Support For Syrian Strikes Dropping Fast

One really has to wonder what the strategy from Team Obama is. They’ve sent UN Ambassador Samantha Power to talk to…the ultra far left Center For American Progress. They’re sending, outrageously, Susan “It’s The Video” Rice to Capital Hill to argue for strikes on September 11th. Sec Of State Kerry makes comments like Syria facing “unbelievably small” consequences, which Obama walks back. Obama plays multiple rounds of golf. Obama makes a statement on a Saturday afternoon, being 35 minutes late for his own presser (which seemed to coincide with halftime for many college football games). They don’t bother talking to rank and file Republicans. They probably aren’t talking to many rank and file Dems, either. The messaging has been completely muddled and makes Obama look very weak. It’s no wonder public support is dropping like a stone

(Wall Street Journal) President Barack Obama’s push for Congress to authorize military action in Syria faces headwinds from an American public that increasingly is wary of overseas entanglements and doubtful that an attack would benefit the U.S.

In a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey, just 33% of those polled said Congress should approve Mr. Obama’s request to attack Syria, while less than a quarter thinks military action is in the national interest.

More daunting for the president is that support for U.S. involvement is declining as the political negotiations over a potential strike play out.

At the end of August, an NBC News poll found that half of Americans backed a limited set of airstrikes to destroy Syrian military units in response to an alleged government-directed gas attack that killed more than 1,400 civilians. In less than two weeks since then, support for a limited attack dropped to 44%, the new poll found.

“As the public hears more information, they are coming down on the side of ‘don’t do it,’ ” said Bill McInturff, a Republican pollster who conducted the survey with Democratic pollsters Fred Yang and Peter Hart.

That support will most likely drop further after Obama’s primetime speech tonight. Support from both Republicans and Independents has dropped, while from Democrats it has ticked up slightly. I guess they like the notion of “humanitarian” strikes which do nothing (except perhaps kill scores of human shields, seeing that Assad is surrounding his forces with civilians), are super limited, won’t solve anything, and have no bearing on U.S. security.

It’s no wonder Obama has jumped on the notion of Syria avoiding those “unbelievably small” consequences if they give up their chemical weapons, thus avoiding the embarrassment of losing a vote in both or either the House and Senate. Obama has shown that even after 4+ years on the job he is incompetent and not ready for that 3am phone call.

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