Don’t Melt Snow Under Santa With Evil Lightbulbs

Only you can stop Bad Weather, by spending oodles of money

(Concord Monitor) This year, lighting America for the holidays will consume more than 6 trillion watt-hours of electricity, or, using U.S. Department of Energy figures, roughly enough to power every home in New Hampshire for one month. To produce the extra electricity, utilities will have to burn huge quantities of natural gas and in some cases coal. The annual luxury of lights offsets some of the efforts being made to combat climate change, so this year give the planet a present and swap at least some of those strings of tiny incandescent lights for LED lights,which use up to 90 percent less energy and last decades, not just a season or two.

White incandescent Christmas lights emit 95 percent of the energy they consume as heat rather than light. Colored lights create even more heat and less light. Knowing that the greenhouse gases emitted to power the lights are helping to melt the snow under Santa’s sleigh – not to mention the ice under polar bears – takes a bit of the warm holiday glow off the annual festival of lights that occurs in almost every neighborhood. Switching to LED lights saves energy and money…

Earlier this week, yet another august panel released yet another dire warning about climate change. At current emission levels a rapid increase in the extinction rate of plant and animal species could occur, the world’s coral reefs could disappear, and summer sea ice in the Arctic become a thing of the past, a panel of the National Research Council warned. Swapping out holiday lights won’t prevent any of that from happening, but it would, according to one estimate, prevent 1 billion pounds of greenhouse gases from being emitted each year. Make this the season to make the switch, if only by a few strands at a time

PS: I have no problem with the notion of saving money and reduced heat. That’s one of the reasons I use many CFLs at home. But that’s my choice. Warmists need to stop preaching and note that there has been no statistically significant warming in 17 years.

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One Response to “Don’t Melt Snow Under Santa With Evil Lightbulbs”

  1. Jeffery says:


    Congrats on using some CFLs.

    But your statement: “Warmists need to stop preaching and note that there has been no statistically significant warming in 17 years” is false. Why do you choose 1998 as your starting point?

    Your claimed raison d’etre for your opposition to climate realists is based on a falsehood (I think you hide the real reason you refuse to understand the evident of global warming). The Earth continues to warm.

    The suggestion to reduce some of our wasted energy expenditures seems prudent, rather than something to be mocked and ridiculed.

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