Obamacare Supporters Really Psyched Over 1 Million Picking A Plan

And by Obamacare supporters, I mean the Major Media, who are thrilled with an Associated Press report

(Washington Post) A December surge propelled health care sign-ups through the government’s rehabilitated website past the 1 million mark, the Obama administration said Sunday, reflecting new signs of life for the problem-plagued federal insurance exchange.

Of the more than 1.1 million people now enrolled, nearly 1 million signed up in December, with the majority coming in the week before a pre-Christmas deadline for coverage to start in January. Compare that to a paltry 27,000 in October —the website’s first, error-prone month — or 137,000 in November.


The figures tell only part of the story. The administration has yet to provide a December update on the 14 states running their own exchanges. While California, New York, Washington, Kentucky and Connecticut have performed well, others are still struggling.

Still, the end-of-year surge suggests that with HealthCare.Gov now functioning better, the federal market may be starting to pull its weight. The windfall comes at a critical moment for Obama’s sweeping health care law, which becomes “real” for many Americans on Jan. 1 when coverage through the exchanges and key patient protections kick in.

They’re acting like this is something special, people being able to go on-line and accomplish something. Strange how people do not seem to have the same problems going online to Amazon, Best Buy, oh, and how about doing your taxes online? Anyhow, we all knew the website would work at some point.

“As we continue our open enrollment campaign, we experienced a welcome surge in enrollment as millions of Americans seek access to affordable health care coverage,” Marilyn Tavenner, the head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said in a blog post.

The figures actually do only tell part of the story. How many have been moved to the government run Medicaid or SCHIP instead of obtaining private (government run) insurance? How many are young healthies, which are 100% necessary to avoid a death spiral? What is the condition of the pool, in terms of healthy people versus sick people? Oh, and here’s a big one: how many have paid?

The media doesn’t seem too interested in asking the tough questions and investigating to obtain the answers to these important questions. And The Most Transparent Administration Evah! © doesn’t seem to be too interested in releasing the details. There’s two explanations: either they are truly clueless or they know the numbers do not look good.

Of course, no one has actually attempted to use the insurance, and that’s when the rubber meets the road.

* according to the AP picture caption, it took these two ladies 1 hour 47 minutes to process the application. The lady on the right is a “certified enrollment officer, meaning she probably comes from a far left organization and has had no background check. Love the “coexist” bumper sticker, and, wouldn’t a photo of a mostly naked guy get some written up or terminated in the private sector? If a many had something like that up (featuring a woman) he’d be slapped with a sexual harassment suit.

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