Nancy Pelosi On Obamacare: “It’s going to be a glorious thing”

Someone’s obviously been hitting the Bacardi 151 eggnog a bit early. Either that or she’s been hitting the mescaline again (via Hot Air)

(CNS News) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says December has been a “great month” for Obamacare sign-ups, and she said things will only get betteras more people enroll.

“It’s worth the trouble. It’s going to be a glorious thing,” Pelosi told a conference call on Monday.

“It’s about life, a healthier life, liberty, the freedom to pursue our happiness. It honors the vows of our founders. A person can follow his or her passion and not be chained by a policy, so they could start a business, be self-employed, change jobs. It’s a very, very exciting thing. And it’s about wellness and prevention. It’s about the health of America, not just the health care for Americans.

“So we’re very proud of it, and our enthusiasm for it … strengthens our determination to make sure it works.”

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