Never Forget. Never Surrender (Will Remain At Top For The Day)

Today marks the 12th anniversary of that dark day, when Islamic jihadis killed 2,996 of our friends, neighbors, and loved ones. Last year, the USA Today is wondered if 9/11 is becoming just another day, similar to Pearl Harbor Day. Based on the tiny coverage by major news outlets, which feature tiny stories on their front pages, if at all, it just might be. The NY Times’ article is about “taking stock” of the years of war, you know, after we were attacked. And spends little time discussing the attacks. The big editorial is about “The Race To Improve Global Health“. The Washington Post isn’t much better. Nor CBS and NBC. ABC does feature a big graphic at the top. Good for them. LA Times? Tiny.

Those blogging (from the feedreader at this time of the morning)

Why should we never forget? Things like this

There’s also the long video The Falling Man. And 102 Minutes That Changed America.

And, yeah, Obama completely mails it in.

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6 Responses to “Never Forget. Never Surrender (Will Remain At Top For The Day)”

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  2. The Neon Madman says:

    I remember watching the news that day. Pretty much all day, just like everyone else once they heard about the Towers.

    At some point I started hearing what sounded like explosions – like a small bomb going off. Time after time I would hear it. I couldn’t figure out what it was. It finally dawned on me – I was hearing the impact of the bodies as they hit the ground.

    I will never, ever, ever forget that.

  3. 9/11 was a watershed moment. Yet, the Left is still denying that fact.

    But denial cannot last forever in the face of reality.

  4. I had never seen all of that footage before – thank you. It’s so important that we never turn away from Reality.

    And thank you for the link, William.

  5. It’s chilling, Neon, and something that should be highlighted all the time by the media, which unfortunately quickly put an embargo on people willingly jumping, because the other option was worse. The notion of people jumping and falling from the towers up so high should clue us in to the brutality of Islamists.

    The Left is, sadly, largely full of Truthers.

    You’re welcome, Bob.

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