Assad Said To Accept Russian Plan To Turn Over Chemical Weapons

Alternate title: Vlad PWNS Barack. Somehow, I don’t think Vladimir Putin will be particularly please when Obama attempts to take credit for this plan. Which we know Obama will attempt, probably during his address tonight

(Fox News) Syria’s foreign minister said Tuesday his government has accepted a Russian proposal to turn over control of its chemical weapons, potentially opening the door to defusing a stand-off with the United States as President Obama indicates he’s willing to give the “diplomatic track” a try.

According to the Associated Press, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said Tuesday after meeting with the Russian parliament speaker that his government quickly agreed to the Russian initiative to “derail the U.S. aggression.” (snip)

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia is now working with Syria to prepare a detailed plan of action, which will be presented shortly.

Certainly, Russia has vastly more influence over Syria than the United States, particularly with The Gang Who Can’t Shoot Straight in charge here in the US. That said, this will be a big embarrassment for Team Obama if Putin rides in to save Obama from the box Obama put himself in, and highlight just how inept and unprepared he and his team are.

The Memeorandum pull for this issue is from The Washington Post

“I think you have to take it with a grain of salt, initially,” Obama said in an interview with NBC that was among several he gave Monday in pursuit of public support for a military strike. “We’re going to make sure that we see how serious these proposals are.”

I get the feeling that neither Putin nor Assad could give a rat’s posterior what Obama thinks, though they’re probably happy that Obama’s standing, and to some degree the United States’, are reduced on the world stage.

Oh, and then Putin when and lassoed a T Rex, broke it, and is riding it around the streets of Moscow.

Quick update: Talking Points Memo notes that Team Obama is already taking credit. If you’ve followed TPM over the years, you can see the very skeptical note in the writing.

(photo of T-Rex originally came from

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3 Responses to “Assad Said To Accept Russian Plan To Turn Over Chemical Weapons”

  1. david7134 says:

    The use of poison gas is an emotional issue. On the battlefield it is more of a problem than an effective agent. The described use in Syria does not make sense except for the rebels and gas has been used extensively in the area for about 50 years. So why the sudden interest? We are told children were killed, note that when Dems begin talking about children, something is up.

    Then Kerry makes a statement that was clearly a mistake and the whole issue goes into Putin’s court and he slam dunks it. The issue is solved, right? No, there is something else going on here. I think that Obama saw an opportunity to put away the Assad regime, he could give a damn about children, otherwise he would invade Chicago. I feel that Obama engineered the Arab Spring in North Africa and is in the process of turning the area over to the Muslim Brotherhood. He has now extended the disorder and regime change to Syria and the Mid-east. This is not in our interest

  2. You know that when Team Obama is going hardcore on some issue, there is something else at play in the background.

    Though, this may all be about trying to rescue Obama when he tried to be tough with the red line remarks.

  3. Blick says:

    Kerry fumbles and Putin recovers on the goal line. This Putin/Assad gambit is for delay and confusion. It also allows Assad to relieve some of his forces of guarding chemical weapons and send them after the rebels. Barry and Kerry go right back to threatening bluster about delays and foot dragging but nobody cares since they haven’t done anything about the Iranian or N. Korean delays and foot dragging. This Barry/Kerry duo should be benched. Send in the Rodeo Clown.

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