No Drama Obama

PBO really, really doesn’t like any draaaaama in his little bubble, because the POTUS shouldn’t ever have to deal with drama, dagnabit! (via Twitchy)

(Time) And yet, as the dry-runs continued to produce red flags—over and over—the president remained in his steely cocoon. If this were the presidency of George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan, the obvious theories would abound: the chief executive is disengaged. Or incurious. Or worse. But since Obama is none of the above, what gives?

This much is clear, after speaking with both past and present senior administration officials: no one was really in charge, so no one knew for sure how bad the overall picture was. What’s more, and—perhaps most telling—no one wanted to even hint to the president that this techno-savvy administration possibly had a website stuck in, say, 1995. “People don’t like to tell him bad news,” says an ex-White House staffer. “Part of it is the no-drama culture.”

As the saying goes, Obama likes to be president, he doesn’t like to do president. This goes back to Obama never having held a position of leadership, no managerial or executive experience, neither in the public nor private sectors. Anyone who has been In Charge, even over just a few folks, knows that Drama occurs. Deal with it. Lead. Manage. Move it forward.

I will disagree on one point: he loves drama when it comes to partisan politics, just not within the duties of POTUS.

Along those same lines of partisan politics, Obama didn’t push “comprehensive immigration reform” when Dems controlled Congress because he wanted to use the issue to attack Republicans. The Lonely Conservative has the 411.

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3 Responses to “No Drama Obama”

  1. […] news,” says an ex-White House staffer. “Part of it is the no-drama culture.” As Twitchy and The Pirate’s Cove pointed out, he has no problem with drama when it comes to campaigning and playing politics. If he […]

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  3. Ignore_Cold_Gumballs says:

    Yeah, thanks for that J. Right on topic.

    I believe part of the answer is that Obama refuses to want to know. He, like his voters, relish being ignorant. They desire, exist, to be in the darkness of knowledge. They’ll pretend they know and thus can spew platitudes left and right.

    If shown they were wrong, they can blame someone else. They also surround themselves with Yes Men, and other people who refuse to want to know.

    They push an ideology rather than results. Another reason why the FailCare failed is because no one cared about results.

    I’m waiting for the Repubs to get some spine and do an audit of the FailCare website development. WHere’d that money go? Who got paid millions to go golfing for 3 years?

    BTW, with FailCare still failing, and Philippines and the MidWest trying to recover, where’s Obama? GOLFING.

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