Obama To Pitch Don’t Call It Obamacare At Campaign Style Rally

I wonder if he’ll mention the huge increases in premiums and deductibles, and that millions have lost their plans and doctors, with tens of millions scheduled to have the same happen to them?

(The Hill) President Obama will hold an event Tuesday touting the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, as the White House looks to reset public perception of the embattled healthcare law following two months of repairs to the glitchy ObamaCare website.

The president’s event at 2:30 p.m. (so, around 3:15 or so) will look to refocus attention on areas where the law has succeeded, while selling the public on signing up for coverage despite headlines dominated by the technical glitches and messaging errors that have defined the launch of the president’s signature policy initiative.

According to a White House official, the president will look to “focus attention back on the core principles of reform that have been lost in the attention on the website, and invoke the successes that are already flowing from the law and what it means for the millions of Americans who are already directly benefiting.”

Shouldn’t be a very long speech, then. Those few “successes” could easily have been included without all the things that make this law so utterly terrible. The rest of the speech will surely be spent demagoguing and deriding those who oppose the law. Which is the majority of Americans.

On Monday, Politico reported the president’s event would launch a three-week drive designed to focus attention on the law’s benefits ahead of the Dec. 23 enrollment deadline. Individuals hoping to purchase coverage by Jan. 1 must complete their application for health coverage by that date.

According to the report, the White House will tout a different benefit of the law each day until the enrollment deadline, with Democratic lawmakers, campaign committees, and advocacy organizations looking to echo that sales pitch.

The president will highlight lower-cost preventive care on Wednesday, protections for those with preexisting conditions on Thursday, and the slowed growth of health care costs on Friday.

Oh, good, the Neverending Campaign will be in full force. I wonder if he will mention how the contraception rule surely violates the 1st Amendment? Or perhaps how zero people have signed up in Oregon? How so many are being moved onto Medicaid rather than regular insurance?  How Team Obama’s mid-line prognostication is that 90 million will ultimately lose their “plan they like”? How the health care networks are small and do not include the best medical facilities? Perhaps he can explain how no security was built into the Exchange, putting people’s personal information at risk?

*I’m not sure who created the graphic.

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6 Responses to “Obama To Pitch Don’t Call It Obamacare At Campaign Style Rally”

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  2. Trish Mac says:

    “Oh, good, the Neverending Campaign will be in full force.” Wow, lucky us.
    My only hope is Obi Wan…
    No wait, my only hope is that the simple minded among us, don’t fall for his crappy pitch any longer, the sham has lost its wow etc. I think it’s what’s happening, if you correlate this with his approval ratings dropping like a stone. I believe that at least a good portion nof regular folks are now sitting up and paying attention. I sure have to hope for it.

  3. Future_Frozen_Gumballs says:

    Here’s a question my boss asked me:

    If the argument that those on the left make, is that if the gov’t can force people to buy car insurance for the sake of the public good, then shouldn’t it be the same for health insurance?

    One should retort, “so, if I am too poor to purchase car insurance or if it is more than 8% of my income, will you subsidize my car insurance?”

    If they respond, “Well, but you don’t have to drive a car.”

    You can reply with, “But people just can’t NOT live”

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Okay Gumballs, here is the short version of the answer to the question you pose:

    Believe it or not, courts have ruled that driving a car is a “privilege” not a “right.” Because driving a motor vehicle is a “privilege,” the government can regulate it. (That’s the theory at least.)

    So while the government cannot tell you that you can’t move from place to place, other than walking, they can tell you what procedures, checks and balances must be in place for you to travel (other than by walking.)

    (Once again, that is the argument. I am not supporting that argument, I am just saying that is what it is.)

    The argument from the left is that health care is a right – not a privilege. As “governments are instituted to protect the rights of men,” it is therefore incumbent for the government to protect the so called “right of health care.”

    The problem is (and this has been discussed on this very blog) there is no “right to health care.”

    Never has been.

    It can be argued that there is a right to access health care, but that is not the same thing as the right to health care itself. “Access” is not a product or good. “Health care” is.

    For example, it can be said that I have the right to purchase a home (access to the goods) but that is not the same thing as saying I have the right to a home which would be provided by the government in protection of the “right to own a home.” (If such a right existed.)

    As previously stated, the problem with saying that people have a “right to health care” is that rights exist with individuals. The only way to enforce a “right to healthcare” is to force others to work at some rate or scale of compensation to the point of not being compensated at all.

    In other words, to protect the “right to health care,” the government would be free to enact laws of forced servitude.

    So the argument from the left is going to be that driving is a privilege and health care is a right.

    They are woefully mistaken on that point, but being wrong is a constant from liberals.

  5. Future_Frozen_Gumballs says:

    Umm, this was meant as an attack on FailCare. not a serious question by my boss. But, offered as a line of attack on those who defend mandatory purchasing for freedom.

  6. gitarcarver says:

    I realize that Gumball.

    What I was trying to do was also address the differences between auto insurance and health care as well as address the “health care is a right” myth.

    More ammo for your boss. 🙂

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