Christmas And The Catholic Church Are Bad For Climate Change

Continuing the 25 Days Of Climate Christmas

(Lankaweb) Every year people, above all Christians, remember at Christmastime the birth of Jesus from Nazareth. Many of them gather with their families rejoicing over Jesus’ birth. Christmas tables and Christmas trees are weakening under the load of presents and good food and many people have meat for their Christmas dinner and many of them wish each other Merry Christmas. But is Christmastime merry and happy for animals, too? Regretfully it is not so.

For millions and millions of animals is Christmas, similar as Easter, a time of immense suffering. Right on this occasion even multiplied number of innocent living creatures is being slaughtered, especially by Christians, who afterwards consume them as food. They kill them although they know the fifth commandment: You shall not kill. It is very clear. It states: You shall not kill and not: You shall not kill humans, which makes it very clear that it refers to animals too. Feasting of ones causes suffering and dying to the others.

Despite of the clearness of the mentioned commandment The Roman Catholic Church (RCC) in its catechism expressly permits and supports slaughter of animals for food…..

And, of course,

The Church supports and permits stockbreeding. It’s been doing it all along its existence. Thus raises a question what can be the consequences of this support. It is well known by today that stockbreeding is one of the main culprits for the environmental pollution. The RCC therefore supports the environmental pollution. It is also well know that enormous amounts of greenhouse gases are released from the livestock industry and its share of greenhouse gas emissions is with 18% even higher then that of the entire world transportation.

So, the Roman Catholic Church is responsible for “climate change”. No, really, if only they hadn’t allowed the use of animals for food and stuff

Development of the society would take another course and humans would be vegans. So would be animals. Very likely there would be no present climate change: no greenhouse effect, no catastrophic floods, no droughts, hurricanes and similar. There would be no water or food shortage, no climate changes. The Church is responsible for climate changes due to its millennial support to stockbreeding, but it also bears the main guilt, due to its crucial social role, for the climate collapse that is in opinion of many yet to come.

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One Response to “Christmas And The Catholic Church Are Bad For Climate Change”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Nothing to see here folks. The essay was written by someone named Vlado Began representing The Society for the Rights and Liberation of Animals, Slovenija. He may have a personal reason for attacking the Catholic Church but it has little to do with butchering animals.

    He certainly didn’t present evidence that the Church contributes any more to global warming than the rest of us. Nor did he present evidence that converting to veganism would have ended global warming.

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