qualified candidates for a position (or a promotion) you want the promotion to be based upon skill levels and not “needs of the individual.” The law was created after single men and women were getting passed over for positions for married men with families.

    I was surprised that Krauthammer would propose something that was, on its face, against the law.

  3. david7134 says:

    I think Obama should dictate as much as possible. He should increase the minimum wage and anything else that he can think of. His administration should create law with regulations. He should continue all efforts on the destruction of the US. Then we can split into the separate countries that we should have been to begin with and regain our freedom.

  4. $100? Let’s go for $200, because it isn’t fair that some people make more 😉

    That’s weird for Charles to say, GC, and really makes no sense. Not sure what he was going for, but it would make the private market even worse.

    Well, really, at that point, David, the country would implode, and we can start over again, perhaps doing away with the 17 amendment, and having a constitution somewhere between the current one and the Articles of Confederation, truly limiting the power of Los Federales.

  5. jl says:

    If one has minimum skills and minimum education, what right does the government have to force you to pay them more?

  6. gitarcarver says:

    Teach, here is the transcript from the Daily Caller:

    Krauthammer: Look, it’s an axiom of economics: If you raise the price of anything, you are going to lower demand. So there are going to be jobs lost. I do think that raising the minimum wage gradually and then indexing is the way to do it. If you index it, it stops being political issue. It retains the value it has.

    Guest host John Roberts: So is $9 the starting point?

    Krauthammer: I think what we really ought — what conservatives ought to do — is say if you can’t feed a family on this, and as a result of our lousy recovery a lot of people are depending on this wage, then I think for people who are the bread winners in a family, it ought to be raised. But I think what you want for entry-level jobs — it’s really going to hurt teenagers, it’s really going to hurt minorities, because they are going to lose the jobs which would help them to get started. I would have a two-tiered system. And I think that probably would be a way, a reasonable answer that Republicans and conservatives could offer. It’s not heartless but it keeps in mind how this would hurt …

    Hayes: Why would you want that if it’s going to cost the very people it intends to help — it’s going to cost those jobs.

    Krauthammer: Because I do think if somebody is the only wage earner in the family, I think it would be humane to raise it to a level where they can cover their expenses.

    It’s a very strange proposal and one where laws other than the minimum wage would have to be changed. It’s a very strange and bizarre proposal.

  7. gitarcarver says:


    The other question is “what right does the government have to say a person can’t agree to work for less?”

    For example, say a person retires and cannot do a job physically, but brings knowledge to the job. They just want something to keep busy, but the company can’t afford to pay someone who can only do half the job.

    So why can’t the employee say “I’ll work for less?”

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