Bummer: Colorado Illegals Face “Uncertainty” After Floods

As one of the folks in the comments at the story writes “So, we’re supposed to feel sorry that they came here illegally and we are supposed to provide translators for them?”

(Colo. immigrants face uncertainty after floods)

Immigrants living in the U.S. illegally returned to their mobile home parks in flood-ravaged Colorado to find that there was little left to salvage — not the water-damaged cars, not the old family pictures and not the sheds carried away by the rushing waters.

The destruction, however, was only the beginning of what’s been a nightmarish two weeks. They didn’t have flood insurance. And because they are not citizens or legal residents — and don’t have family members who are — they won’t get the federal government’s help.

“They say that faith and hope die last,” said Juan Partida, 40, a dairy worker who along with his wife Mari, who is pregnant, do not qualify for federal emergency aid because they are in the country illegally. “We need to have faith and hope that we’ll get help.”

You can get it back in your home country.

“We were flooded like everyone else. We suffered the same damage,” said Norma Miramontes, 42, who along with her husband, a construction worker, is in the U.S. illegally.

Well, illegals sure have the “I’m entitled” mentality pushed by Liberals down pat, eh?

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One Response to “Bummer: Colorado Illegals Face “Uncertainty” After Floods”

  1. blick says:

    Its easy to FEEL sorry for them as they are suffering. But on the otherhand they did not come to the USA to become citizens but gambled on being illegal to make money and get free benefits. Maybe they could contact their Consulate for assistance?

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