Will Obama Discuss All The Islamic Extremist Groups Operating In Syria When He Goes On TV?

Ahead of his supposed Big Speech on Tuesday night, President Nobel Peace Prize Who’s Making A Case For Going All Bomby will go on six programs

(Politico) Obama will tape interviews Monday afternoon with anchors from ABC, CBS and NBC, as well as with PBS, CNN and Fox News, the White House said.

The interviews will be conducted by ABC’s Diane Sawyer, CBS’s Scott Pelley, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Fox’s Chris Wallace, NBC’s Brian Williams and PBS’s Gwen Ifill.

Sawyer and Ifill will probably ask him how the new puppy is taking to life in the White House, Blitzer and Pelley will probably ask why Republicans are so racist that they won’t give Obama the power to bomb away, Williams is a wild card, but Wallace will surely ask the hard questions which cause Obama to “ah, um, and er” beyond normal, questions about things like this

(Fox News) Syrian activists say rebels including al-Qaida-linked fighters have gained control of the Christian village of Maaloula northeast of the capital Damascus.

The rebel advance into the area this week was reportedly spearheaded by the Jabhat al-Nusra, or Nusra Front, exacerbating fears among Syrians and religious minorities in particular about the role played by Islamic extremists within the rebel ranks.

Rami Abdurrahman of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the Nusra Front backed by another group, the Qalamon Liberation Front, moved into the village after heavy clashes with the army late Saturday.

Perhaps Obama can also explain why kids were possibly killed in a “Nato led”, meaning U.S., airstrike in Afghanistan. And just how Obama will protect civilians when the Assad government has had plenty of time to embed their forces and military assets into civilian areas. Especially since there are conflicting reports as to the evidence which says that Assad forces used chemical weapons.

BTW, not all liberals seem to be super enthused about getting bomby on Syria. Crazy Alan Grayson is not convinced as to the evidence. Democrats in Congress are very much no sure thing to vote for intervention. And…

The president hasn’t won over liberal activist groups, either. The Associated Press reported late Saturday that MoveOn.org has spent “in the mid-five figures” to air a TV commercial urging Congress to oppose airstrikes against Syria. The 30-second ad, titled “Not Again,” says the U.S. didn’t set out to spend eight years at war in Iraq and a decade in Afghanistan and predicts the same thing will happen if Congress approves Obama’s desired military action in Syria.

Well, if MoveOn is opposing action, perhaps airstrikes are actually the right thing to do. Oh, and

On Friday, French President Francois Hollande qualified his country’s support, saying the country would wait for the U.N. report before deciding to intervene militarily.

So, it looks like France is backing away at this point. But, like many countries

The official also said the list of countries that signed the EU agreement shows broad international support for the U.S. even if the countries don’t participate operationally and that the statement includes everything the White House wanted.

So, all those countries are willing to be cheerleaders for President McBombypants, but won’t lift a finger to help. Perhaps they also see that the civil war in Syria has become Assad versus Islamic extremists, groups linked to the same one which perpetrated 9/11 and other atrocities and hold the same extremist values.

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  1. Scared_Of_My_Gumballs says:

    Come on Teach. You and I both know that excruciatingly small, small, very small, limited duration warning shots across the bow will neutralize all terrorism in Syria and lead to a blossom of true freedom and democracy.

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