Six Year Old Suspended For “Sexual Harassment”

Progressivism run amok

(KRDO) A six year old boy is suspended from school in Canon City for kissing a classmate on the cheek.

His mother says it’s a crush and the two children like each other. But the school is calling it something else; sexual harassment.

First grader, Hunter Yelton, told us he loves science and phys-ed. Also…that he has a crush on a girl at school, who likes him back.

It may sound innocent enough…but at six years old Hunter now has ‘sexual harassment’ on his school record.

He kissed her on the hand.

“They sent me to the office, fair and square. I did something wrong and I feel sorry,” (Hunter) said.

Should a 6 year old really feel remorse over a kiss on the hand? Should he feel that he did something wrong? The girl had no problem with the kiss.

“She was fine with it, they are ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’. The other children saw it and went to the music teacher. That was the day I had the meeting with the principal, where she first said ‘sexual harassment’. This is taking it to an extreme that doesn’t need to be met with a six year old. Now my son is asking questions… what is sex mommy? That should not ever be said, sex. Not in a sentence with a six year old,” said Hunters’ mom, Jennifer Saunders.

First, are we teaching kids to be complete snitches for things? Remember, kids snitched on a 10 year old who mimicked an imaginary bow and arrow (for which he was suspended and the parents are considering legal action). 2nd, this will go on Hunter’s record. Sexual harassment. How can it be SH when the girl had no problem with the kiss? 3rd, Progressives have been hot to trot to teach All About Sex to kids as young as kindergarten. Yet, now they have problems with a kiss.

The school is hoping the suspension will change Hunter’s behavior. He’s been caught kissing the same girl on the cheek and rough housing. Because 6 year olds are never wild and crazy.

More: Melissa McEwan calls this part of a “rape culture” (  ) and actually compares this…let’s not forget, the boy was 6…to the Steubenville case.

And treating a zero tolerance policy on unwanted touching like an “overreaction” is the most basic form of rape apologia.

Did I mention that the boy is 6? And the girl had no problem with this?  Because they’re 6? Of course the barking moonbats who comment at Shakesville are losing their minds. I’m not sure if they live in the same reality I do. Even Liberal Prairie Weather thinks the suspension seems absurd, at least that’s how I read it through the heavy sarcasm.

BTW, one of the people in the comments at Gawker notes that calling it sexual harassment actually diminishes the reality of real sexual harassment. Terming it part of a rape culture also diminishes the reality of rape.

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20 Responses to “Six Year Old Suspended For “Sexual Harassment””

  1. Trish Mac says:

    This is insanity. I mean true insanity.
    My grandkids are loving hugging sweethearts, who will likely have this happen to them some day if it’s not stopped in its’ tracks now.
    The kids (5 of them under 8 yrs old) hug and kiss their cousins and their little friends all the time.
    As adults, when we greet anyone we hug and or kiss them.
    Holy smokes, what is wrong with this world we live in?
    Liberals are not liberal at all. They are repressive oppressive mean spirited snobs.

  2. Some call me.....Tim says:

    Zero tolerance policies = stupidity…..’Nuff said!

  3. Dana says:

    From the lovely Mrs McEwan’s Feminisom 101 page, which new commenters are supposed to read:

    For straight men, who exist in a culture largely structured to accommodate male primacy, pulling apart the intrinsic nature of men from the socialization borne of a society that reinforces the privilege of maleness, is exponentially more difficult. And thusly, lots of men cannot dissociate their rigid understanding of manhood from the societal influences which are largely mutable; they’ve had no reason to question whether a society that so perfectly suits them has created a definition of manhood that isn’t “real,” and so attempts to change society are inextricably linked to attempts to change men in ways they believe they cannot be changed. And that makes a lot of men angry.

    In other words, just what would you expect from Mrs McEwan?

  4. gitarcarver says:

    I am really unsure about this story as I keep hearing more and more about it.

    This was not the first time the kid had been in trouble over this issue. The school had told him to stop kissing the girl before. He did it again and was suspended. After not learning from that suspension, he did it again.

    Additional stories say the object of the young man’s affection hates the idea of him touching, much less kissing her.

    Should the kid be labeled a “sexual harasser?”


    But I am distressed at the lack of action of the parents and their apparent willingness to let the issue slip by without actually teaching the kid that his actions are not correct.

    I heard the kid talk and he said “hey, I’m six years old and 6 year olds have a lot of energy! We do things like this!”

    Sorry, but I am not buying that. While I am perfectly willing to say the school is way out of line for labeling the kid as a “sexual harasser,” (and I can’t excuse their over the top and long lasting actions) I am also willing to say the parents are not setting the correct tone and boundaries of social behaviour for their little snowflake.

    In my opinion, this is a double fail on the school and the parents.

  5. david7134 says:

    This is what happens when the teachers are too stupid to be responsible for discipline, much less education. In the past, the kid would have been put in the corner with his nose in a circle. He would not commit the offense to often.

  6. Trish Mac says:

    “This is what happens when the teachers are too stupid to be responsible for discipline, much less education. In the past, the kid would have been put in the corner with his nose in a circle. He would not commit the offense to often.”
    Exactly. Deal with him/it. Whatever was going on, the school is either rendered impotent to handle it by liberal policy, and or the parents were unable to instill some discipline on their child, but no matter what, we shouldn’t be driven by hearing about this story period, to discuss such an innocent behavior? (even if as Git says, he has some other problems) Someone here needs to be an adult, for once.

  7. gitarcarver says:

    I just heard an update on this story.

    First, the kid reached over and kissed the girl’s hand in a reading class. The girl reacted and it caused a disruption in the class.

    Secondly, the school has retreated and said they are only going to mark in his record that he was disruptive.

    He is a “sexual harasser” no more.

  8. Yeah, the kid sounded like a serial disruptor (I was actually that way in 1st grade, though, like most other boys of that age, I found girls to be icky and full of cooties), and needs a good spanking. Good to hear that they won’t keep the sexual harasser mularky.

  9. Gumballs_Of_Winter says:

    I didn’t get girlfriends till 2nd grade. And 3 at that. We’d run around the playground chasing each other and then falling down kissing each other. Them on me and me on them. Not …. (anyway)

    Sure, kid may have been a trouble maker. 1st grade. But, when did suspensions become part of a 1st grade punishment plan?

    This is just another example of schools trying to de-male boys.

    This is what happens when schools give up spankings. This is what happens when schools try to make everyone fit in to one mold.

  10. gitarcarver says:


    But, when did suspensions become part of a 1st grade punishment plan?

    That’s a multifaceted question (and slightly rhetorical in nature) but part of the time frame is when parents stopped disciplining their kids.

    We have parents who think that their little snowflakes can do no wrong. Or, just as bad, kids need to “discover themselves.”

    I agree that the discipline for this kid was over the top from the school, but in some ways, I think the question of whether it should have gotten that far after the first call from the school has to be asked. When the kid did it again, the parents appear to have thought it was cute or acceptable.

    I am sorry, but in my day if the school called my parents and told them I was being disruptive, there were consequences for me.

    I wish parents would parent again.

    To repeat, I think the school went over the top with the “sexual harassment” charge, but if you have a kid that is disruptive, touching another child who does not want to be touched, and the parents aren’t doing anything, the school has to do something.

    Zero tolerance policies happen because teachers and administrators don’t want to be accused of bias and all that. But they also occur because parents don’t handle their duty and responsibilities.

    Between the parents, the school and the kid, there is plenty of blame to go around.

  11. Gumballs_Of_Winter says:

    From what I read, the two went around pretending to be BF and GF. But then, that was from the boy’s mom.

    (and how 1st graders know of that terminology may be indicative of the problem here)

    But, from a boy’s point of view, if the viewpoint of boyfriend\girlfriend was tolerated and the girl was “amenable” to it before, the boy would keep it up.

    Suspensions also have no impact upon little kids, especially boys. It’s a day off from school.

    But, a “gasp” is not disruptive of a 1st grade classroom. Have any of you spent time in one? It is chaos all the time. Kids are always touching each other. Most of the time, it is hitting and stealing things from each other.

  12. gitarcarver says:


    I don’t know if you went to the article referenced by the Washington Post but there are some more interesting things there as well.

    This is from the mother of the boy:

    Saunders said her son was placed on in-school suspension for the first offense, and he was given a two-day suspension for the most recent. She said she feels the discipline was appropriate, but having sexual harassment on his record is wrong.

    “He is 6 years old, and that is absolutely ridiculous for him to have ‘sexual harassment’ on his record, even it is (only on the district’s) record,” she said.

    It appears that even the mother of the boy is okay with the suspension.

    The real issue from her point of view is the “sexual harassment” blot on the kid’s record. I agree with her as it seems over the top.

    I agree with you that a 6 year old will see a suspension as a day off from school, but that is all the school can do. It is up to the parents to make sure that the kid is punished at home for his actions and that being suspended is not a good thing.

    The more I read about this the more I am convinced that the school overreacted greatly with the “sexual harassment” charge, and the parents of the boy didn’t react at all – which is not a good thing.

    Like I said, I think between the kid, the parents and the school, there is plenty of blame to go around here.

    I also want to make clear that Teach’s post was spot on with the facts as we knew them at the time. But now that more has come out, I think there is a different picture that is being seen and it is not flattering to the kid, his parents or the school.

    Lots of blame for everyone. 🙂

  13. Gumballs_Of_Winter says:

    Totally agreed GC.
    Yes, the labelling (which the school has now retracted) was way over the top. I don’t even know how the school can even do that? Wouldn’t that be a defamation of character? If he was not arrested, then having that label to me would be defaming, derogatory, a harm, etc.

    As for the suspension, remember we are talking about kids under 10. If we accept the way things are now that schools are the chosen punishment mechanism for kids these days, then as I mentioned, suspension is wholly ineffective. It is only to remove any stress from the schools. They don’t have to try and “fix” the problem. Like they used to do when they either spanked or forced kids in to corners (I was – on both accounts).

    They are trying to treat babies the same way they treat high schoolers.

    WHile I agree there is plenty of blame to go around, for the way things are now, most of it falls on the school. You can’t address a problem if all you do is suspend.

  14. gitarcarver says:

    The “sexual harassment” label was put in the kid’s folder because if you think about it, that is what fits. I disagree with it, but that is just me.

    I keep coming back to the fact that this was not the first time the kid had been in trouble for this. I keep if the kid’s parents had punished him or disciplined him in some manner would this have gotten to the point where it got to.

    I think that over time, schools have lost the ability to discipline kids in the manner you and I grew up with.

    When the parents don’t discipline their kids, what can the school do? I am not blaming them for being prohibited by courts and lawsuits from administering the discipline we experienced. I am not blaming them for ratcheting up discipline to the point of suspension. I do blame them for the “sexual harasser” label.

    I just think that you have parents who don’t act in a responsible manner when it comes to their kids and lets the school handle all of the discipline issues and you have other parents who are hurt by that attitude because they want to be actively involved in the lives, teaching and discipline of their kids.

    Bad parents often ruin it for the good parents.

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